Tesla Model Y Reveal Event: Here’s What To Expect: Video


We’re now just hours away from this year’s biggest electric car reveal.

Set to be unveiled tonight, the highly anticipated Tesla Model Y will surely blow away expectations, including the ones highlighted in video form from Sean Mitchell here.

Mitchell sums it all up extremely well in the video description which we’ve added below. But first, here’s what’s actually known.

All that’s officially known of the Model Y is limited to a couple of teasers and some hints from Musk.

According to Tesla, the Model Y will be based upon the Model 3. This will keep costs in check, meaning a $40,000 Model Y might be possible at some point in the future.

Previous rumors indicated Model Y would be a 3-row crossover, though that seems a bit questionable due to its size. It won’t be nearly as big as the Model X, so we’re thinking it’ll be a 2-row.

With that out of the way, what do you expect of the Model Y? Do your expectations line up with those above and below? Let us know in Comments.

Video description:

As you’ve likely seen by now, the Model Y event is happening on March 14, 2019 at Tesla’s design studio in LA. We will get our first glimpse of the design and specs.

To date, we don’t really know what it’ll look like aside from a few shadowy photos Tesla has provide.

We do, however, know some of the specs, so let’s first talk about that first. We can wrap up the video what would be nice to see at the event.

What we know:

A recent tweet from Elon states it’ll be 10% larger than the Model 3 and cost 10% more.

A 2018 Q4 shareholder letter states volume production will begin in late 2020 and “Additionally, this year we will start tooling for Model Y to achieve volume production by the end of 2020, most likely at Gigafactory 1”

It will share about 75% of the same parts as Model 3. For context, Model X shares about 30% of the same parts as Model S.

Thankfully, it will not falcon wing doors.

It will have slightly less range with same battery (of Model 3)

Here’s what I expect to learn at the event:

  • Price starting at $39,000 with higher price variants being delivered first
  • Bottom end range of 200 miles and top end range of 275.
  • FSD hardware standard
  • Supercharging V3 capable
  • Model 3 style door handles
  • Model 3 interior including 15” touchscreen and air vent system
  • Two rows of seating (instead of three)
  • No air suspension
  • Panoramic windshield

You can also keep an eye out for my first impressions video the following day.

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I expect we might see a third row, but just for children like the Nissan Rogue has.

If it does I’m sold

@ Big Show

The Tesla Model Y will be at least 15 cm shorter in length than the Tesla Model X.

Third row seats will not be very practical, I think.

There are a number of 3-row compact MPVs by European carmakers that aren’t very useful as such; unlike a full-size minivan, when the 3d row seats are up, there’s virtually no cargo space. That’s fine to take a bunch of kids to soccer practice, but not as vacation transport for a large family.

Rogue is compact; Model Y will be mid-size. Add the extra room due to the packaging advantages of the electric power train, and it should have *a lot* more interior space. If the Rogue can fit a third row for children, I guess the Model Y should be able to fit a decently sized third row…

If they made the car boxy then there would be plenty of room. But it will be aerodynamic, cutting away a lot of useful room.

There are small CUVs the size of the Model 3 that have third row seating, such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport has 14 cm shorter wheelbase than the Model 3… (And thus presumably also Model Y.)

I didn’t know the government had a ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ range.

No, just a bottom.

Twitter: Marques Brownlee@MKBHD
Ok well played @elonmusk @Tesla
Response: Elon Musk @elonmusk Replying to @MKBHD and @Tesla
😉 😉

Open to public or invitation only?

The latter. You need more credentials to get in than one would need if they were to get passed for a top secret security clearance.

Well just be someone running a business profitable for Tesla.

It is just a bigger & taller Model 3. And since that is a bit dull, I suspect that there will be a few other treats to make the reveal a bit more interesting.

Yup. Just as Tesla threw in the Roadster Mk II reveal at the Semi Truck reveal event, I suspect there will be something extra in this one.

@ PP

“Something extra”

I hope that you are right.

Indeed, that was a great evening when the red Tesla Roadster came on stage (so unexpectedly), and that really was a big surprise for everybody and it had a very important effect on how the media was writing about Tesla from that moment onwards.

A similar show would be awesome.

What could it be that they could surprise us with?

It must be something that they already have been working on in the past few years.

How about a very small EV model?

Something like the Smart ForTwo?

With much better range and performance?

They could sell at least a million of those per year.

Just think about it.

A “TT” (Tiny Tesla) with Elon’s 200 Miles Minimum Range, for $20,000, would be a Killer App! Probably about 5-6 years away, yet! ☹️

@ Robert Weekley

“Probably about 5-6 years away, yet!”

I don’t think so.

Because a lot of people would buy an affordable and efficient EV model.

There will be an enormous demand for such an EV model.

Other car manufacturers are also already working on such an EV model.

There is money to be made.

See it as low hanging fruit.

Won’t be possible at that price for years. (Unless it’s a super cheap car that forgoes all the usual Tesla goodies…)

Yup. A $20k car, if it was made today, wouldn’t be a Tesla car; it would be something else. Maybe someday Tesla will be able to afford to sell a car at such a cheap price, but certainly not within the next few years.

Yup! First, they need a place to build: The Semi, The Model Y, The Roadster, And… The Pickup! And, another GF or 2, to do that and supply them with Batteries!

Still awaiting the first Announcement as to a European GF! And a Second North American GF! (GM’s Oshawa, Ontario, plant will be available before this time Next Year! Maybe a good spot for the Tesla Pickup to be Built, if Not In Ohio!)

Highly unlikely, at least for the US (and I don’t see Tesla doing a Europe/Asia-only car for the near future). Assuming a TT would be Smart ForTwo-sized (2-person vehicle), if Americans had any interest in such vehicles you’d have seen ICE version sold — there aren’t any, even of the larger A-Segment city cars, and very few of the yet larger B-Segment. These cars make ~10% of cars sold in Europe.

Hoping for a Model 3 wagon / estate / shooting brake / hatchback variant as the something extra..

“What could it be that they could surprise us with?”

A render or concept drawing/painting of the Tesla Pickup would be awesome! But frankly I doubt it.

Okay, here’s a wild guess based on nothing but my own private speculation: Tesla will be doing a demo of a refreshed Model S with an updated battery pack.

That’s my guess. 400 mile Model S with v3 charging. Available immediately.

I just got back from Greece and I couldn’t help but note how the vast majority of the cars were Honda Fit sized or smaller. A micro BEV might not sell all that well in the US but it would sell really well in many parts of Europe and Asia.

@ Ziv

“A micro BEV”

Absolutely true

That’s the low hanging fruit.

The smaller/cheaper the car, the harder it is to be price-competitive. That’s exactly the mistake everyone before Tesla was making.

Exactly. Th!nk, CODA, Aptera… all went bankrupt trying to make and sell a cheap BEV.

Tesla has succeeded — barely, and against great odds — by aiming for a much more expensive market segment, and only gradually lowering prices while increasing volume on each successive model.

And, contrary to the wishes of some, is why the Model 3 “Sedan”, came before the Model Y “CUV!”

Company Learning Curves take time, and every Acceleration point in the build rate, exposes new weaknesses, to be overcome!

By the time Tesla figures out how to build at a rate of 7,000 Model 3’s a Week, in Fremont, and 3,000 a Week in Shanghai, they will be far more capable to ramp up Model Y Production in GF1, or wherever!

So, it follows such a car should be built in a European GF! So, in about 4-5 Years away, as I figured!

The Smart is a nice idea, but it’s a niche. I doubt all Smart-like cars taken together even sell anything close to a million per year.

(There are some cheaper models in that size class they sell well in China etc. — but these are not premium cars like Teslas…)

I still like, and liked, my 4-Door Chevy Sprint (GEO Metro) Hatchback Design, better than the Smart Car Design! I even wanted to do a Sprint Stretch: 2-Door Front, with B-Pillar Split about 4″-6″ and the 4-Door Back, in a “Tiny Limo” concept!!

S and X refresh.

@ David

“S and X refresh.”

That would be great. But that is not very likely. Perhaps in 2020?

My guess is that it’s coming soon. like within the next few weeks. Why else would Tesla have taken all the MS/MX battery pack sizes except one out of production? Why else would Tesla be offering just a software-limited version of the 100 kWh as the only other “size”? I think simplifying production to such an extreme extent points to a major change coming.

@ PP

It would be awesome. And it would be very good if Tesla would pull it off already in 2019. I’m just not expecting it to happen already in 2019.

But silently, I still hope that you are right.

Do we know that the new ~85 kWh “standard range” is software-limited? (As opposed to the transitionary ~93 kWh they offered only for a couple of weeks…)

Don’t ask me! Looks like you know more about it than I do.

