Tesla Model Y Rendered


Look for a debut sometime in 2019.

Earlier this year, Tesla released the first teaser image of a future compact electric crossover it will offer to customers before the end of the decade. Company boss Elon Musk confirmed the vehicle will be developed on a dedicated new platform and will be officially called the Model Y.

Tesla’s Official Model Y Teaser

Based on the first digital sketch, our colleagues at OmniAuto have created a plausible rendering, depicting the final production version of the car. The first thing you are probably going to notice is that the attached digital interpretation has standard side mirrors, while the teaser from June this year had no side mirrors. That’s because we believe Tesla won’t introduce cameras instead of side mirrors for the Model Y.

At this point, we only have some general promises about the Model Y from Musk, like the fact that it will be manufactured in a “way that a car has never been built before”, although that seems to have been walked back some in terms of having its own unique platform.

So the Y will likely share many of the components with the recently launched Model 3, but will also perhaps still be assembled in a dedicated factory. The Model Y will, most likely, arrive sometime in 2019 and “will exceed the demand for Model 3,” according to Musk.

Preliminary details suggest the compact electric crossover will carry approximately the same starting price tag as the Model 3, which means, once it hits the market, it will be available for at least $35,000. Power options are a mystery, but we expected them to mirror the performance variants of the Model 3.

The Californian company’s entry into the compact crossover segment will benefit from the next generation of technologies within the company, including a refined version of its Autopilot autonomous driving system. Also, expect to see some infotainment novelties.

Source: OmniAuto

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Didnt Elon say it is going to be based on Model 3 after all ?

I recall he said it wasn’t going to be based on the Model 3, but then the board corrected him. Latest is it will be based on the Model 3.

“A dedicated Platform” means it’s own platform …it will not share the model 3 platform…

That “dedicated platform” comment was walked back by Elon once the board told him, “uhhh, no.”

It would be slightly insane to start over at this point, especially when you consider the similarity of the vehicles.

Was it Tesla’s Board of Directors that persuaded (or ordered) Elon to walk that back? I thought it was Tesla’s top executives.

Here’s the actual quote from Elon:

“Upon the council of my executive team to reel me back from the cliffs of insanity, the Model Y will, in fact, be using substantial carryover from Model 3 in order to bring it to market faster.”

He added:

“I have to thank my executive team for stopping me from being a fool. Model Y will have relatively low technical and production risk as a result.”

Interesting! These quotes don’t actually specify that the TMY will use the TM3 platform; just that there will be “substantial carryover”, which is pretty vague. So it looks to me like that’s still up in the air, and perhaps Tesla hasn’t made a final decision about whether the TMY will use the same platform.


I think EM previously mentioned much of the “newness” in Model Y was in the electrical architecture. He wants to eliminate most of the complex and expensive discrete wiring harnesses. It’s a great idea that is long overdue.

The impact of that alone might be enough to think of it as a new platform, even if it is sitting in the same sheet metal.

Ugh. The slope on that roof will put it in the same category as fastback gimps like BMW X4 or Honda Crosstour. This shouldn’t require reminding but the U in SUV stands for utility.

Absolutely. I want more practicality and utility, with a squarer back. If this styling exercise is at all accurate, Tesla will loose me for good. At least this rendering doesn’t propose Falcon-wing doors. That is also a deal killer for me.

They likely will cut you loose. It will have the utility hatchback that Model 3 lacks. A bit more ground clearance, though how much more than Model 3 with air suspension is problematic, and towing capability.

With AWD, air suspension Model 3 a 2019 delivery, I’d wait for the Model Y to get the hatchback and the towing capability. But like the Model 3 introduced in 2017 and being available with essentials by 2019, Model Y introduced in 2019 will likely not be available until 2020. Even now you can’t really order a Model 3 as you would a Model S or X, there’s no pricing or configuration and many of the options are standard at this point with some (AWD, air suspension) not available until next year.

A ‘squarer’ back means poorer aerodynamics (less range) and requires a back wiper … no thanks!

