Tesla Motors on Collision Course With U.S. Automotive Dealers – Video


Courtesy of Reuters TV, we present this video focused on Tesla’s direct sales versus dealership battle.

Tesla to Collide With U.S. Auto Dealers

Tesla to Collide With U.S. Auto Dealers

“Tesla Motors is cleaning up in the “green” auto arena, but it’s in a head-on fight with U.S. car dealers worried that if Tesla’s direct sales model catches on, major automakers like GM and Ford might ditch their dealers.”

Says Reuters.

It seems likely to us that this “collision course” will continue for perhaps years as Tesla dukes it out against the various automotive dealer associations and politicians on a state-by-state basis.

Did you know that Tesla Motors has yet to open a store or service center in Michigan?  Why do you think Tesla has yet to venture into Michigan, home to the “automotive capital of the world?”

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Touches lightly on a lot of things Tesla. Already out of date though. Tidbits and morsels of what could really have been a feast.
Well I’m sure the comments will be more elucidating, though I thought the video was well done.

I’ve heard that the law only applies to franchisers. Tesla is not a franchise. Therefor the law does not apply to the.

Anyone know the truth about this??

Thats interesting, could be a loophole for Tesla.?

How is that a loophole?

The original law was very speciifcally designed to protect dealerships from competition ONLY from the manufactures for whom they dealt, NOT from other car makers.

I think this spring Tesla should sponsor little league teams in every city they have a store. Kids wearing Tesla Baseball caps and jerseys should mute that “only dealers support communities” argument.


Good idea!

Question is how do we get the idea to “the powers that be” at Tesla? I hope they’re reading InsideEvs.


Good one Nelson
and Mary Barra reads GM-Volt.

I heard there was some sort of deal in NY state between Tesla and the dealer lobby. Can’t seem to find any details though.

Thanks to Sven, we finally got off our tookus (which is something my grandfather used to say)and reported out the New York story…crazy day at the office.

Here it is if you want to have a read:

New York Cuts Deal To Allow Existing Tesla Stores To Continue Direct Selling

Tesla in Michigan?

Probably not. It’s probably a branding thing or because they just don’t want to be associated with the “Old Guard” in the automobile industry in the US.