A Limited Edition, 125 kWh, Model S & Model X?

If it’s a refresh, it’s actually likely to happen soon. (There was in fact a purported leak of an interior refresh supposed to come this year…)

At a later point (2020 or 2021 I guess), we are more likely to see a completely new generation, based on a modified Model 3 platform…

Or, based on “Everything Learned From the Model 3”, at least! Like Better Battery Cooling, the new 2170 Cells incorporated, slightly Stretched, or re-curving the Roofline?

I don’t expect body changes which require new stamping dies. Bigger pack with better cooling and more efficient motor for 400 mile range and v3 charging. Also an updated interior.

Or, show a refreshed S & X, at this Summer’s Pickup Unveiling!

A Tesla Semi, with A Tesla Car Carrier, loaded with…. Tesla Model Y’s?

You forgot the most important feature. Model Y absolutely has to have a tow hitch mount as standard. That will be epic for sales in Europe where vehicles with a tow hitch mount is the equivalent of Pickup Trucks in North America. People who do not get that do not understand the European vehicle market.

Not only the European Market, there are lots of markets that need a tow bar hitch with factory rating.
Add framed doors/windows and a spare tyre and a 40/20/40 folding rear seat.

And 5,000# tow capacity. Totally doable for what will be a near 5,000# vehicle. I suspect Tesla will play games with it and rate it 3,000# to try and force people into buying a few thousand X’s vs. selling another 200,000 Model Y.

I assume the Model Y will be rated for towing. And good grief! but there have been a lot of complaints about the Model 3 not being tow-rated. Really? On American highways, it’s probably only about 1 out of 100 cars that are seen towing anything. I doubt it’s much different in Europe. So I find it surprising that there are so many comments posted about that. I guess it’s more that people want the option of being able to tow at some time or other, rather than actually needing to use the car for towing much.

About 10 precent of the used cars on sale in the Netherlands has a tow hitch.

@ Breukie

That’s right.

And it’s more likely to be even less than 10%.

@ PP

“I guess it’s more that people want the option of being able to tow at some time or other, rather than actually needing to use the car for towing much.”

That is correct.

The majority of people don’t need it.

The same goes for off-road capabilities, beds or other cargo spaces, and in fact any large cars in general: the vast majority of people don’t need any of these regularly — but they want to have them nevertheless…

With a post like that it is obvious that you are not from Europe and do not understand.

Towing for Europe is like what automatic transmissions and cup holders are for the US.

Well, I wonder how many $40,000 to $50,000 Vehicles of any kind, are incapable of Towing? And of those that can, what is the Towing Pound Rating? I know, after an older search, that the “Little” Volvo C30, can Tow, or is Rated to Tow, 2,000 Pounds, or 909 Kg! That is the highest towing rating, on Any Car, I could find, short of a Mini Van, SUV, or Pickup!

Any car can be used to tow in the U.S., with a third party tow hitch installed. Heck, my father even installed and used a tow hitch on his classic VW Beetle… altho I certainly wouldn’t recommend it!

It’s only in Europe where a car has to be tow-rated before it can legally do so. So not surprising that Volvo and other European-badged cars are almost universally tow-rated.

Expect Model Y to be a Model 3 with the missing hatchback and missing towing and missing back window wiper and a bit more ground clearance…aka…perfect EV. Wish Tesla had started with the AWD station wagon we all need.

They can’t afford to build a model that only sells in Europe.

How about making an AWD small SUV with a hatchback and towing…. That would sell everywhere.

They ARE Starting With It! But, they mostly built the Model 3, first, to learn how! Better they figure this out, ahead of time, instead of just starting to figure it out, on your Model Y, Right?

I also expect it to be a 2 row, with a range from 210 to 315. It will be more of a slightly taller 5-door as opposed to a higher riding SUV, so better aerodynamic, better range and better handling than any of the taller SUVs with more ground clearance.

Options should be RWD and AWD

I think the Y will be designed how people actually use the compact SUVs, mostly one person with nothing in the back, but able to carry something with seats folded down on rare cases, and riding lower for better driving dynamics and safety like an EV should offer. It won’t be an ICE designed SUV with an EV drivetrain like IOCE manufacturers are offering.

Yeah, I am not expecting a 3rd row of seats. If there is a 3rd row, I would guess it will be like the jump seats in the Model 3: Optional, rear facing, and sized for children or rather small adults.

