Tesla Is Most Trusted Brand For Self-Driving, Autonomous Cars



Despite Tesla’s recent Autopilot fatality, this study shows that people still trust its self-driving system above others.

Autolist polled 1,326 people during March and April. The study was specifically carried out during the time that Tesla and Uber experienced recent negative press related to fatalities involving autonomous systems.

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Toyota self-driving concept car

The recent survey shows that with all automakers and tech companies considered, 32 percent of people trust Tesla the most when it comes to self-driving tech.

Toyota was chosen by 15 percent of respondents. GM was next in line behind Toyota, with 9 percent of the support. Volkswagen received 2 percent. Even more compelling is the fact that 27 percent of respondents admitted they don’t trust any company’s autonomous tech.

When it comes to other companies (tech and ride-sharing), Lyft was only seen as a trustworthy brand by 2 percent of those surveyed. Surprisingly, regardless of the recent fatal incident, Uber received 6 percent support.

However, the most interesting result of the study was related to Waymo. The Google-based self-driving outfit received less than 1 percent of the vote. Many critics consider Waymo one of the top dogs in the autonomous vehicle industry. However, it’s likely that many people don’t even know what Waymo is.

Autolist didn’t specify that Waymo is part of Google or Alphabet. This was because the study was aimed at “gauging name recognition and trust. Thus, poor name recognition could have affected Waymo’s low ranking.”

Autolist points out that Tesla fans have always seemed to give credit to its Autopilot system, while mainstream media and numerous critics disagree with its merits.

Source: Autolist

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To be fair this is like a study saying that Politician XYZ is the most trustworthy and will represent their constituency over their own interests the best…

What I suspect is actually driving such a high score is name recognition. Most people probably don’t even know WTH Waymo is.

“However, the most interesting result of the study was related to Waymo. The Google-based self-driving outfit received less than 1 percent of the vote.”

In my opinion, this merely shows how little the average person knows about the progress toward self-driving cars. I don’t think there is any question that Waymo’s cars are more capable than anybody else’s, as far as actually being able to drive themselves, without needing any human intervention, on public roads.

The poll also shows how successful Tesla’s PR is.

Tesla does deserve credit for one thing: They have been willing to actually put their experimental self-driving system into cars being bought and driven by members of the general public. Waymo restricts its fleet to a few hundred cars, operated by people specially trained to use them. Tesla must by now have a much larger database related to road conditions and the behavior of drivers, both human and semi-self-driving cars, than any other company.

* * * * *

An interesting deep dive into the state of the art of semi-autonomous driving, comparing Tesla to Waymo, from “The Verge”:

“How Tesla and Waymo are tackling a major problem for self-driving cars: Data”


“In my opinion, this merely shows how little the average person knows about the progress toward self-driving cars.”

So True. Waymo is clearly far out ahead. No question. But I’ll bet if they were listed in the study as “Google” then the responses would be different.

Everyone knows that Google had self driving vehicles on the road. How many people know what Waymo is?

Much agreed. If they were aiming at brand recognition as a primary concern, listing Google would’ve helped. For the most part, it seems everyone loves Google. Amazon as well. Even Apple and Microsoft! Waymo, Alphabet, and other little-known monikers, not so much.

The Verge article is a pretty good.

Why do you say Waymo cars are operated by specially trained drivers? What about the ones driving around Phoenix without anyone in the driver’s seat?

Tesla is where Waymo was in about 2011.

We have learned time after time that survey results are almost meaningless since people don’t do what they say in the surveys…

Very true. Nonetheless, we try to share from all sides.

And since when does Tesla have Self-Driving, Autonomous Cars?

They don’t, but perhaps this poll shows how successful Tesla’s PR / advertising has been in convincing the public that they do!

One reason I trust Waymo and GM more on this topic is because they’re willing to test the majority of their cars in California and face the scrutiny of the state’s regulations. And they both plan to launch to the public by the end of next year.

Obviously Tesla has FSD on the way at some point but we haven’t heard a peep on it in nearly 2 years. Elon admits he’s put it on the back burner while they focus on the Model 3. (The correct decision to make if you ask me! 🙂 )

I have no idea why Toyota is listed next in line. Maybe just brand loyalty? They obviously have some FSD vehicles on the roads like all companies do. But they’re not exactly gung-ho about the tech. Of course, maybe that’s why some people trust it. Toyota isn’t likely to embrace this new technology until every other manufacturer has worked out the kinks.

Another Euro point of view

Is it “stupid survey day” today ?

Leaf’s customers satisfaction, now this…:-)

This is so sad and disturbing to me. It also explains why it is so common for me to encounter comments on Youtube and other social media that express extreme ignorance in the topic almost like they’re living on another planet.

A poorly designed poll is not a study!

And it is obviously very poorly designed indeed. Just notice how they say it was “designed to reflect brand recognition and trust” and how it in fact doesn’t reflect either, but some meaningless combination of both at once.

It’s semi-interesting how a group of people of unknown qualifications respond to a question like “which of these brands do you think have the best x?”, and it’s fine to boil a thin, flavorless soup on this rusty little nail it you must. But don’t elevate it to a study. (And I’m not even talking about a scientific study here, merely a study in the everyday sense of the word. Studying something involves making some effort trying to understand a thing.)

Really? No Mercedes-Benz? Sorry, I know some competitors are more advanced, but MB pioneered driving assist systems in consumer vehicles in a lot of cases. Radar guided cruise control is over 10 years old. Even if they are not on the forefront they certainly have lots of experience and I would guess if given the choice, more people would have shown trust in them.

Reminds me of the survey back in the day that named AT&T the best cell phone provider……. before they even offered cell phones!

Please, if at all possible include a link to survey questions in all articles written about the results of a survey. What questions are asked, how they are asked, and even the order they are asked are all critical information to understand the results of a survey.

Secondly, how was the survey performed, online voluntary, random phone solicitations, at an auto convention?

I think all this survey proves is that Tesla’s PR is working very well, without knowing any of the above details.