Tesla Opens Up More European Markets For Model 3 Orders

DEC 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Reservation holders from at least 9 countries have the option to configure an order.

Tesla expanded the Tesla Model 3 order configurator to a few more countries in EuropeGermany, Denmark, Finland and Italy, which comes on top of France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Spain.

Orders can be only Long-Range AWD and Long-Range AWD Performance versions.

Those reservation holders who place an order this month can still hope for delivery in February. Besides to a small group, Tesla didn’t yet offer test drives in Europe.

Tesla is gearing up to deliver thousands of Model 3 per month. Volume production will start in January.

As the Model 3 will be equipped with CCS Combo charging inlet, the company is also retrofitting Superchargers with additional CCS Combo plugs.

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The next wave will probably include Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria and Portugal.

Nope, I ordered in Switzerland on the 6th

I have also order the 16th décember in belgium

Those countries already had the possibility to configure last week or earlier.

Orders in Austria are already open. I got my invitation on 14.12.
With the same info if you order until 31.12. you can expect delivery in February.

I am myself waiting for the midrange, the longrange is a bit to expensive for me.

Will this volume come at the expense of US deliveries or increased production?

@TM21 said: “Will this volume come at the expense of US deliveries or increased production?”

Likely initially both then eventually mostly increased production. Which means the waiting que may again for a period elongate in North America for Model 3 delivery starting sometime first half of 2019.

Demand for Tesla Model 3 in Europe will likely be a bigger shock wave to the Western European traditional car makers than is currently anticipated. Model 3 will in particular be a seeuois wake up call to BMW and Mercedes that they need to further accelerate their EV program… Model 3 success in Western Europe may cause some top automotive executives heads to roll.

While in North America there is higher demand for large SUV & Trucks than smaller sedans the Tesla Model 3 form-factor is the sweet spot for majority of Europeans. Germany and the German region of Switzerland in particular will buy into Model 3 Performance version because they very much are into performance sedans.


“Demand for Tesla Model 3 in Europe will likely be a bigger shock wave to the Western European traditional car makers than is currently anticipated.”

That is absolutely correct.

Not really. Sedans sales are in just as precipitous a decline in Europe as the US.

You buy what would be considered a compact/subcompact SUV for family duty and a hatch for second car duties. Sedans are a non optimal form factor in both Europe and the US.

That’s not to say it won’t do well, but just to say that it’ll be cornering the same sort of market seen in in the US. It’s not going to persuade many to swap from a Vauxhall/Opel Corsa or small Peugeot, and it’s not going to be any more likely to persuade people to swap from a Honda CRV either. People looking for a 3 series or C Class will be just as interested however.

But the price is close to $65K, I wish if it is 10K less than the demand will be high.

amateurs making predictions on this page, while the real professional analysts already have concrete prediction numbers in terms of number of cars and dollar value.

Is that intentionally a joke? …or only unintentionally? 😉

A barrel of monkeys throwing stuff at a dartboard would be more accurate predictor of Tesla’s corporate performance than most of the self-described “professional” analysts who have tried, and have almost universally failed, and failed badly, in predicting the future of Tesla over the last decade. Describing their often woefully uninformed guesses as “concrete” is pretty far over-the-top. 🙄

Several of the better-informed amateur EV industry watchers regularly posting comments to InsideEVs, as well as multiple members of InsideEVs staff, have a much better track record for predicting Tesla’s corporate performance than those who describe themselves as “professional” financial analysts.

At the risk of hubris, I’ll point out that includes my own predictions. Not all of them have turned out to be correct, of course, but my batting average is certainly better than 500.

That was pretty much my first thought. I haven’t heard anything about their current build rate. There was talk of being able to scale the existing lines beyond the 7000ish they can achieve now, though I think that is in “burst mode”.

They never actually ran the lines at a 7000/week rate. Musk required each station to separately demonstrate the ability to run at that rate. Some stations passed, some did not. Musk did this to prepare for 7000/week next year, probably after they install the new battery equipment.

They no longer talk about 10k/week in Fremont. The SEC filings now say 7k Fremont plus 3K Shanghai.

Yeah, I don’t think a run rate of 10k/week with just one single (Fremont) assembly plant is realistic. Elon was far too optimistic about touchless production lines with robots moving at eye-blurring speed. Now that reality has sunk in, they are no longer predicting 10k/week within the next quarter or two.

Tesla needs not just one, but two, more assembly plants, and it needs them ASAP. Where is Tesla going to make the Model Y, or the Semi Truck? And in a few years, where is it going to make the pickup?

That depends on the US demand for the mythical $35K SR vs MR/LR. If all US demand for MR/LR are not yet met, non-US deliveries could eat into US deliveries. But if remaining demand is mainly / only $35K SR rainbow farting unicorn, non US deliveries will not eat into US deliveries.

I suspect the demand in US for MR/SR will be less than increase in production, so I doubt non US will eat into US deliveries while at the same time having large waiting list for the unicorn that make it seem like the demand is not met.

Probably a bit of both. Sustained production volume at higher levels, while delivery times for Model 3 MR will mysteriously get longer.

Great. However, in Switzerland 🇨🇭 we can order since the 6th of december 2018, just fyi