P-P: ” I would guess it will be like the jump seats in the Model 3: Optional, rear facing, and sized for children or rather small adults.” Pretty sure you made a Typo there, meant “Model S!” The S had the Rear Facing Kids Seats.

Oops! Thanks Robert, yes I meant the Model S. 😳

Exactly. And the with combination of having much better aerodynamics than everyone else AND the advantage of their own Gigafactory cranking out low costs 2170s, Tesla will have a big advantage in range & price compared to everyone else.

They still don’t get it. They are getting closer but still so many cars with big ugly grilles in the front and square-ish back ends that create drag vacuums.


I just want an AWD EV that will carry two kayaks on the roof and slightly more ground clearance than a sedan.

If that means you want a hatchback with a flat roofline, making a car-top carrier easy to install, expect to be disappointed. The Model Y will have a curved roof for the same reason the Model X does.

But I see no reason why someone can’t install a rooftop carrier on a curved roof. It just needs longer legs on the back than on the front, that’s all.

Get a Model X, Disable the Falcon Wing Doors!
/S 😲

Just tell me that it’s available without falcon-wing doors, and I’ll be a happy Tesla fan. That is, I don’t care if falcon-wing doors are an option, but they had better not be standard equipment!

Absolutely NO WAY will it have falcon-wing doors. I still live the sci-fi gimmicky aspect but they are expensive & impractical.

Elon confirmed the dors as „normal“, NOT falcon.

Thanks! Yeah, I see that now that I watched the video. This is very recent news!

The fact that standard doors have been confirmed aside, something like door type can’t really be an option — it affects the entire basic structure of the car.

The Tesla Model Y will be a high volume EV model.

In 2021 Tesla might already deliver half a million units of the Tesla Model Y, and about one million units of the Tesla Model Y in 2022.

But the current situation is that the main focus is on the Tesla Model 3.

Deliveries in Europe and China have already started.

2019 will be the year of the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla will most certainly deliver more than 250,000 units of the Tesla Model 3 in 2019 (conservative guess), and possibly even more than 300,000 units of the Tesla Model 3 in 2019 (highly likely).

There is no other EV model on the horizon yet that can compete with this kind of global annual delivery numbers.

You sound like Tesla Sales.

He is a “Benz” salesperson, disappointed that they are not keeping up… With Tesla!
/S ☹️

@ Robert Weekley

Mercedes Benz really used to be my favorite car brand.

Until the Tesla Model S showed up in Europe.

It appeared to be electric, and it had no tailpipe.

It was amazing.

Since then everything changed.


@ dan

Don’t you agree with me?

Which sales numbers do you think will be more likely to guess/predict?

Around 300,000 is Tesla’s official guidance from the Q1 investors letter.

(Specifically, they guided 360,000 – 400,000 of all models combined — which works out to around 300,000 Model 3 alone. They also guided sustained 7,000 per week by end of year in Fremont — starting from ~5,000 at the beginning of the year, and assuming a more or less even ramp, that would also work out to around 300,000 for the entire year. Though if ramp in Shanghai goes really well, it could add a somewhat significant number on top of that…)

BTW, my understanding from the Q1 earnings call is that they intend to start initial production of Model Y already in early 2020, and ramp up to volume production by the end of 2020 — so if it goes well, they might even get somewhat beyond 500,000 in 2021…

That’s official guidance. Musk says 350-500k Model 3s this year, 420-600k total S/X/3.

I think they’ll start Y production in Fremont, using GA4 in the tent.

Maybe a Tesla pick-up will roll by, as a backdrop.
One, possibly a mule, was spotted, on a carryall.
At 3:00 min

Discussions concluded that this was almost certainly an unmodified combustion pickup — most likely for benchmarking.

I’m expecting a more practical vehicle than the X with that amazing Tesla style and beyond parallel specs in class. Trailer hitch is needed, IMO. Very excited about this vehicle 🙂

Most important feature for me, and a lot of SUV buyers is a hitch… and awd of course

Here’s what to expect: negative financial press spin coming out of the woodwork.

Oh, that already happened when they announced the date…

Why expect no air suspension? It was annonced ages ago by Elon for Model3

So was towing and hatchback on Model 3 and neither one of those happened,

Hmmm… No, I don’t ever remember any Tesla spokesman saying the Model 3 would have a rear hatch. Towing… well yes, Elon did tweet I think exactly once, years ago, that TM3 would be tow-rated. Amazingly enough, plans change from time to time, and not just at Tesla, either.

