UPDATE: Tesla Model Y Officially Revealed: Seats 7, 300-Mile Range


Here it is. The newest Tesla on the block.

The Tesla Model Y electric crossover has been officially revealed.

This highly anticipated electric CUV is sure to send ripples through the automotive segment.

***UPDATE: Adds more details additional images, etc.

In the lead up to this reveal, speculation took over the Internet. Some suggested a starting price of $45,000. Others believed the electric CUV would come in below $40,000. Meanwhile, range estimates and battery size guesses were all over the place. So too were seating arrangements, AWD as standard or not and so on.

That’s all behind us now because we have officially official info to share.

Starts at $47,000 and eventually, it will be available at $39,000.  Gauntlet thrown down. See all ya would be contenders later.

If you’d like to design your Model Y and put down a $2,500 deposit, click here.

Tesla states the following in regards to the Model Y:

Model Y is an all-electric, mid-size SUV designed for maximum versatility and safety. Model Y will start at $39,000 for the Standard Range version, and will also come in Long Range, Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive, and Performance variants.

Model Y is spacious enough to carry seven adults and their gear and offers leading range, superior performance, and the most advanced technology. The high-efficiency powertrain and ultra-responsive motors will provide 0-60 mph acceleration in as little as 3.5 seconds and a top speed of up to 150 mph, with excellent handling for any road condition. Model Y Standard Battery will have 230 miles of range, while Model Y Long Range will be able to travel up to 300 miles on a single charge.

Inside, Model Y’s panoramic glass roof and high seating creates a feeling of spaciousness and offers an expansive view from every seat in the vehicle. The front trunk and split-folding second-row seats provide a total of 66 cubic feet (1.9 cubic meters) of storage space. Like Model 3, Model Y requires no keys, but instead connects to your smartphone for seamless entry and exit, with a single 15-inch touchscreen interface inside for all of the car’s controls. Model Y also connects with the Tesla Mobile app for unique, easy-to-access features like remote unlock, Summon, remote pre-conditioning, location tracking, Speed Limit Mode, and much more.

Model Y is designed to be the safest mid-size SUV. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, the low center of gravity, rigid body structure and large crumple zones provide unparalleled protection. Its aerodynamic design and leading battery technology also make it highly-efficient in terms of energy usage, meaning you can achieve better range with less energy than other EVs on the market. Model Y is also compatible with our current Supercharger network of more than 12,000 Superchargers in 36 countries, as well as our new V3 Superchargers which can charge at rates up to 1,000 miles per hour.

Deliveries are expected to begin in Fall 2020 for Model Y Performance, Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive, and Dual-Motor All-Wheel Drive variants, and Spring 2021 for the $39,000 Model Y Standard Range. Please visit our Design Studio to see available options and current delivery estimates.

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Not clear if that third row is for pets or humans:)

Glad it’s optional. Man does that roof taper!

Sexy is right, best looking EV to date. I will buy that, question is to preorder or not. If it was $1,000, sure. $2,500 for almost 2 years out is a lot. I missed date by a year.

Not what I’d call sexy, but it doesn’t share the uglier elements of the X’s shape. They cleaned up the proportions quite nicely.

Okay looking, but could use a little more flair.

Japanese Tesla!

We’re already nearly a quarter of the way through 2019. Starting toward the end of next year would be last quarter 2020; optimistically, it could be closer to a year and a half than two years.

But yes, either way it’s a long wait: I can’t justify putting down cash for a car that far ahead.

However, it’s important to note that this is different to the Model 3 pre-orders. If you order a Model Y now, it is an actual order, not a pre-order. That means:

1. There’s likely to be more of a genuine queueing system, so people who order now will get prioritised for delivery,
2. You get to choose your trim levels and options already.
3. You won’t have to do anything else when production starts; place the order now and in two years time you’ll get an email out of the blue saying “it’s ready, can you come pick it up on thursday?”

Do Not Read Between The Lines

I think you’re a bit naive on 1. and 2.

Teslas are delivered in profitability descending order.
You might choose a trim level, but Tesla will change things as they see fit (for profit).

For me Tesla design is like a random car from a videogame, but I don’t tell it’s ugly. Only I’m a bit tired about it. And interior is sooo… boring. I don’t like nothing. But is more attractive than Model 3 for me, and the 5th door is a huge improvement. The 7 seats is shocking, because the lower line in rear make impossible to seat any normal person, without be deheaded before. I think will be only usable for little childs and this will make to loose the luggage space. This kind of solution is very popular in Europe, lot of cars (most of MPVs and lot of SUVs) have two foldable rear seats in the boot, but at least they offer a reasonable heigh for adults, unlike this Model Y do.

Another negative point, is that we have to wait a year and half at least, if all goes well and Tesla doesn’t have any production problems, something quite difficult when we know what happened with Model 3. And in this time, new and very interesting cars will arrive, like Q4 e-tron.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Well, they say you’ll wait a year and a half. With Tesla, you normally have to wait longer, but in this case, they’d really like you to buy a 3 right now, so maybe they’ll actually deliver early.

Exactly. Musk already said low volume production in early 2020. First deliveries in fall is at least as realistic as other carmaker timelines.

There you go your Q4 is waiting for you.

Even in the X they were rear facing jump seats and I was thinking those had been discontinued. In the Y, I seriously doubt any kind of kid over the age of 8 would fit. And then they’d get car sick.

Right, but most 3-row SUVs don’t have suitable seats for adults in the third row. So, they’ve gotta be kid-sized.

At best they are 2/3 size sized seats.

Well that kind of describes all the seats in my Volt. Seriously, I can’t remember seeing 7 adults in a single car since I was in high school, average family size is less than 3, and if you frequently need comfortable seating for 7 adults the Model X is a better option.

We’re a family of four with two five seater sedans (one is a Model S). The only use I’d have for a 7 seater is if I wanted to join a carpool for my son’s soccer practice. So instead of having seating capacity that would go unused 99% of the driving miles the car puts on, we had to start our own smaller carpool.

If second row doesn’t go fwd/bkwd, could there be less room there, too? Less rear leg room, both rows?

I would say the second row would have to slide back and forward for someone to get in the third row.

In the X the third row is front facing and quite roomy. It is actually pretty comfortable to sit in. Certainly better than a Nissan Armada, for example. The rear facing seats are in Model S. My Model S has them. They are good up to about 11-12 year old kids.

This is not X sized its based on the Model 3 which smaller than the X or S. Of course it will be smaller. I do not see the third row being a popular item to option once people can see it in person. For the third row you either have to be a midget or smaller kid size.

The S still has the rear-facing jump seats, I think, as a special order.

Yep. Just off the menu.

Looks like while the roof tapers, it starts really tall over the driver, so there should be a fair amount of space still in the 3rd row. Look at the driver’s head room in this photo:


That is very useful, thank you! 🙂

So the front end isn’t as identical as I thought it was. There are some differences in the air scoop area, and the fenders have been changed to raise the Model Y.

In the S not the X. X third row faces forward.

