Tesla Model Y Rendered


The Tesla Model Y is believed to be an upcoming crossover version of the Model 3, akin to the Model X and the Model S on Tesla’s larger platform.

In this case, the Y is expected to share a platform with the 3 and complete Tesla’s S3XY lineup of electric automobiles.

It’s release date has not been announced, but speculation hints at timing (or at least introduction) not too far behind the late 2017 release of the Model 3.

Renderer Remco Meulendijk took a stab at the Model Y and the result is the images seen here.

Meulendijk states:

“The fourth model that will be introduced to complete the ‘S3XY’ lineup is the smaller crossover of Tesla based on the Model 3.”

“The Model Y will share a platform with the Model 3 and, subsequently, be priced slightly higher. The Model Y will have a similar relation to the Model 3 as the Model X has to the Model S. As the base will be the same as the Model 3…”

Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

Pictures via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

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If it has a huge hatch and rear seats that actually fold flat– then it’s fine with me.

Not interested in FWDs, personally.


Just so you know, FWD is the standard way to designate “front wheel drive”. Four wheel drive is indicated variously as 4×4 or AWD (all wheel drive), plus various marketing terms/names of particular AWD implementations (Audis Quattro, BMWs xDrive, …)


It needs a higher roof line in the rear.
Very restricted space for an SUV with this design.


Tesla, please make a proper CUV/SUV and not a compromised SAV with a slooping roof. People want to be able to carry bulky items and a lot of gear.


I agree sven. I’d like to see a good 2box vehicle both plain for business and upmarket for others.
If they would sell chassis I can think of a lot of composite bodies to put on it.
And go farther, faster than a 3.


Huge +1


Hear, hear.

(But what is an “SAV”?)


Sports Activity Vehicle, BMWs way to designate a SUV… perhaps theirs have less utility? What people seem to want anyway is the *image* and the high riding position and the big mass that makes driving more dangerous while making the SUV driver feel safer.


SAV = Sports Activity Vehicle. In my understanding, it’s an SUV without as much Utility, focused more on the driving dynamics.

I believe it was coined by BMW.



Or better yet, a wagon!


Agreed, we need useable space.


Well if that is what you really want then be prepared to pay a lot more money for it. Destroying the aerodynamics like that will thus require a much larger expensive battery to get the same range.

Engineering is a game of trade-offs.

Micke Larsson

The Model Y needs to be a proper SUV or wagon to get the utility that is lacking in the Model 3.

The picture above is just another Model 3 with more drag (and less range).

Kootenay EV Family

Absolutely agree! And some clearance, say 8″.


I like it also. Great idea, let them make it.


The Tesla Model Y is my ultimate fantasy EV!

I live on a mountain in Vermont, so all-wheel drive plus that raised suspension would get me anywhere.


How can u live on a mountain in Vermont? Eastern USA has no mountains, just some mole hills called the Appalachians 🙂


I don’t live in the Appalachian mountains, I live in the Green Mountains.

You may have heard that the Green Mountains are among the world’s tallest, but most of each is buried underground.


Still ugly like a BMW GT or Acura ZDX…

But at least it doesn’t have too much “fluff” like the Model X.


I want to see the rendering of the Model R which will be built on the Model 3 platform.


I think this version of a Model Y would sell well. A lot of people long for the higher seating position for whatever reasons.

Personally, I’ll take the Model III over this any day. But that’s just me; the market would eat up both of these.


The rendering looks like a Model 3 with bigger wheels. I think it will be a smoother transition than that.


*and a lift kit


Model X already looks like crossover to me.


the model Y ,smaller than the X with no fancy troublesome falcon wing doors could sell well. I have a 3 on order and that will be as big as we need.


No utility Y until:
1. Range with utility to access charge network comfortably;
2. Cost <$40,000 is viable to attain

–Only then will Y be announced — perhaps 1-2 years of full M3 production (or 2nd factory active).

We have a model 3 on order. I prefer an SUV over a sedan. There’s a few things I require to make the model Y our second vehicle. 1) The model 3 must exhibit high quality and reliability. This isn’t a typo, I mean the model 3. If I’m going to buy a second Tesla, I expect to have a good experience with my first Tesla. 2) The model Y must have a large cargo capacity. A skateboard design and fold flat seats should make large cargo capacity very easy to achieve. 3) the model Y must seat 5. Don’t sacrifice cargo room for some 7 seat gimmick or sliding/motorized 2nd row seats. Make the 2nd row seats fold flat. 4) All wheel drive (of course) 5) 4 regular doors + hatchback door. Adding falcon wing doors is a deal breaker. In general, make it a reliable, capable, roomy, traditional SUV. I’m not interested in engineering solutions that solve problems only 0.0000001% of the population care about. Engineering should be focused on how to make the model Y the most capable SUV on the market. The only thing I hate about vehicles available today is the fossil fuel they require.… Read more »

What engineering problems are you alluding to? I’d love to know of ANY problem that less than seven people on Earth are interested in solving.


I would rather see a single falcon door, as opposed to 2 regular doors.


For those carping about falcon wings or other issues, I suggest simply not buying any Tesla model until they have sold about 5000 of them or so. The fact is, that Tesla is learning how to do fancy work inexpensively. It takes time to do and learn. and if you look at the past, you will find that the first 3-5000 MS, had issues as well. But unlike other car makers, they fixed them on their dime by notifying all owners, or by sending software updates.
Falcon wing doors will be just fine next go around.


IMO, the undesirability of the falcon wing doors have little to do with reliability and have everything to do with functionality trade-offs. Again, IMO, the falcon wing door benefits don’t come close to overcoming the drawbacks.


Count me in!

We plan for one Bolt and one Model Y