Tesla Model S P90D Versus Lamborghni Aventador LP700-4 – Drag Race Video


Not Even Close!

Not Even Close!

“Who is the fastest? The Tesla Model S P90D or the Lamborghini Aventador?”

Asks the video uploader.

The video notes these specs for the two cars:

Tesla Model S P90D
The Tesla Model S P90D has a maximum power of 783 hp and a maximum torque of 967 Nm. Thanks to the Ludicrous mode it does 0 – 100 km/h in only 3.0 seconds. Price in NL: € 126.400,-

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
The Aventador has a 6.5 liter V12 engine producing 700 hp and a maximum torque of 690 Nm. This Aventador is the first in the world with a Capristo Carbon Edition exhaust. It does 0 – 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. Price in NL: € 433.517,-


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I love the comparison of the driving experience. In the Lambo, the guy is being jerked around, surrounded by a loud whining sound. In the Tesla, he quietly & smoothly accelerates to top speed.

Loved your take-a-way from the video. Smooth.

Tesla Model S P90D
Electric: front 259hp; rear 503hp / € 126.400

Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
V12 engine / € 433.517,

Guy in Lambo revs the engine before it begins as if the car is an old time racer that’s not able to idle. Then he idles just before the race begins. Complete idiot behind the wheel! What, not even launch control?

Plus he shifts too late and hits the rev limiter at least three times, losing time. πŸ™‚

I’m personally a bit tired of these silly drag racing videos making it to InsideEVs as if it was news. Maybe the first couple of times it kinda was newsworthy, but definitely not anymore. I’m sure those who are most interested are perfectly capable of searching on YouTube or going to DragTimes, so I don’t see why these “news” keep coming…

Oh you are no fun

Sorry, but if I have to explain to you WHY he revved it, and your explanation ISN’T correct, then you simply wouldn’t understand!

Oh no, not again, can inside EVs please stop posting this rubbish. I love EVs, but being fastest in a straight line does not a sports car make.

A Tesla is not a supercar, it serves a completly different purpose, end of story. One provides rapid, comfortable, quiet, environmentally freindly transport. The other is a driving machine, to be enjoyed at sustained high speed, lap after lap on special occasions.

It worse than that. The car doesn’t have 783hp. Lies continue, intentional or not. The most anyone has registered, from P90DL’s built during Q2, was just over 500kw, or ~674hp. We’re still off the year old “691hp” mark, which caused Tesla to settle with the Dutch.

If you’re in it to enjoy powering off turns, not sliding or producing tire noise, you basically shouldn’t get a Tesla. It might insult you…frequently. Buy it because its a nice touring car, with a great hole-shot. Some other EV maker will bother to get this right.

Tesla never claimed the Model S is a supercar. On the website it is merely referred to as a “Premium Electric Sedan”

But I do agree with you – I also tire of these videos showing the superior acceleration of the Teslas over vehicles costing many times the price.

As a courier, one of the most important metrics to me is dependability. In this respect, I’d rather see a video comparing a Model S to the 1997 Honda Accord, rather than an more-expensive and less-reliable Aventador.

I get tired of people saying they are tired of these videos.

Just don’t watch them.

Every time InsideEVs decides to make an article about such a race, they are diverting resources they COULD use to write about something with some actual RELEVANCE to the f-ing purpose of the site!

Granted, it doesn’t take much time to write one of these non-news stories. But there is also such a thing as legitimately caring about the site and what it’s for. An absurd example just to illustrate the principle: imagine they began writing articles about women’s fashion. Would you then say critique was out of place because we can just “not read it”?

No they’re not. They have different contributors. This video is contributed by Electric cars TV, so it doesn’t detract from ‘other’ articles being written.

What, did you think the team was just a handful of people sitting in an office and saying “hmm we only have time for 2 articles today folks”

Just because a few people don’t want to read an article doesn’t mean the rest of us should miss out. Don’t read/comment on the articles you don’t care about. (that’s what I do on the financial articles, LOL)

Terawatt — Did you just make a 1990’s “waste of bandwidth” argument? Wow, I thought that was long dead already. 99% of the internet is a waste of bandwidth….

With that said, I do prefer my kill videos from legal venues, not from street racing.

Terawatt ranted:

“…they are diverting resources they COULD use to write about something with some actual RELEVANCE to the f-ing purpose of the site!”

Hmmm. Well, while I agree that these Tesla drag racing videos have long since been worth wasting time on, nobody is putting a gun to my head and forcing me to read those articles. Or you, either.

And since you don’t do the work of writing and publishing articles here, Terawatt, you don’t get to decide what “the [CENSORED] purpose of the site” is. The InsideEVs staff does the work, so they get to make that decision.