This is a compact SUV. I don’t think there was ever a car with 3 great rows of seats about the size of this… Maybe they’ve a shrinking ray that hits passengers before they sit down :).

I saw one a few weeks ago. The third row had a small child in it. I don’t know what make and model.

It certainly doesn’t qualify for an “SUV” in its original meaning of a 4-door passenger vehicle built on a light truck frame/ unibody. This is definitely a car, not a truck. At most it’s a CUV/ crossover.

Personally, I call it a lifted hatchback.

Thanks for your usual take on anything Tesla

For the record, we’ve got a car with similar small seats in the third row. They are uncomfortable for an adult, but I’m tall and I have managed to fit into them on the few occasions when the need arose.

Do those seats have the rather restricted head room that appears to be present in the TMY’s third row seat?

The 3rd row of a Suburban is uncomfortable for adults.

Maybe it’s for headless people, like that ghost from Harry Potter.

True, but that they even exist is a good sign for space.

They claim 66 cu ft interior space with seats folded (presumably without third row option}, compared to 57 for the eTron and 51 for the IPace.

It’s going to make the eTron, IPace, EQC, and iX3 look like terrible value. Even Kona and Niro buyers will be tempted by the Y’s value.

It’ll probably sabotage a lot of X and even S sales, too, but Tesla will gladly take that hit.

True all things a side it should be a popular Model for Tesla. But anyone looking for a full sized SUV this is not it.

For those of us wanting an EV station wagon, the Y is looking like a good choice.

Nothing about this is a station wagon

All SUV’s and minivans are essentially tall station wagons. I wish true station wagons would make a comeback. They were awesome.

Hmmm, a CUV is what appears to be a station wagon that someone has squeezed back to front, so it’s taller and, back to front, it’s shorter.

But an SUV is, at least by the original definition, built on a light truck frame/unibody rather than a car frame/unibody, and the Model Y definitely ain’t a truck.

If this is an “SUV” then the meaning has changed, quite a lot. I wouldn’t object to it being called a CUV, but in my opinion a car this small should be called a “lifted hatchback” rather than a CUV.

Sadly, auto maker marketing departments have been successful in pushing people into calling smaller and smaller cars “SUVs” and “CUVs”. It won’t be long until those terms become simply synonyms for “cars”. 🙁

Exactly – everything about this is station wagon – it is the current equivalent. Can’t wait to see how my drum kit fits in the Y!

I’ve been trying to figure out, is the 66 with all the back seats folded, or is it with just the third row missing, but the second row seats up and present?

Given CRV/RAV4 are fairly similar in footprint, much more squared off in the back, and offer about 35 CF behind the 2nd row I think it is safe to assume the 66 CF is behind the first row with 2nd and 3rd rows flat. To me the important metric is CF behind the 2nd row.

66 is almost undoubtedly with the second row flat and no third row at all. It would defy physics for that to be true with the folded third row, and Tesla wouldn’t give a number that makes the Y seem smaller than it is.

CF behind the second row looks promising to me. This is the best view of it:

The back of the second row is basically at the front of the rear wheel well. If you look at a profile view, that’s a decently long trunk.

If its 66 cu.ft. with third row it should have even more room without the third row. I suspect though that it’s simply 66 cu.ft. without the third row. Meaning you get less room with the third row.

“It’s going to make the eTron, IPace, EQC, and iX3 look like terrible value. ”

Strongly disagree. It’s not just how much space but how it’s allocated and shaped. If you want the boxier trunk area to keep pooch more comfortable or fit more luggage and stuff for vacations, the eTron EQC and iX3 are all much better choices.

Bingo! “My” non-EV car is my wife’s 2016 Rogue. We’re currently pre-shopping for its eventual replacement, and the leading contender is the Audi Q4 E-Tron based on the combination of size and shape. For our needs and usage pattern, the Y isn’t really a contender. If Nissan would get their corporate butt in gear and release a Rogue EV (or something similar), I doubt I could stop my wife from buying one.

It’s not like the Y has some fractal allocation of space. You seriously think the Y is just pissing away 10+ cubic feet of space to make the eTron “much better”? You haven’t even seen a Y without the third row and you’re making that statement?

If anything, a sloping roof *reduces* the measured cubic feet for a given cargo floor. I bet you the Y will have more usable space than the EQC at the very least, and probably the eTron too. The Audi sacrifices ton of interior volume with its pointlessly long hood.

Obviously many buyers don’t mind or prefer a slope, but obviously there’s also a LOT of people who value the utility maximization of the boxier shape which is why vehicles like a Pilot, Highlander, X3, Outback, Equinox, Yukon, XC90, Explorer, etc. exist in the form they do.

Maybe it’ll work out for Tesla to be the only sloped back out of the gate, but as I mentioned earlier in this thread I can’t imagine an iX4 and MB SUV coupe body aren’t far behind.

Looks more like the BMW X4 in style and size.
Copied the 80/20/80 rear seats of the BMW which the Model 3 should have had.

Of which configuration is really great in my opinion – the problem is that BMW is hopelessly stuck on their multi drive train platform concept and will never have the useful frunk as well for additional storage.

Try “young children” 🙂

Well — I do like it. It’s like the sexier all-electric Prius we’d never get from Toyota. I would like a lightly used one of these in 5 years please — hope that Chinese gigafactory gets built and up and running quickly — go get em Elon!

I think they missed the boat on maximizing the U part of SUV with the roof slope. It’s going to eat into trunk shape and space and utilization. I think they’d have been better off going X3 instead of X4.

Also no roof box option I assume with the glass, or will it be okay on the rails?

Very strongly agree. The roof line on the Y is easily the biggest issue a lot of people have with the design, I’d guess, as it’s simply too similar to the 3 even though it’s “raised”. As designed, the Y is better poised to steal sales from the 3 than from ICE CUVs.

This type of “coupe-styled” roof line is prevalent in many (if not most) luxury performance compact/midsize SUVs. Sure, some larger and/or mainstream (non-luxury) SUVs don’t fit the bill, but in the segment it’s geared toward, it may be above and beyond in terms of passenger and cargo volume. Hopefully we’ll know more soon. But, just like measurements related to the Model 3 compared to its competition, one can only hope Tesla again did its homework and can show that it exceeds rivals. If not, we’ll see how it fares, nonetheless.

The difference is that while BMW and MB do sell coupe styles, they also sell a lot of their traditional SUV type. Audi/Porsche doesn’t even make a coupe SUV. When both BMW and MB designed their first ev SUV, they chose the traditional shape.

So to that Tesla will have the whole SUV coupe market to themselves, and maybe that will work well… but you have to imagine an iX4 and MB coupe SUV aren’t too too far behind.

This dropping at roughly the same time as the eTron, iX3, and EQC will be a true test for Tesla. They will suddenly not be the singular status symbol money wise like the S and X are, and to an extent the 3 is. The Y will also have the least usable trunk shape of the 4 choices. The Y dual motor may be a little quicker, a few more miles, but the shape I think will be a problem for anyone who wants an actual SUV.

