Tesla Motors Commercial – Hope

Tesla Motors Commercial - Hope


We love these fan-made Tesla Motors commercials.

Tesla Motors Commercial - Hope

Tesla Motors Commercial – Hope

This one here is simply a mash up of footage released by Tesla Motors and other sites.

The end product, though not top-notch professional quality, still drives the point across: with the rise of Tesla Motors and, in particular its game-changing EV the Tesla Model S, there’s “Hope” in our futures.

Mostly, we we just love the upbeatness in this Tesla Motors commercial.  It makes us feel that sense of “Hope” within.

With Tesla, there’s hope that the automotive world we know will forever be changed for the better.

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Script a bit OTT, but the video was excellent and could have had a more earthy commentary.

Damn. Solid. Perfect.

This is one of the better uses of Charlie Chaplin’s famous speech from his first talking picture, “The Great Dictator”.


Here is a video of the complete Chaplin speech from the film:

Here is a fun “sung” version by Melody Sheep:


Was one of the shots of a guy wearing a winter hat, in the cabin, on a long drive?

The ‘guy’ is Sarah Eslinger. I remember talking with her at the Delaware Supercharger stop on the Tesla Coast-to-Coast rally in February. She works with the Supercharger group and was one of the drivers on the final leg of the trip. Article with details: