Tesla Model Y Rendered Into View From Newest Tesla Teaser


Here it is…

Okay, not quite. But clearly, this is the most accurate rendering of the Tesla Model Y we’ve seen to date, even if it’s based largely upon the Model 3.

Following the release of the latest Tesla Model Y teaser, this render soon after appeared on Twitter (it’s since been deleted). The basis for the render is the official teaser image (see below).

As you can easily see, the rendering brought to life the teaser released by Tesla. It has the same lines, silhouette and so on. The only questionable bits are the lower elements of the front fascia and the interior, neither of which can be seen by simply enhancing (Nice Try!) Tesla’s teaser. So, those elements were imagined by the renderer (or rather, transferred over from the Model 3)

If this render proves even somewhat accurate, then the Model Y looks very much like a Model 3 (almost identical, in fact), though it’s clearly a bit taller, which is fitting of its crossover designation.

What do you think of the rendered Tesla Model Y? And yes, we’re aware it’s a raised Model 3, but still isn’t that what we mostly expect when it comes to the Y? Let us know in Comments below.

Image via Ryan Fay on Twitter

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Simply looks like a raised Model 3. If that’s what Tesla rolls out, not sure they’ll get the response they’re looking for.

Hoping they do something a bit different with the headlights, to distinguish it. For now all the models are clearly different, even from a distance in the dark.

That said, they won’t cannibalize 3 sales much if they’re the same!

Why? That just needlessly increases parts inventory for little useful gain.

A unique light signature is a pretty big distinguishing feature of a car.

Yup. My first thought was “Surely Tesla will use different headlights for the Model Y”, followed immediately with “On the other hand, if they use the same Model 3 headlights, it will save on costs.”

I expected the Model Y to have a meaner/tougher looking “face” than the Model 3, in the same way that the Model X has a meaner/tougher looking “face” than the Model S. But perhaps Tesla is going for minimal differences in the Model Y, despite the fact that auto makers usually try to give some styling differences between different models, to avoid too much market overlap.

According to Elon the Model Y will use at least 70% of the Model 3’s parts.

If I were Elon, I’d count each battery cell individually.
12,000 parts, 8,400 of them are the same!

I think they did something to make it clearly look different from the 3. Just like the X, after all, has a design which stands out and it doesn’t resemble too much the S (well, this time the percentage of shared components between the two smallest cars is much higher, 75% vs 30%, so it’s probably a bit more difficult). But it’s hard to do that only imagining how it could be…

That’s what SUV’s & CUV’s are for the most part., “A raised sedan” They will do , “Just Fine” !

A CUV is a raised hatchback. An SUV is a pickup with a covered bed.

The definition of the SUV has changed in the past years … it no longer needs to ride on a truck frame to qualify, plus, courtesy of the Ridgeline, there is such a thing as a unibody truck.

The Honda Ridgeline is not a truck… just sayin.

Only because journalism is a dead art, and the media never held automaker’s marketing departments accountable for their BS.

Robb Stark…, They called Those Panel Trucks … back in the Day . . .. Strictly a 2 dr. work vehicle that came only with “a driver’s seat” , Yes! 1seat,, No Passenger seat..Passenger sat on a loose wooden Coca cola box .. lol … unfinished inside, steel Paneled interior with no side windows in the back , windows in the rear doors . …. (showing my age) O’ well ** 🙁 **

Just to split some hairs: smaller CUV’s are raised hatchbacks/liftbacks rather than sedans, while larger ones are raised station wagons or minivans with longer noses 🙂

I think the sedan is kaput as a species

Respectfully, but strongly, disagree.

There is a freakin’ HUGE market in the US for CUVs/SUVs, one that up to now Tesla has barely dabbled in. (Forgive me for not being enthusiastic about the gull-wing-door-encumbered X, the “Faberge Egg of cars”, as it’s been called.) A Tesla CUV that’s nothing more than a raised M3 at a tolerable price boost will be greeted with open arms by the public.

Model X doesn’t have gull-wing doors. Gull-wing doors don’t articulate.

Lou, I wasn’t saying that the CUV/SUV market isn’t huge, which I totally agree with you. I was merely basing it on the photo provided. The 10% size increase over the Model 3 is very compelling, considering for many the X is too big, and the S is too small. The Y appears like it may be the first legit mid-sized vehicle in the Tesla lineup, and I’m very excited about it.

Only in the vertical direction would the S be too small. I doubt many people, at all, make use of the lower boot and/or the frunk. The hatch area, yes.

Y will have fewer new parts (30% per tesla). It obviously has a raised green house, and I’d bet the tail will look different, but maybe not the front.

Oops- I didn’t mean the ‘S’- I meant the Model 3. My fault.

Sticking with the same hood and headlights will save a lot of money for Tesla.

That’s why I said that I suspect that they will disclose some extra treats. Nothing wrong with it just being a taller Model 3, just a bit anti-climactic.

But hopefully we’ll learn about towing, more on Supercharger V3, maybe a pick-up tease, latest software updates, Model 3 sales, etc.

It’s probably a hatchback, which is how the Model 3 should have come originally.

define raised :

I think I need to see a side profile before I pass judgement.

The Tesla Model Y will have its own new and specifically designed headlights.

Just as the S headlights are similar to the X, the Y headlights could be similar to the 3. Remember, this time we are talking about 75% of the same parts from 3 coming to the Y,

Why not just wait a few days for the reveal, rather than go on and on with endless renderings?

For the same reason you are posting on this thread?

Why not give the “Budding Artists” a chance?
Maybe Tesla will give them a Junior Styling Design Job, in the future, if they are good enough!

A simple invite to the reveal will suffice. 😀

Higher raised front apparent already. Side, rear and styling will distinguish on the outside. Plus more interior and added utility will make this Y extremely appealing.

Maybe not this one, but hoping to see a Tesla soon with battery that has solid electrolyte and no lithium or cobalt.

What’s wrong with using lithium? It’s relatively cheap and abundant, and it’s going to be hard to replace that, altho I have seen one claim for better tech using another light element.

Why are there so many vent holes in the front bumper? Isn’t it bad for aerodynamics?

Side cuts look like Brake Cooling intakes, maybe indicating it will have Towing? Center intake, down low, for battery and motor cooling!

The render above merely copies the front vent holes directly from the Model 3. Obviously that’s not bad, because the Model 3 has clearly superior aerodynamics.

However, it would be bad to put the exact same vent holes on the Model Y, since it will have a different body shape and likely will be higher off the ground.

Elon Musk has mentioned that the Tesla Model Y will be a manufacturing revolution.

Anyone who would like to further elaborate on that?

That’s what Elon said about the Model 3, and his attempt to create touchless auto assembly lines with robotic arms working at eye-blurring speed was a disaster, causing months of delays (and no doubt lots of wasted money) before Model 3 production was able to ramp up to a decent rate.

Hopefully Elon’s plans for change this time are much more modest and much more realistic. Keeping fingers crossed!

I would hope that Tesla would,at some stage introduce a proper SUV/Station wagon with a squared off back so that it could actually carry more. Certainly there is the demand for it in Europe

Correlation is NOT Causation.

I’m in the US and I would buy that, but unfortunately squared off wagons are terrible for aerodynamics.

Cameras instead of side mirrors?

Whoever did that render is a genius and Elon should have invited him to the reveal. @tecnocato

Specs really matter here. Range and cargo capacity in particular. If it looks great but can’t haul a competitive amount of gear or range really suffers I’ll stick with the M3.

The rear view mirrors fits inside the body of the vehicle so the upper part is narrow compared to bottom part. How does it make the overall interior space more efficient.

I hope not eye sore, but no big hope for Tesla design team.

The Model Y, the Tesla, everyone has been waiting for, a small, efficient EV hatchback with a bit of ground clearance and some towing, hopefully the 5,000# it could easily handle.

Is there going to be a put a deposit down thing at March 14 midnight so the do the opening and “We have 100,00 orders already”.

maybe it’ll have Rivian headlights! 🙂

Correlation is NOT Causation.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, are you doing two shows on Saturday?

My 2 cents or should I say expectations for the Model Y- Picture a smaller version of the Model X with four “normal” doors. I wish to remind Tesla to focus on being a premium brand, improving build quality, and the “Y” is not so much about performance. Value.

Just wanted to share the original tweet, which has not been deleted. https://twitter.com/tecnocato/status/1104408585256214528?s=21

Oh then Model Y is a stretched, lifted Model 3.

No way Tesla gets anywhere close to the reception for this as they did for the Model 3. This release will be a bust for them. I really doubt that 500,000 people will put deposits on a car that has no federal tax incentives (in the US) and thus no rush to delivery. Also with the 3 Tesla proved that it literally doesn’t pay to be first in line, in fact it costs you money.

I, too, doubt that Tesla will accumulate Model Y reservations as fast as they did with Model 3 reservations, for various reasons, but mostly because of the much longer than expected delay before Tesla got the $35k version of the Model 3 into production.

But calling the Model Y reveal a “bust” even before the event, seems pretty clearly to be intentional Tesla bashing. I expect to see, in future years, even higher sustained sales of the Model Y than for the Model 3.

No wow factor but the specs are what will sell this vehicle once it’s unveiled.
Is it Thursday yet?

Oh dear, not the best looking, is it?