Tesla Motors Begins Roadster Buyback Program For Future Model S Owners


OCT 18 2012 BY STAFF 6

What If Your Old Roadster Is Worth More Than A New Model S?

If you currently own an Tesla Roadster and are looking to buy a Model S, and they wife will not let you keep both of Tesla’s super cars, Tesla now offers you a solution.

Because Tesla doesn’t have a traditional dealership system, customer do not have the ability to trade in just any car at their local Tesla dealership as a down payment on a new Model S, as your would at GM or Toyota.  

The onus is on the customer to find an own outlet to sell their used vehicle on their own before buying a vehicle from Tesla;  unless that vehicle is a Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Buyback Program Values The Resale Of A 2010 Roadster At $93,500 (2,300 Miles)

Tesla has created a buyback program for Roadster owners looking to exchange the two seat sportscar for the more family-oriented, high performance sedan.

Through the use of telemetrics and owner maintenance history, Tesla has created a formula to exactly value your car; and after Tesla buys it, they will then re-allocate it to a dealership for resale.  Your old Roadster will go as a credit against the newer Model S purchase.

“Someone who couldn’t reach all the way to a Roadster before, now may be able to get one at a lower price,” said Tom vonReichbauer, Tesla’s director of finance. “We’re able to set what I think are pretty competitive prices for these cars.”

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that  Tesla expects a 2010 Roadster with 2,900 miles would sell for $93,500, while a 4-year-old Roadster with 31,000 miles to sell for around $73,300.  

The company did not specify exactly what they would by paying to their customers on the trade in however.

It is possible that the trade-in value of the Roadster could be great than the cost of the Model S (which starts at an MSRP of $57,400), in that case, vonReichbauer said “…we’d write you a check.”

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“It is possible that the trade-in value of the Roadster could be great than the cost of the Model S (which starts at an MSRP of $57,400), in that case, vonReichbauer said “…we’d write you a check.””

I find it doubtful that anyone who put down enough cash to buy a >$100k roadster would “settle” for the entry-level model S….

Jay Cole


Or maybe they were like me and invested in A123, (=

/couldn’t resist

Eric Cote

Oooh, TOO SOON!! 🙂

Bill Howland

Hummm Must be huge demand for the Roadster…. Maybe they regret discontinuing it so soon and are having second thoughts… Anyways people clammoring for Roadsters can now get their chance.

Now, I like my Roadster, but I’d also like to try my hand at a Model S…Hummmm… Decisions Decisions…..

Jay Cole

Would love to know how much they offer you for it compared to the selling price if you do test the waters. They certainly seem to be looking for top buck on the flip, (=

Bill Howland

Hi Jay,

Sorry the Leap didn’t turn out well. As re: Tesla I went on their website and see no mention of this.. I’ll have to call Sales and ask them the particulars. Since my roadster has zero options, I’d get a plain model S with no nav system. Only options i’d want might be fancy paint, and of course, i’d spring for the 85 kwh battery. I hope soon they offer even a larger one.