There’s a reason BMW didnt make the iX4 first and made the iX3 instead. Why Benz didn’t use their GLx Coupe body style. Audi doesn’t even make a slopey one to begin with.

I mean if you want a slope style EV SUV then the Y is for you. If you don’t, then there will be other options.

That roof line is what will get the standard range Model Y from supercharger to supercharger in cold weather at 80MPH.

Midgets or small kids.

Towing capability?

Internet says towing but not sure whether that’s true….

Towhook for sure! There is already a cutout in the rear bumper cover.

It is visible in Daeriks YouTube video of the Model Y testdrive. In the end he films the rear bumper and there seems to be a small cover in the middle.

Look at that rear Model Y pic. This tells that Model Y will not have towing capability. Remember, it is based on Model 3 – no towing capability.

The Model X had towing and it was based on the Model S. What is missing from the rear?

Sorry Talia, you are no clairvoyant but you obviously feel very threatened by Tesla.

You can tell just by looking at a photo of the exterior that the Model Y won’t be tow-rated? Wow, you must be psychotic! 😉

Elon didn’t mention towing, but I’ll be quite surprised if the TMY is not tow-rated.

You mean psychic. 🙂 But psychotic probably works too! Personally I’m not 100% on board with Teslas styling but man I love the pressure this puts on the others. Specs and price wise

“You mean psychic. 🙂 ”

Do I? 😉

No I think Pushmi was right in their first description of Talia.

You could tow with the Model Y easy. Heck rig the Model 3 right you could tow with it. Could the 3 tow a huge amount no. You would not be towing a huge amount with either anyway. I think you could tow a popup camper but that is about as much as you would want to.

Towing is a must, good to see the 40/20/40 folding rear seats, No HUD, No frames around the windows, Spare tyre ??
When is the RHD out?

The inability to place a reservation for a RHD vehicle is interesting.

Woah…the seats 7 shocked me. That’s a clown car! 😉 I guess the 3rd row is seats or fold down for storage..

jump seats like the S.

No, they were not in the tail-gunner arrangement. Faced forward

“Tail-gunner arrangement”!! Oh, to be a kid again, and ride in an S with those jumpseats!

That’s what I always called it in the back of the Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon. It had fake wood paneling & everything.

Ours didn’t have the wood paneling, but I remember riding in the fold-down, rear-facing bench seat in the back of my parents’ wagon!

We had two different wagons when I was a kid. The ‘60 Chevy had a rear-facing bench seat for 3 or 4 kids. The ‘65 Ford (with plastic wood paneled exterior) had side facing jump seats for 4 kids. We never wore seat belts and I don’t remember the Chevy having any.

I learned to drive in the Ford. That thing was huge, but the Winnabego was huger. Seated 9.

I love it! From now on, they’re neither “jump seats” nor kiddie seats, but tail-gunner seats! 🙂

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Needs a pintle mount.

Third row seats are an option. So no folding down if you don’t option for them.

I’m sorry, but that is an unattractive car and I think the Model 3 is a looker.

Doesn’t look much different from the 3. They needed more lights on it. Should have parked it next to the 3 to be able to see the differences. Hard to imagine seating 7 in a 3, not sure whats different to allow it in the Y.

Taller & the trunk area turned into seats that can fold down to be trunk.

It really looks good. It has the cargo capacity of the bigger boxy SUVs/crossovers, but in a more sleek design maintaining the better driving dynamics of a Tesla. I love that it has a sleeker and lower front end, for more up close visibility than other taller front end SUVs,

It’s a more athletic/aggressive 5-door version of the Model 3. Nice!

Proving that a SUV does not need to look like a shoebox on wheels to have cargo capacity(66 cubic feet) and seat 7.

NOTE: The just reviled Audi e-Tron midsize SUV EV only has 57 cubic feet of storage space. And maintains the old-school ICE based boxy design.

The ICE industry is surly taking notice tonight.

Exactly why I harped on how bad efficiency and price is on those models. This car appears to be size of the Jaguar IPace, offers seating for 7, but starts $30,000 cheaper with the same range! Crazy. Even for same 0-60 performance it starts like $20,000 cheaper and tops out like $30,000 cheaper for a better vehicle (as I see it). No, material quality isn’t as nice, but the car has all the features I want.

Nice Freudian slip! 😉

Two of them, actually.

Well spotted, sir. I read right by the second one the first time.

I feel this more of a Euro style vehicle. Nothing wrong with that but some in US would consider the Y too small for a SUV/CUV type of vehicle. The size of this should sell well in Europe though, almost perfect for European size streets.

Have you looked at the US market at all? Compact SUVs is an explosive segment.

This is substantially bigger than the Audi eTron (which in turn is bigger than the IPace, EQC, iX3, Kona, and Niro), and Audi is introducing the smaller Q4 eTron.

Why can’t GM just make a Chevy Suburban get 150 mpg? Come on, all this aerodynamic body work, what’s it good for? Not manly like a Hummer or G-Wagon AMG, that’s what I really want and still get 150 mpg. Sarc.

I never liked the 3 much, this fixes the overly tall windows by making sides taller and gives it a much nicer look. This is one of the best looking cars I have seen.

I’ll take practicality over looks any day (said the Bolt owner).

Bolt drives like a FedEx truck

Said the non-Bolt owner

If he thinks it drives like a FedEx truck, why would he buy one?

Bold drives OK, but front seats unusable (for me anyway).

The 2017 model seats are bad. I don’t know if GM did much to fixed them over the last two years. Heck, there’s a YouTube video on how to add more padding to the seats.

Agreed the i3 owner/driver/fan 😊

Perhaps not as attractive as a Model 3, which I like a lot. Few CUVs look as nice as their siblings (Porsche, Audi, MB, BMW, Lexus, Jaguar, Toyota, Kia-Hyundai). To me, only Jeep and Land Rover don’t have that problem since all they make are SUV.CUVs.

What is important, when all these CUVs come to market how will they compare? I think the Model 3 and Model Y are going to have a huge effect. I think the Chevy Bolt is going to have to find a cave to hide in.

The 3 is already having an effect. In less than two years, it rose to the #1 selling EV ever in the US, passing the Volt at over 150k units.

The Bolt will still be a cheaper option but nice to have options!!

It looks horrible… Like a 90s wannabe car.

Maybe it’s just me, but I actually like the style of the TMY better than the TM3. But then, I never thought much of the TM3’s styling. None of Tesla’s other cars can hold a candle to the style of the Model S!

I’m wondering about the standard model, it seems like it is based on the mid range battery pack?

Standard range plus, I think.

Yes, mid or maybe Standard Plus.

LR is 300 miles vs 325 so SR+ pack would be 215-220 miles in the Model Y. This looks like MR or some other variant. Who knows what the Model 3 packs will be in 18 months, anyway?

I would have said MR, but given the price, it’s very likely the SR+.

Model X has always shared battery options with Model S, I expect the same for Model Y and 3. The $39,000 base version probably uses the same battery as the base Model 3 IMO. Musk said 10% more expensive for the same battery: 10% more than $35k is $38,500, round up to $39,000 for good measure.

You think Y gets 10 miles more range out of an SR pack than Model 3?

39k price includes two more years of cost reduction. You can’t compare it to today’s Model 3.

Everyone is gonna compare it to today’s Model 3.

And yes, I think it’s almost certain that the TMY and the TM3 will use the same battery packs, just as the MS and MX do. Clearly the TMY has more frontal area, so all else being equal, will have a lower range than the TM3 with the same battery pack.

The SR TM3 is using a brand new battery pack; it’s not “two years old”. If the lowest trim TMY has a longer range than the SR TM3, then either there are better power electronics or, more likely, a larger battery pack than the SR TM3. As others have said in comments above, perhaps the Mid-Range battery pack is the lowest trim level available in the TMY.

Did Elon forget to pay the electricity bill? That’s the darkest into ever. I really can’t see enough to pass judgment yet.

That was on purpose.

Yes MadBro, it’s all a conspiracy (both in your mind and in other dark places).

Either that or stupidity…

And Blue, to hide those 24″ Wide Panel Gaps (that we call Doors)! 😁😂

This is to avoid light to get from one side to another through the body panel gaps 🙂

Started to watch on now you Now you know and Galileo from hyper change came on and had to change. He’s annoying and conceited

Thanks for the downvotes on an opinion . If like Galileo that’s good for you

I’ll give you a thumbs up.

Pity thumb…..

I find it fascinating that some people care so much about downvote thing coming from essentially complete strangers. I don’t give a rat’s tail about opinion of some random mouse jockey. Maybe I’m thick skinned from all those years in usenet (remember those for you old farts?)

Speaking of “annoying and conceited…”

Well, that was… unwhelming. I didn’t expect much since it shared so many parts with the 3, but yikes. Is anyone going to want to use that 3rd row? Seems like a tight fit to get back there. And earliest deliveries not until Fall of next year? Hopefully that’s an indication that demand for the 3 is good so they can’t spare many parts of them for this. And hopefully he’s not counting on a big cash infusion of pre-orders for this.

And no teasers of anything else?

The entire intro about how complex factories are is a clue for the timeframe. Instead of rushing like 3 they plan to do it right.

I’m sure he wants to avoid “Production Hell II- The sequel”

Sad to say, that’s my reaction too, as well as pretty much the same reaction expressed by several on the Tesla Motors Club forum discussion.

An overly long re-hashing of Tesla’s history, followed by a rush job of revealing the new model, which didn’t really show off its features. They didn’t even show the rear hatch at all! Also, I was quite disappointed there wasn’t a teaser for something else. No “something extra” this time! 🙁

I know many of us were expecting more, but correct me if I’m mistaken but I think we saw a revamped Model S prototype briefly flash during the intro video. The vehicle that was in white black and grey camo.

Nevermind, I went back and re-watched the video and I think it was just a grey and white camo wrap on a standard Model S.

I wasn’t paying that much attention during much of the overly long intro, frankly. But none of those posting to the Tesla Motors Club forum discussion of the event mentioned it, so my guess is that it wasn’t anything new.

I think you’re right, the image went by so quickly during the live viewing I couldn’t be sure, but being able to pause the video allowed me to get a better look. I got excited for nothing.

Remember, not everyone watching this knows the history, there are a lot of new Tesla fans and owners.

It was what I was expecting, and all I wanted to know, Model Y options, price, and availability. The solar bit was interesting and I understand now why there wasn’t any noise on it last year.

I highly doubt people caring enough about Tesla to be watching a Tesla release party are people unaware of its history.

Could it be that the scant details on the Model Y were on purpose in order to not cannibalize model 3 sales by potential buyers waiting for the MY instead of buying the M3 now? With few details, many will hesitate to wait till the Y comes and will buy from what’s currently available and affordable which is the M3. As for the fans and enthusiasts, most will pre-order no matter what so their deposits are already guaranteed to a certain degree.

As for the delivery date being fall 2020, it’s logical. Building production lines, testing them, hiring more workers, and securing enough parts from suppliers (we already know how some suppliers hurt Tesla with faulty equipment or not enough parts which made Tesla suffer many delays) takes time. Better get it right, and not rush the MYs to market with not enough numbers, gaps or defects. Tesla can not handle any more bad publicity, nor poor reliability nor production hell nor delivery hell. That’s what a responsible reliable automaker must do.

No big cash infusion is coming. The Y is a competitive offering, but I’d be very surprised if there is a wave of pre-orders. Did the early depositors reap any benefits from being early for the Model 3? The folks that waited got a lower price and a car that had worked through nearly all of the early production problems.

Well Done!

$39k(2021) to $60k price range.

RWD 300 miles for $47k. Long Range Model 3(325 miles) is at $43k. So it’s right at the 10% more that Elon said.

RWD 230 miles for $39k. Standard Range Plus Model 3 (240 miles) is at $37k. So less than the 10% increase.

But Model 3 prices go up on the 18th, so the pricing is even closer between the Model 3 and Model Y.

5 passenger with optional 7 passenger

That 39k base model is 2 years away, Model 3 pricing changes a couple times a month.

Yep, and the 3rd row is the same price as the 3rd row on the X: $3k

A “More Real 5 Person Capacity!”

As noted, no reveal mention of Towing!
(Still waiting for that!)

Wrong Model S & X prices go up, Model 3 prices stay the same. This comes from Elon himself.

He said 35k base price will stay. The other prices go up 3%.

Is it just me thinking model Y is a model 3 slightly taller?

It’s basically a Model 3 hatchback. Sorta almost silly to call a new model. That’d be like saying the Cruze hatchback was an entirely different car from the sedan Cruze.

I think it looks different enough to justify the different name. Besides, the name’s only one letter different. 😉

They said it was gonna be built on the Model 3 platform, you might’ve missed that because it was only put out in the media a bunch of times leading up to the event. And Tesla never said it was going to be an entirely different vehicle, as they said it was going to share 70% of the parts as the Model 3 (again, put out multiple times).

It’s larger, seats 7, and has more storage room. But I can see why you would wanna see it a certain way in order to fit a negative narrative.

Quite unfair. Multiple people in the Tesla Owners Club forum discussion said that when it first rolled out, they weren’t sure if it was the Model Y or another Model 3. That was my reaction, too.

Except for the higher roof, they look identical from the front. I was expecting them to look similar, but not indistinguishable!

Being nearly identical to the 3 is a lot better than some of the renderings I have seen of what others thought the Y would look like. Tesla could have botched this but didn’t. It looks a bit “vague” but not terribly so. My 2013 Volt will be getting a bit long in the tooth, but I may wait to get the Y in its second year of production.

“Being nearly identical to the 3 is a lot better than some of the renderings I have seen of what others thought the Y would look like.”

Well said. And some of the “artist’s concept” drawings/renders for the Model 3 seen here at InsideEVs. were even worse. The phrase “I wished for a spoon with which to gouge out my eyes” comes to mind. 😉

I’m quite glad that IEVs is, or at least seems to be, exercising more discrimination in the renders it has shown of late. Sometimes discrimination is a good thing! 🙂

You have Impreza and Forester, mostly the same. Model name doesn’t really matter other than for sales charts (like you want to increase sales of Corolla so you combine it with the hatch version the Matrix)

Not that you’d care, but if you go to Tesla’s website and do a notional build of both the Model 3 and Y you can click back and forth and get a really good idea of the size and aesthetic differences of the vehicles. It’s more than you realize. Not that you’d care.

It’s definitely taller, though the ground clearance does not seem to be appreciably more. This really is a CUV more than a genuine SUV… however, unlike the X, it has normal doors, so roof racks will probably be a popular option, despite the low blow to range.

And that’s ok. “CUV” is actually what many new owners want, but they get the “SuV” because that’s what they are sold. Y as presented, is fine, IMHO

Not that anyone will care’s here and now but Tesla will sell a ton of these things. Elon is right about that and its priced about right in the lower range.

I think the exterior is the best part. Inside, it’s kind of boring, it deserved a fresh design. Hope next Tesla’s come with proper displays and hud as in the Polestar 2

The Model 3 and Y not having HUD’s is all on Elon. He didn’t want it so they don’t have it. Even so that is the one thing these model’s are missing mainly.

HUDs seem unnecessary to me, more of a cool thing to show your friends. I will take Full Self Driving over a HUD.

Model 3 owner here and I have zero desire for a HUD. It took me less than a day to get used to the center display and now I dislike driving other cars. Don’t get me wrong, there are some things they need to improve with the 3 and hopefully they get these right on the Y. One such issue is the ability to read and reply to incoming text messages on one’s phone. There are many, less expensive vehicles that offer this now. Also rear cross traffic alert is still missing and from a safety standpoint is a big miss. Hopefully Tesla will address these with an OTA software update soon.

FSD doesn’t even need the center display. Run everything on your phone. Sit back and wait for the car to get from ‘A’ to ‘B’.

or a Model X smaller?

It’s quite similar looking to the Model X, I had pics pulled up side by side of the X and the Y and I think the proportions in a couple of areas are a bit different. Maybe the rake of the front clip, but I find the portions of the Y to be a bit more attractive than the X. I’ll need to see it in person, or at least a lot more pics, to be sure but I’m not getting the “pregnant whale” vibe as much from the Y.

I would say slightly taller and longer by a little.

I found it on the build page: http://i65.tinypic.com/2q8oy2q.jpg

Fantastic presentation. How does it get 66 cu. ft. of trunk space. Normally vehicles have only 20 – 30 cu. ft. of space. Is it an efficient packaging.
If you keep the 3rd row seat upright, then you cannot keep the suitcases. So either use it as 5 seater with some cargo or 7 seater without any cargo. 3rd row seat is an option. If your relatives visit your home, then you can take them around or to a place closeby without using a 2nd car or a gas guzzling suv/minivan.

Beverly Jones Redekop

I loved my 7-seater Kia Rondo. Having the option of luggage or passengers in a small car is extremely practical.

Cargo capacity spec seems to be similar to the BMW X6.

Probably not an accident.

That’s impressive, the x6 is pretty big.

and there is not much mention of the frunk on this thread which the X6 will never have. So cargo capacity is actually substantially bigger.

Third row seating is an option its not standard. You have to pay $3000 more for the third row option.

According to some sources, that 66 is with 2nd (and 3d, if present) row folded. That’s how Tesla presented cargo space in earlier models, unlike every other car company where the primary number is with all seats up — there are actually standards for this.
No way it has 1900 litres with all seats up — that’s van territory.

Good: basic options (including non AWD)
Bad: time frame! 20 months until they can make the first 3 hatchback is a bummer.

I would rather have a FWD than a RWD.
Why doesn’t Tesla make FWD cars?

Because they are crap for performance.

FWD is better for Regen-breaking thou – as the break force in Newton-meter is much higher on the front wheels.
For ICE cars with a heavy motor on the front wheels FWD has some advantages for ICE cars (like winding roads uphill etc…) not relevant for EV.

Very true on the braking. The i3 suffers from regen cut out issues ever time it hits a bump.

Exactly -that is why the BMW 3 series has been considered the best handling sedan for decades.

Because you’re thinking ice car logic

RWD is not as great on snow then FWD

More ICE car logic.

That is largely dependent on the weight distribution.

Doesn’t seem to bother all those people in Norway who bought RWD Tesla cars.


I agree regarding FWD in snow. Snow tires are more important, but FWD is more forgiving in snow than RWD.

But even if we are wrong, there are many of us northerners that live under the belief that FWD is better in snow than RWD. If Tesla wants to increase sales by making their cars more affordable for a significant portion of the North American population, they could offer a FWD option.

RWD is superior, the issue with FWD is the wheels that steer the car are the wheels that provide power. There is limited friction and if the wheel slips you can’t steer or accelerate. With FWD you are splitting traction between steering and accelerating, meaning you have less grip for either.

Modern skid control systems eliminate the drawback of RWD cars where they tend to spin if you break rear traction. Buy snow tires and RWD and it will be great on snow.

Don’t judge RWD Tesla from a RWD open differential pickup or old RWD car. Very different due to weight balance and tech.

“…the issue with FWD is… you are splitting traction between steering and accelerating, meaning you have less grip for either.”

That may be true for EVs which don’t have much weight in the front, but certainly not for ICEVs where the engine makes the front a lot heavier, and the car gets a traction benefit from having all that weight directly over the drive wheels.

When I drove my FWD 1977 Honda Civic CVCC, after having driven only rear wheel drive cars, I was quite impressed (and so were my passengers) with its ability to handle driving in ice and snow. The Civic was much, much better than rear-wheel drive cars of the era, because the drive wheels were pulling in the same direction as I was trying to steer.

Of course, that was before the days of anti-lock brakes and traction control. I know from all I’ve read about RWD Tesla cars that they do just fine on ice and snow, but to say that RWD is inherently better than FWD under those conditions… well, it’s just wrong.

I think the point was that RWD was inherently better. It is not inherently worse in snow and it would do better in some situations. I was pushing a car out of snow in Utah a few weeks ago. FWD. Get that steering wheel straight please….
When you accelerate, weight transfers to the rear of the vehicle so RWD has superior traction in all non-snow conditions. The transfer isn’t enough in snow conditions but it is still there. While accelerating out of a turn, it does help to not be driving and steering with the same wheels even in snow.
The 1977 Civic presumably had 60% of the weight over the front wheels which is great for not getting stuck in snow but terrible for everything else.

Well, I can be sure of one thing: You never drove a 1977 Honda Civic CVCC.

It was a very early Honda car and had some serious problems, such as chronic problems with the electrical system, and extremely stiff steering (no power steering and a small steering wheel are a bad combination!). It’s also the only car I’ve ever driven that (fortunately only once) had a gust of wind blow it from one lane halfway into the next!

But traction was never, ever a problem with that car. Handling was much better, with much more positive steering and directional control, than any car I’d ever driven previously. You mentioned an FWD car getting stuck in snow? Well, it’s hard to believe that could ever have happened in that Civic unless it slid completely off the road into a ditch. With that car, getting “stuck” in the snow merely meant I had to reverse and take another run at the piled-up snow until the car broke through the obstruction.

The problems I have experienced with RWD were when correcting a skid in slippery conditions. In my experience, FWD is better when trying to recover control precisely because the “drive wheels were pulling in the same direction as I was trying to steer” as Pu-Pu stated.

I’ve driven to my share of hockey tournaments in the day and know what I’ve experienced. One other hockey dad even surprised me once by stating he preferred FWD to his 4WD vehicle on slippery roads which surprised me. I would love to see Tesla appeal to FWD devotees – whether we are misguided or not – simply because there are lots of us. Tesla knows how to mount a motor and power front wheels. Why not offer this as an option to misguided folks like me?

Again ICE logic and weight distribution logic. Thew Civic is a FWD car with the engine in front.

Front wheel drive works in an ICE vehicle because there is a motor sitting on top of the powered wheels in front to provide ballast weight. Model 3 and Y doens’t have that weight up front its more balanced between the front and rear. I should know I had a FWD honda civic at one time.

+1 geez

You can get a Kia Niro or Hyundai Kona EV if you want FWD EV cars.

ICE cars have that big heavy ICE block to weigh down the front for traction. With nothing but a frunk up front, you’d be spinning your wheels when accelerating with FWD.

Instead of putting sandbags in the back of your pickup, you put a few in the frunk of your EV! 😀

Take my Ford Focus Electric for example – FWD batteries in the back, crappy traction

Tesla’s traction control is astounding. People in Norway and other wintry places enjoy their RWD Teslas just fine, with proper tires. Check out the owners forums – you won’t find many complaints about the handling of any RWD Tesla.

FWD is always a compromise in handling and turning circle. RWD (or at least bias) allows the driver to make the decisions, and to enjoy (or experience) the results…

Three independently folding 2nd row seats

Full panoramic roof

Seven Seat Interior $3,000

Refundable Deposit $2,500

Thank goodness no falcon wing doors.

LR = 300 miles, AWD/P = 280 miles

Ohhhhhh dear – Hell No!!! Roof rack?? Skis? Bikes?? Roof box… just pls tell me – what they smoking in Hawthorne? As my teacher used to say.. “this is just not good enough” .. Audi Q4 E-Tron it is then..

How much do those Audi’s cost?

Don’t remember the exact amount but not cheap. I mean common, it’s an Audi! 🙂

“Don’t remember the exact amount”

Possibly because they have not released that info yet but it is expected to start at $50,000. Steering wheel and tires may be extra.

Since it is riding on the MEB platform, I promise you that Audi would match Model Y price while getting a highest margin due to economies of scale.

It will be difficult for Audi to match Tesla on price without hurting their bottom line. The Y has the same platform as the 3, in fact, about 70% of the parts for the Y are the same as the 3. Also, Tesla has the best pack-level costs in the industry.

It will also be difficult for VW group or anyone to match Tesla’s prices because they have yet to show that they are willing to make enough of them. Tesla is going to make as many as they possibly can, and they’ll sell every last one of them, no problem.

And, Audi has their dealer networks to deal with. Those service contracts are cheap for an EV.

I hope they prove me wrong, but we won’t know for another year, at least.

Q4 e Tron definitely in the 40s to compete with Tesla. Expect Crozz to be in the 30s.

MEB platform isn’t going to help the pricing as much as Tesla already having their own already running dedicated battery Gigafactory.

highest margin…….lol they’ll cheat on those numbers.

note the crickets???

A lot more!

A roof rack is available for Model 3, so it will be available for Model Y.

Exactly. Anybody who thinks you can’t put a roof rack on a curved roof is suffering from a fairly complete lack of imagination.

Yeah it would be totally impossible to put taller legs on the rear roof rack support. Wait no it wouldn’t.

I expect a tow hitch to be available for Y at some point. Its up to Tesla. Plus a roof rack on the Y should be fairly easy. The main part of the roof is one piece of glass no middle roof truss so no seam.

What are you screaming about? You can install a roof rack on that easily.

Disappointed that nothing else was announced. I thought for sure there would be something else since the Y was known to just be a taller Model 3.

Well. It was nice that they gave the models & prices.

I have to admit, it does look better than the X. I was afraid it would be as fugly as that monster.

Not sure how 7 seats fit in there though…

Nonsense, they can get way more than 7 in that car!


On a scale of 1-10 I rate it a meh. Like all crossover SUVs, underwhelming and will sell millions of them.

I hope the dimensions are published soon, this is very important for a buyer for comparison. No one can beat Tesla when it comes to performance and price. Who can sell an Electric crossover with 300 mile range for $47,000. Only Tesla can.

No need to publish dimensions until they get closer to deliveries.

If they want my € 2000,- I want their dimensions in mm.

NIO can with their ES6 and it goes into production this summer.


Looks very similar to the Model 3, and that’s a good thing! The Model Y will sell well. Reminds me of the Subaru Crosstrek but with a slightly more aerodynamic shape.

Subaru Crosstrek, or BMW X4/X6

X6 is my favorite BMW… I absolutely love this Y.

Lackluster ending. Thought a Model 3 was driving out.

They could have changed the headlight design at least

That and the wheel size seem to be part of that 70%+ shared parts.

Why would they build a completely new set of headlights when their goal is to keep the Model Y prices down by keeping 70% of the parts the same as the Model 3? That doesn’t make sense.

Not sure if you’ve noticed that for the last 50 years car makers have been building multiple vehicle with common noses across their multiple lines of cars?

Okay, but by the same argument, why doesn’t the Model X use the Model S headlight assembly? I agree with the “Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” philosophy, but there is something to be said for giving a new model a different look to avoid too much cannibalizing between models.

Because the X wasn’t built to be a price-conscious mass market vehicle. I believe Elon compared it to a Fabergé egg or something. Completely different vehicle for a completely different market.

Even then, Tesla has used a similar nose profile for the S and X.

“I believe Elon compared it [The Model X] to a Fabergé egg…”

I think he made that remark just the other day, didn’t he? I found it odd enough that it stuck in my mind. I think I see what he’s getting at, but to compare it to a fragile, very expensive object that’s utterly ornamental and not at all functional, isn’t the sort of remark I’d expect from the CEO of the company which makes the car!

Because these guys want Tesla to spend as much money as possible and ultimately fail.

Sharing part between the 3 and Y makes the Y cheaper to make.

Definitely. Reduces the cost of both the Model 3 and the Model Y.

We didn’t get to see the Model Y that well actually.

The space for this event was pretty small, and there wasn’t much light either.

We will have to see some pictures of the Model Y taken in daylight.

We’ve got a ton of images going out overnight. And more are already coming in from Tesla. Check the post again soon, we are adding.

Expected nothing less from you guys. Keep up the great work! We really appreciate it.

Model 3 vs Model Y:


I made this from the build pages. The scale looks right since the wheels are the same size.

Thanks! That gives the impression that it’s a little longer, but maybe the scaling of the two images isn’t perfect.

The first version is aligned on the front end. This version is aligned on the wheels: http://i66.tinypic.com/ejcsns.jpg

Wow, if that’s accurate, the body of the Y is significantly longer than the 3 in both front and back, as well as much taller. Surprising how much bigger overall. Guess we’ll see if this turns out to be an accurate comparison. Thanks for putting it together.

I suspected the wheel base was the same its body that is bigger slightly.

It’s the hatchback version of the Model 3!

Wow. Did you feel it? This evening, a 7.0 tremor rumbled around the world. I’m guessing it was felt from Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, India, China … Probably not in Washington DC, they are too busy building walls and tearing down the EPA.

My congratulations to Mr. Musk, Team Tesla, Panasonic, et al for another compelling product . Jaws will drop around the world. A special thanks to CARB in Sacramento, who probably felt a wave of vindication for seeds well planted. Most of all a ‘shout out’ to Wolfsburg, less talk and more walk-please.

Thank you Tesla, a wonderful announcement, another compelling vehicle. You know what that means? The shorts, the press, analysts, and Wall St. will figure a way of driving down the TSLA shares of stock. No vehicle is perfect for all, especially a BEV.

Model Y is nice, but it still reminds me of Model 3 & Prius. I know it is just lifted Model 3. I highly doubt that Model Y has room for up to seven adults. It will be released in the end of 2020, probably more like 2021 – Elon’s time.

With 70% of parts the same as the 3, it shouldn’t be too hard to gear up. But they are setting up a whole new factory in Nevada so that will take time.

Yeah, I do not have high hopes for the headroom of the 3rd row. But, if you have small kids, it could work.

I think the point is, people with families of 5 can’t really use a Model 3 well, for the Y, having the third row for a child opens up a lot of possibilities.

With a wait time of over a year I’m thinking the 3 will have its delivery times extended soon.

This exterior design is giving me a weird Nissan Leaf vibe…

It’s too tall to be a hatchback though.

There are people calling it a “lifted hatchback”. That certainly makes more sense to me than calling it a “CUV” or an “SUV”, because it’s not nearly that big.

Seriously?? Nothing on the market today is as hideous as a Nissan! The Leaf, the Juke, look like bugs that need a very, very large flyswatter to put them out of their misery.

I think the new design of the Leaf looks pretty nice, actually. But I assume you’re talking about the old design, with its “bug eyes”.

This is much cleaner design. It only has a few smooth curves and lines that go well together, not disjointed like Aztec or Leaf.

I have only one question to ask about the Y: Why?
It’s not cheaper than the 3. They call it a crossover but that term has never meant anything to me. It’s got 4 wheels, people sit in it to get to places and it does so electrically. What functionality does this product offer that isn’t already available?

I think people like to sit higher and think they can fit whatever might come up into the back.

It has more utility than model 3. More seats/cargo space and a hatch so you can load bigger items.

Other CUVs have these things, but not with 300 miles of electric range. And not under 50k.

did you even bother looking at the specs and compare it to a comparable sized suv/crossover?
awd? 7 seats?
get a friggin clue!

Yeah, BMW and Audi and Porsche, etc., did not want to make vehicles like those, but they did to meet demand (BMW X series, Audi Q series, Porsche Cayenne, etc.).

Those who said the Model 3 needed a rear hatch, or more headroom in the rear, should certainly like the Model Y. It should be exactly what they wanted. I think the Model Y will also be tow-rated, which was something a lot of people complained was missing from the TM3.

You ask why, might as well ask why people like CUV/SUV’s.

A sedan is right for you by the sounds of it. For me, sedans are too low to the ground, don’t offer enough headroom, sit too low, all leading to lower visibility and rubbing my head on the ceiling.

I like to sit more upright and better view of road, have headroom (tall torso so I need a lot), have a hatch for versatility, etc. I have driven CUVs since before they were called that.

I’m glad that those seats are optional.

Perhaps it’s better not to have that option?

Overall, it’s a great new EV model, that’s for sure.

But this event was most certainly not as good as the the Tesla Semi event.

Sort of tough to beat rolling out a supercar out of nowhere.

It was certainly a much more low-key event. I don’t know why, but Nix has an interesting theory posted above about that.

Almost like the Prius to the Prius V. I’ll have to see it more to see how I feel about the sedan nose on a small crossover. It will probably grow on me.

How many people will actually reserve a Tesla Model Y in 2019?

Lots, but at $2500 likely not nearly as many as reserved the Model 3 at $1000.

I very well might.

Wish I was rich. Anything over $50K is way out of my league.

They are planning a $39K version to be released later, if that helps.

Yeah there should be at least two model’s under $50,000.

When will Model Y production begin?
Model Y production is expected to begin in late 2020 in North America, and in early 2021 in Europe and China. Standard Range production is expected to begin in early 2021 in North America, and in early 2022 in Europe and China.

Er???? Where will production begin in Europe? Do you know something that the rest of us don’t?
AFAIK, there still is no site chosen for the European Factory. Production in China I can understand but not Europe, not in those timeframes unless Tesla take over an existing car plant. There will be at least 4 available in the UK by 2021… 🙂

Yeah, Tesla’s plans for a European Gigafactory don’t seem to be advancing. Or if they are, they are managing to keep the news very, very quiet!

In the German version of Electrive the delivery date for the high spec versions (AWD and performance) in Europe is stated as early 2022 – lower spec versions even later !!! VW, Audi, MB and even BMW will have several BEV sold in the EU market by then.

Not my cup of tea. I will wait for Rivian and GM and a larger class and capability.

No hatchback, its a model 3 only bigger. Soccer mom is not going to buy this. I think it is a miss.

Seriously? It does appear to have a hatch as opposed to a trunk lid like the 3 has…

Wut? It’s definitely a hatchback.

This is a big hatchback. Tesla can call it what it wants but that doesn’t change that this is still a big hatchback.

Can you point me to the info that leads to the hatchback conclusion?

It looks fantastic! This is the first SUV/CUV I’ve ever liked and I like it a lot.

I think Tesla is providing something that has been needed, a mid-size CUV/hatchback for EV’s.

I think the most effective part of the presentation was when Elon gave the quick history review and reminded everyone of the words of the “experts” who were EV detractors and Tesla naysayers from earlier this decade. A not-so-subtle message to Tesla’s current critics.

Yes, it was a very effective prebuttal of all the naysayers who will all predictably repeat all the same mistaken predictions they’ve been wrong about over and over.

Sadly, none of them will ever actually learn from being wrong. It is like the toddler who burns their finger on the stove, only to go right back and burn their finger again. And again. And again.

Cats seem to learn pretty fast about stoves.