Got links?
Specifically on the hatchback? I’d have remembered that, esp. since for me the lack of a hatch is a complete dealbreaker.
At the reveal, lots of people were surprised & disappointed it wasn’t a fastback like the S, myself included, but AFAIK, Neither Tesla nor Musk ever explicitly said it would have a hatch previously.

Quality control issues from the manufacturer. The air suspension is the primary cause for the S and X reliability score reduction.

Seems to be an issue with all air suspension not just those on Teslas.

I’m not sure this clearly outdated tweet regarding Model 3 is much of an indication here…

Having said that, air suspension is how they gave the Model X the ability to get additional ground clearance when needed, without sacrificing aerodynamics in normal operation… I don’t see how else they would do that on the Model Y?

That tweet was 19 months ago. Given Tesla had it hands full ramping production, it’s not surprising air suspension hasn’t happened yet. No reason it can’t happen later, and it doesn’t look like the lack of it is limiting sales so far…

I expect a small SUV that can seat four 350 lb people but dare not tow anything with it or void your warranty. I expect the interior to be a boring as the the Model 3 I test drove. I expect it to be AWD. I expect it to be overpriced.

Sure. It sounds like you should go with the BEV alternative. Which is..?

Sounds like “Gary” is a part or parrot of the negative financial press.

Yup, appears to be a member of the anti-Tesla “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf” pack.

Another Tesla basher crawls out of the woodwork. I guess some people just can’t stand to see Tesla being so successful.

Four 350 lb people? Americans are on average overweight, but seldom that overweight. I expect the Model Y to seat 5, altho as with most cars which seat three in the back, it will be a snug fit for “pleasantly plump” adults.

Model s/x battery changing to model 3 cells giving the s/x longer range and faster charge for v3 charging
They have to do something no way can they charge 100k for a car that has worse tech then the 40k version

I that is why the price dropped so much recently on the S and X.

I don’t expect 2170s in S/X unless Model 3 demand has fallen way off.

I do expect a new pack design and updated power train for 400 mile range and v3 charging.

But will it look as ugly as the X or other crossovers?
Can you tell I don’t like crossovers?

I really don’t get all the negative comments about the body lines of the Model X. It’s impossible for a car that tall to look sleek or sexy. Complaining about crossovers and CUVs not being as sleek as a Model S are about as pointless as complaining that motorcycles only have two wheels.

Very impressive specs. Goodness no falcon doors, regular doors are the best. Surprising to see a base price of $39,000. Still a long time away if the sales start in late 2020. Anxiously waiting for the reveal.

Lots of people guessing at at that, but I highly doubt it. Find out next week.

Uh, these aren’t specs yet, only expectations. Sure, they’re reasonable, but until it’s official, you’re early to celebrate.
And it also remains to be seen when the base-price will be available… It was >2 years late for the 3.

“End of 2020” – More likely 2021 because of Elon Musk’s time.

To me the interesting news will be when they can start building 5,000 or more per week. That is the time when BMW X3 and other similar cash cows for legacy OEMs get slaughtered

They are talking about reaching volume production by the end of 2020 — so presumably that would be 5,000 or more a week, if it goes well…

It will be nice if the roof over the trunk area slides so that taller things can be carried like a plant in a pot, christmas tree, etc.
Upcoming vehicles may have such feature which was 1st provided in GMC Envoy XUV.

The subcompact Honda Jazz (a.k.a. Fit in the US) has a sliding floor instead for the same result — very clever use of space.

As usual this will be most fascinating. However, I wonder if Wall Street will call the unveiling a failure if it fails to exceed Model 3’s 450,000 reservations?

It is certain it will be called a failure no matter what.

I’m not sure they will actually reveal the reservation count this time, after the bad experience with analysts still speculating about remaining Model 3 reservation figures 1 1/2 years after production started…

I expect a much different reservation program. Higher price with guaranteed benefits and limited to a certain number of people per region.

AWD Standard
Launch price well north of $40k.
Faster and smoother ramp up vs Model 3.

In my dreams: an off road capable variant.

InsideEVs expects a panoramic windshield. Unfortunately that will unlikely happen. A closer look at Tesla’s teaser photo reveals a thin line on top, indicating adjacent glass panels at a place too much forward for a Model X-like panoramic windshield. The helicopter-like view in the Model X due to the windshield’s expanse is what I miss the most after switching from Model X to Model 3. And the trailer hitch.