You nailed it! I cancelled my modelX after waiting over a year because of the lame falcon doors and poorly designed sUv! It’s nothing more than a pregnant model S. The design group needs some help. We are not racing or that concerned about drag efficiency. EM has his own ideas and pays little attention to the blogs or posts on his own websites. If Tesla does’t get It the majors will figure it out!

Tesla puts a big premium on aerodynamics in their design, so unfortunately I doubt we’ll see them make a less sloped back on any of their vehicles. You might have to hold out and see what Volvo, Mercedes, and Chevy do with their upcoming electric SUV’s. The good news is, EV competition is finally starting to look like it’s ready to take off.

There is no reason to sacrifice aerodynamics for the squarer profile. Google “kammback” for more information. A more utilitarian vehicle would not be inappropriate, especially for a smaller vehicle.

Yeah, if that is the Model Y, then people looking for real utility will flock to other vehicles more like the Volvo Xc40 BEV.

I don’t even see a crossover here. It just looks like a Model 3 on bigger wheels. I’m sure Tesla will do a better job than whoever did this rendering.

Honestly, all crossover really means is an extra 1″ of ground clearance, AWD option, black/grey plastic trim around the bottom and upward sloping fake “skid” plates on the front and rear 😉

According to your definition, I don’t just want a crossover. I want a compact SUV. I want the higher ride height and easier entrance/exit. I want a hatch and reasonable cargo carrying capability. I would prefer the option of AWD. Lastly, add a dedicated volume knob to the center console or “dashboard,” and Tesla will have me and millions more wanting the first practical EV.

I’ve discovered I hate the volume control on my new stereo, because it’s a knob.

Personally I’ve become enamoured with having the volume up/down/mute control on the steering wheel.

Then you need to look at the Mercedes 200 B. It has your volume knob right in the middle of the dash plus the steering wheel controls. It’s a mini all electric SUV. THERE IS ONE SHORTCOMING – 100 mike range. So a great second car.

My wife has a Ford Edge. That size crossover is perfect for our needs to haul kids around. We had a Honda CrossTour and hated it. The Ford is a much better design with more cargo room. Not just a car with increased clearance as you stated. I just bought the Edge because I couldn’t find an electric that suited our needs

Don’t plan on Tesla leaving the “sports car” design. EM is stuck on that. A rear van sliding door would have been better than the full wing that added price, weight and eliminated a roof rack and cargo capacity. The X is no SUV, it’s a pregnant sports car!!

Agreed, I won’t buy a fastback “CUV”. Square the back and a let me put lots of bulky stuff in there.

But it’s not an SUV, it’s a CUV.

Look at the slope on the back of the Model X, from a similar angle:

Since the TMY will be shorter (front to back) yet probably have about the same roof height, then if anything the rear slope is likely to be even sharper than on the MX.

I was quite surprised the first time I saw the MX; I expected a much flatter roofline, like most SUVs and CUVs have. But if Tesla decided to keep the steep rear slope for the MX, to minimize drag, then presumably they’ll do the same for the TMY.

Another puffed up, bloated sedan. Lame. The “U” in CUV, or SUV means UTILITY. Give us a proper wagon design, not just a swoopy Model 3 with a hatchback and more ground clearance. Seriously, are “CUVs” just for old people that don’t want to duck down to get into a car?

@Dan – agreed. This sloped back kills utility. On a Compact Utility Vehicle, aerodynamics should be a secondary consideration to utility. Hopefully, Tesla won’t repeat the same decisions made on the Model X.

This looks pretty nice to me, and a lot better than the other renderings I’ve seen.

I wonder if Tesla will rethink the 15-inch screen-only approach of the Model 3, just as it has regretted the falcon wing doors on the Model X. If so, it would be nice for the Model Y to have an actual gauge cluster in front of the driver (or HUD).

The nicer these renderings become, the more inclined people will be to cancel their Model 3 reservation.

Tesla will come to regret the falcon wing doors, the singular 15″ touchscreen, and it’s total obedience to the “clean look.” These things are nice as conversation starters, but have little use for long-term survival in a very competitive industry. Tesla: your fans and skeptics are telling you what you should build to be successful. Will you listen?

Elon Musk has developed a highly honed skill at completely ignoring what everyone is telling him. 😉

Sometimes that’s a good thing; it befits a bold entrepreneur with real vision. But often it’s not; Elon himself admitted he went too far with the Model X different. But it seems to me the Model 3 is even more radical, so I question that he actually learned the lesson.

I hope Elon will walk back from putting falcon wing doors on the TMY. I’m still waiting for him to call and ask me how he should make the Model Y, even though he never got around to that for either the Model X or the Model 3. It’s quite puzzling that he keeps putting that off, since it would obviously be highly beneficial for him to do so. 😉

Yu betta watch out and not Push your luck with yo daddy Elon or he will Pull out the paddle on yo cheerleading elf bum. But it seems maybe that’s what you want – Spank Mi!

It would be surprising to cost the same price as model 3. They will probably apply a premium over the 3 like any SUV. Probably 38 000

Just like the X costs more than the S. The Y will cost more than the 3. Just common to the auto industry in general.

A chance to right a few wrongs. A hatch (almost certain), a more S-like dash, please. The rest looks good to me.

I’d say a rear hatch is certain; there would be no reason to build a CUV-type model without that.

A more normal dash? I don’t see that happening unless there are a lot of strong negative opinions expressed about that from both reviewers and potential car buyers.

However, I am still hoping Tesla will change its mind and offer some sort of optional instrument panel and/or HUD display. Sure, putting the instrument display on the main screen will work for a lot of people. But for a different set of a lot of people, it’s going to be so off-putting that they will choose a different car.

Semi is on the back-burner Nov 19th now as M3 bottlenecks and helping Puerto Rico take precedence. Ala Musk tweet:

The Puerto Rico disaster should be an immediate focus for Tesla. This is an opportunity to get some PR bonus points, while getting their grid back on line, with some battery back up and modernization.

that is ugly compact CUV.

I hope it doesn’t look like that.

Is there any production CUV that you think isn’t ugly? If so, please post a photo!

I personally don’t see how it’s possible to have the low-slung sleek look that people find “sexy” and “beautiful” in a car that’s made for high utility, and therefore has a high roof line and plenty of cargo space. I think that’s like asking for a square circle or a round square.

If looks were your only criteria, the Alfa Romeo Stelvio wins hands down. Alfa is not my cup of tea, though.

Tesla did forge into the mini SUV market for two years. It was a partnership with Toyota. A RAV-EV was produced for two years for California. I bought one and it was a great little car. It performed well and had fairly good cargo capacity. There were only 2,500 produced each year. It was powered by a Tesla motor but had only 100 mile range. If they had doubled the battery capacity & upgraded to the luxury interior it would have led the market for electric cars!! Are you listening EM??

Hope it will have better interior (less digital touch) than model 3.

Looks like a 5 door Model 3. I want a model 3 but it does not have the cargo space. Considering a Model Y but if it is just a fastback then will wait.

Love my RAV4 EV. It is perfect just wish it had 200 mile range with fast charging.

I had the pearl white. A bueatiful small electric SUV. You are right, with a bigger battery and som interior options this would be the leading all electric SUV!

I was hoping for more utility.

If this is what it ends up looking like I don’t even see why they bother. Just get a Model 3 and raise it an inch and save yourself the wait…

“…will be manufactured in a “way that a car has never been built before” …”
Plastic chassis? Although it would have to differ significantly from BMW’s i3 to qualify as unique.

When does it come as a wagon or a SUV?

All the non-utility sedans and “CUV”s are just tiresome.

No. Just making it slightly taller won’t go a long way in solving Model 3’s lack of all round practicality. It will just make it heavier and less aerodynamic for very little utility gain. What is needed is seriously increased cargo space so a design that’s longer/more angular than Model 3.

For me a wagon version of Model 3 would be ideal.

Looks more like a sport utility coupe.