Model Y page is now active and you can build/order one: https://www.tesla.com/modely

Normally, I like chrome, but those aero wheels always seemed to clash with the chrome of the Model 3. Now that I see the Y with dark wheels and chrome-delete, I can see that I was right. This does look better, IMHO.

and there you go, it llooks like all other teslas and it has a cheap cockpit solutio I think this should rather be named borring company.

If you have nothing better to do than troll, at least try to put a slight amount of effort into it. That’s just lazy.

Was just about to comment the same! Plane simple boring and what else, cheap Model 3 “Cockpit”.

Tesla will survive you not buying one, methinks.

you really think it’s safe to assume one person within a such a small framework as this site isn’t representative of a larger group? that’s obviously not to say it wont have buyers – just that I hope someone has an eye on the cost – benefit ratio of not adding an instrument cluster. but really, the math I’m sure amounted to nothing more than ‘must cut all corners possible.’ again, I have no doubt tesla will survive, it’s really just something I find disappointing given what are otherwise compelling vehicles. it’s the difference between four and five stars as far as I’m concerned. like the bolt, everything about it other than the appearance was compelling, clearly appearance matters given the sales. and clearly directly-in-front-of-driver info is important given multiple reviews of the model 3. and if you can read all of the news about and tesla and think that they themselves aren’t sweating their future-sales numbers it’s a shame. I bet countless people including musk saw more promise in the company than they now expect to realize — at least in the immediate [already-mapped-out] future. assuming they remain similar to the company as it is now I fully expect… Read more »

“…you really think it’s safe to assume one person within a such a small framework as this site isn’t representative of a larger group?”

1. This so-called “small framework” of a site gets (if my math is correct) well over 100,000 views every single day; closing in on 4 million per month.

2. There are a lot of cars which don’t at all appeal to me, but I — along with very nearly everyone else — don’t go seeking out sites which support the auto maker for those cars just to post negative comments about them.

I kept convincing myself how important buttons are, yet I am constantly annoyed by poor button design from manufacturers, to the point where I think the touchscreen might be better, but I do need to drive a Model 3 still.

I like my 2018 LEAF because it’s electric, but the UI package is subpar.

My hat is off to those who predicted 3 rows of seats. I was completely wrong about that. However, I suspect the 3rd row won’t be suitable for full-sized adults… or at least not “American sized” adults. 😉

Anyway, the 3rd row is an option you have to pay for, so at least Tesla isn’t doing the bizarre thing they did with the Model X, initially only making the 7-seat version, and when they finally introduced a 5-seat option, you actually (at first) had to pay more for fewer seats!

They weren’t having people sit in the 3rd row for test rides, so yeah, probably pretty small.

One weird thing…how come we haven’t seen the trunk/hatch open? I want to see that.

I would bet that they haven’t finalized something about the trunk/hatch. Same might be true for the rear seats. I haven’t seen the “pencil’s down” announcement for the Model Y yet.

For the Model 3, “pencil’s down” was half a year after the first reveal, and about 1 year before production began. Based on the timeline, “pencil’s down” won’t be until this Summer or Fall. Probably plenty still left to be revealed.

I though Elon said last fall it was finalized? Why I was predicting an earlier launch.

If it’s not planned to go into production until fall of 2020, then I would guess they’re still doing some tweaking. But it wouldn’t at all surprise me if this is as close to the production model as the Model 3 was at the time of its Reveal. Yeah, there was some tweaking afterward, but I think not all that much.

Maybe the hatch isn’t operable on that prototype. It will for sure have a hatch.

Sorento small third row seats

I got downvoted for asking about the trunk. People are weird.

I don’t know what country you live in (but presumably not Cyprus). Is there perhaps confusion over the American definition of “trunk”? A hatchback doesn’t have a trunk, so perhaps you got down-voted because something got lost in translation.

Pushmi-Pullyu – quote: “My hat is off to those who predicted 3 rows of seats. I was completely wrong about that. However, I suspect the 3rd row won’t be suitable for full-sized adults… or at least not “American sized” adults. ”
But – so what? That’s not the intention. If you regularly want to transport 7 full size adults, you need a different car. And it will be bigger – a lot bigger – with all that entails.

This sort of configuration (with 3rd row) is PERFECT for a lot of families with 2/3 children. The car is still not too big (maybe more significant in Europe than the US), but big enough for the family of 4/5 plus a lot of luggage for such as holidays – yet at the same time still OK for 6/7 with no luggage. When going out for the day with grandparents, school run etc etc.

The third row may not work for everybody – but if it doesn’t for you, then it’s an option. And if you need to carry 7 large adults – then accept you have to get a larger vehicle. (Or find a friendly Time Lord to convert into a Tardis. 🙂 )

Thanks for taking the time for a thoughtful response.

Sure, you’re right; those 3rd row seats might be quite useful for families with younger children, or for the proverbial soccer mom if she’s transporting a team of ‘tweens. I’m just surprised to see a 3rd row of seats in a car that short (front to back), that’s all. Several of us predicted that there would be no 3rd row of seats for that reason alone.

Let me be clear: Having a 3rd row of seats as an option is the best approach; a win-win for everyone. Those who want it, can get it; those who don’t, won’t have to pay for it. I’m glad Tesla didn’t make the 3rd row seats mandatory, as they did when the Model X was new.

I agree with both you and Tunny. Getting the 3rd row into a CUV based on the 3 is an engineering achievement that will be a great option for some people, and completely unnecessary for others. Having it as an option is a great way for Tesla to maximize their sales and their customer satisfaction.

My question would be whether the 3rd row seats can be independently folded? That would give ‘some’ room for stuff while still having an additional seat. With the 40-20-40 2nd row, access to the back would allow for that configuration.


The photo that is now out that shows the rear seats folded down shows 5 total independently folding seats. 3 for the 2nd row and 2 for the 3rd row.

Well… at least it won’t steal away many sales from the Model X.

I’m sure that it will. It is so much cheaper. But if you need to carry 7 adults, the X is the choice. That 3rd row in the Model Y has to be pretty tight.

100% sure — Model Y will become the most popular Tesla model and will eventually surpass the Model 3 thanks to better practicality. The lessons learned from the Model 3 ramp-up should help Tesla bring it to the market sooner.
I’ve added it to my electric car comparison website — EV Compare. Please, give it a look.

Seats 7 as long as 2 are embryos

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Too bad you weren’t aborted…..

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Is that a new shade of blue in the LA Auto Show video?

Just as ugly as the Model X. Good job.

It’s time for your eye doc appointment.

Most SUV/CUV’s can be considered ugly. The doctor is waiting you are next.

I recently passed…2020

Username checks out.

Now Tesla has a really SEXY lineup) 100% sure — Model Y will become the most popular Tesla model and will eventually surpass the Model 3 thanks to better practicality. The lessons learned from the Model 3 ramp-up should help Tesla bring it to the market sooner.
I have added the Model Y to my electric car comparison website — EV Compare. Please, give it a look.