“…imagine they began writing articles about women’s fashion.”

Imagine you just made an irrelevant straw man argument. Oh, wait… I don’t have to imagine.

Maybe we could have a Tesla/supercar demolition derby for a change. I know who I’ll put my money on.

I agree. Drag races aren’t EV news simply because one of the cars is an EV.

I appreciate that it’s not always easy to run a narrowly focused news site. Every day you need to write stories that interest the readers and generate the ad impressions needed to keep the wheels turning. Writing a couple hundred quick words and embedding a video is probably a pretty cost-effective way to do so. But it can still become annoying for your core readership, people who are genuinely passionate about EVs but not necessarily interested at all in these drag races – especially past the point of novelty.

I don’t know what is economically feasible but I wish you sometimes had larger features, a la ChargedEVs whose feature stories are often very interesting, if occasionally demanding (e.g. on battery chemistry).

Just to touch on this, we actually do some longer pieces focusing on more obscures bits of the segment with the short and sweets like this. For example, the next story published on Fastned’s new 150 kW infrastrucutre plans and the financials behind it, or the European Commissions new low/zero emission directives, or a story focusing on EV sales and market adoption in China. However, like the Charged EV piece you mentioned on battery chemistry (and the stories I mentioned above), the issue is what the majority people want to check out. Did the Lambo vs Tesla story take much effort to put up (outside the actually filtering out of the video itself from obscurity)? No…but it will generate more interest than those other three stories and the Charged EV story combined. It is that interest that allows us to write other, less popular stories. I will also say, this isn’t anything new, this is how we have operated since we started years ago. But note, we are doing it for the ‘greater good’, as it lets us report on the wider subject of EVs and their infrastructure…otherwise you’d just see dozens of Tesla stories in a row. The issue… Read more »

When I got here, page showed as “Logged in as Jay Cole. Log out?” and there we “edit” link next to all the comments. I was going to edit yours to say something funny, but it didn’t work. πŸ™‚

***mod edit (Jay Cole)***
Hey Spark, We are just now messing with a new cache program, so you likely got my admin toggles…but don’t worry, as you found out, they aren’t active for you, heeh. Thanks for the note ‘new cache not so hot’, lol.
***mod edit***

Jay, thanks a lot for taking the time to address this issue. Your comments certainly do put the situation into a different light.

If all those Tesla drag racing videos, which to many of us regular readers have become old hat, are helping support the site a lot more than the longer in-depth pieces that some of us would rather read… well then, let’s have more of those dumb drag racing videos! πŸ˜€

No problem, we do like to explain things that seem a bit out of character for us.

But don’t worry, it is not like we run them everyday, usually you will see a light (but popular) story like this about 1 in every 30 or 40 pieces (~3 a week)…it just seems like more.

Personally, I don’t think its that big of a deal to pepper in a basic story/video here and there – I actually don’t mind them at all. It isn’t an earth-shattering event for sure, but its a couple minute diversion for me (and readers who read/watch them). And trust me, it isn’t a case of this story was published so another got canned.

Not every visitor to the site is a return. New visitors may have not seen a Tesla drag race yet.

Sigh, and on a public road too

I’d rather a Miura. Better forward visibility, than the other two.


Watching the first few Tesla drag racing video is interesting. We now have Tesla drag racing video almost every week. This is no longer news.

Let’s move on and don’t clog the front page, especially about illegal activities on public road.

@Jay. I’m commenting on my phone because when I attempted to comment on my desktop it says below “leave a reply”: “Logged in as Jay Cole”.

Also says that at top of page “Howdy, Jay Cole: and has your page editing dashboard. When I attempt to log out it won’t let me and gives me a “page not found”.

Restarted browser same problem. Never seen this before so thought you should know.

Weird. Once I posted this on my mobile device it disappeared and gave me back my profile on the desktop.

Thanks Philip,

As I was mentioning, we were playing with a new cache program for the site (which apparently isn’t working too well). It apparently shows some extra admin functions that you can’t actually use. (although the ‘edit’ buttons I’m sure are tempting, heeh)

Never mind saw SparkEV post.

No worries, appreciate you (and Spark EV) taking a moment to let us in on it…or we would have never known, (=

I agree with “Spark EV” and “mememe” and numerous others who are weary of the drag race

It’s no longer news.

Next week watch the video to see if a MS P90DL can beat a Yugo, and the week after that a MX 90 vs a Pinto, and… oh you get the idea.

BTW – this looks like a totally legal and safe race :rollseyes:

I want to see a drag race between a Model S and a…

Well, maybe between that and one of these Model S’s: