Video Blitz: Let’s Welcome The Tesla Model Y To The Stage


Check out the upcoming Tesla Model Y in all its glory!

It has been a long time coming, much like that of the Tesla Model 3. If you think the Model 3 is popular and in huge demand, we can’t even imagine how the Model Y crossover will fare. This is especially true in the U.S. where SUVs are king. Tesla has pushed forth yet another upcoming vehicle offering that will work to change the automotive industry and its future as we know it. To top it off, the Silicon Valley electric automaker has much more up its sleeve.

After last night’s grand reveal, several fantastic videos have become available as expected. There’s no way we can cover them all. So, in making editorial decisions regarding what to share, we surely weren’t limited in any way. Instead, we had to sift through the plethora of coverage and be highly selective to come up with the best of the best to publish.

Since there are so many  videos available, you can count on us sharing for many days to come. However, as it’s early on, we’ve selected some top dogs. We’ve also tried to mix it up a bit by not only featuring professional videos by established YouTubers, but also sharing some more down-to-earth coverage from Model 3 owners or attendees who might not have massive YouTube channels and expertise.

Without further ado, check out these video shares of last evening’s Tesla Model Y event:

Not surprisingly, CEO of Cheddar talked to Fox Business Network and worked to tear Tesla and CEO Elon Musk to shreds after this reveal. We do realize that by sharing this video, many folks will be foaming at the teeth with disregard for John Steinberg, while there will be many others who wholeheartedly support his views. We at InsideEVs — while not Tesla owners or stockholders –can admittedly share that his views are beyond ridiculous:

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FAUX Businasty Spews once again!

When will the Tesla Henhouse finally kick these rabid dogs (Mornings with Maria) to the curb?

Thank you !Elon! and the Tesla Team. An Incredible Achievement. White is my favorite color, but the red really brings out all the curves. -Incredible aerodynamics for an SUV. -Safety. -Performance. -Incredible View of the Road, excellent touring car for trips, even trips to work. Can’t wait. Leasing??? LOL. Fox News. This is all about raising money, Tesla doesn’t make cars, that’s a myth, there are NO Tesla’s on the Road. “Who knows when this car will be released”. Can you believe this bull already? It’s embarrassing. We need full disclosure from reporters. “Are you being paid any compensation, for your opinion”. “Is your Editor” “Is your company” I’m really sick of this FAKE NEWS about this company. Tesla is one of America’s Most Successful Companies, and it deserves the RESPECT of it’s Achievements and Rapid Growth. “Chedder” “Analyst” [Tesla]”perpetually running out of money” Really? That money isn’t tied up in Hard Assets in the Nevada Desert? How is Tesla Running out of money and continuing to grow and develop and deliver more products? Every Company in America should be “running out of money” like Tesla. Apparently, that’s the secret to massive success. Come here to enjoy the massive success… Read more »

LOL. Sure, maybe we can get Mary Barra to take over Tesla, and get some Tesla Bolts with “torture” beam rear suspension to take over. Or, one of Ford’s last 3 fired CEO, that got NO Electrics off the ground.

All luxury compact SUV sales will be impacted greatly.

@Eddie said: “All luxury compact SUV sales will be impacted greatly.”


Once Telsa Model Y enters volume production it will for sure big time eat into the likes of BMW X-series.

One would hope the market would buy everything both can produce.
Electric is the pinnacle of motor vehicle luxury.

The car that is impacted the most, might be the model X, which could be a real problem considering its low sales

I doubt it, the Model Y is much smaller than the X. It’s like saying BMW X1 will impact sales of the X5.

@Jopp said: “The car that is impacted the most, might be the model X, which could be a real problem considering its low sales:

Putting aside that Model X continues to be one of the top-selling all-electric cars…

The Model Y will likely draw in a bunch of consumers that may have not before considered purchasing a Tesla. Some of those consumers may be borderline between considering a compact SUV vs a full-size SUV… which means Model Y may feed some Model X sales and vis-a-versa. That’s generally how it works.

Often a consume will start interested in a lower size BMW X-series car and end up purchasing a larger size BMW X-series car… and vis-a-versa.

I feel like Tesla is to EVs what Mazda did with ICE Cars. Zoom-Zoom! I’m going to miss Mazda, hopefully Tesla can release a Miata equivalent.

A Miata equivalent would be a big step backwards. Slow and gas burning.

It happened again, this announcement came with almost no surprise except for the 7 seats, so stock should have gone higher, but no, it went down… Every time there is news from Tesla (good or bad) the stock goes down.

Does not make any sense

I expected it frankly. I think it’s still about the chaotic past few weeks with the change in business model to low price/online sales only and the subsequent walking back on that change. It has investors rattled and the one factor that kept the reduced investor confidence from being fully priced into the stock was the impendent Model Y launch, which is a speculative moment. That moment has passed, Model Y in itself is not enough to restore confidence completely and so the stock drops again. Less than I feared though so I guess there is still plenty of confidence left.

I had never heard of John Steinberg before watching that FOX Business video. Kind of a strange dude. Praises Elon’s genius but says he is not equipped to run a public company. Says the $2500 deposit is a game Tesla is playing to get an interest free loan from would be customers, then says HE is going to make a deposit on one! Finally, he talked about the Model X at least 3 times when he clearly meant or was talking about the Model 3 (some expert).

Musk really is a magician as he has rolled up his sleeves. Sometimes people just want tricks, but at times, it’s best not to give them what they want. In essence a magician is one who manipulates things, elements, in the traditional sense, to produce something amazing but regarded as not possible.
Musk is akin to a techno magician. After all to primitive cultures technology is magic.

I liked seeing all the Tesla you tubers together. Certainly they deserve to have a constellation in the Tesla Celestial Sky named after them. Something like Orion the Hunter, but call them The Shooters.

Nothing magic, just pure technology.