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The only official Tesla Model Y image released to date is dark and shows little of the electric CUV, but that hasn’t stopped various renderers from taking stabs at dreaming up what the Y would look like if we could shed a bit more light on the image.

Model Y Rendering Via Auto Express

This latest render (see cropped image – or full image here) comes to us courtesy of Auto Express.

This particular render sure looks a lot like Model 3 meet Model X. Auto Express states:

“Our exclusive image previews how the car could look when it arrives in 2019. If Tesla adopts a ‘Russian doll’ approach to the Model Y’s design, we expect it to mimic the Model X SUV’s form and function in a smaller package – maybe even down to the ‘Falcon wing’-style doors, which Musk has previously promised. Fresh design cues from the Model 3 such as the flat, grille-free front end could also define the new car.”

There’s definitely a commonality to Tesla’s design, so this take on the Y probably isn’t too far off.

As for when we’ll see the Model Y in production, tesla CEO Elon Musk previously stated:

…we are aiming for that to hit the roads in 2019 approximately. And probably the demand for Model Y will exceed the demand for Model 3.”

However, that was back when Musk wanted the Y to have its own platform. Now Tesla is saying the Y will comes based on a Model 3 platform, so there’s a chance the timeline will be moved up.

Like what you see? Dislike it?

Source: Auto Express

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If They Put Falcon wing doors on that thing ,Most people won’t Buy it …I for one won’t because they Cost more and are not needed or Practical with no real advantage except for being showy . “Keep it Low cost & simple”

Outside of the extra cost, current Model X owners that love their Falcon Wing Doors (FWD’s) would disagree, but it would be great so see Regular vs FWD choices, at least with the FWD’s as an extra cost option!

I am still awating for the verification that the Model 3 will get the Suggested (or Promised?) Towing specs!

Falcon wing doors would defeat the main purpose of the model 3 platform – being somewha affordable. No way it is happening on a smaller AND cheaper platform.

Focus on the 3, the y can wait

If the results of actual Model 3 Deliveries, by December 31st, deliver as many as suggested or ‘Guided’, including over some 25,000 or so of them, drive more Model S & Model X Sales, AND Increase Reservation Interest in the Model 3, such that the undelivered Reservations for the Model 3 by that time Exceed 500,000, then – Definitely: hold the Model Y back a bit longer!

But if the backlog is being caugt up, with no ramp in Model 3 Demand, maybe a reveal of the Model 3 could be timed right at about a couple months after International Deliveries Start for the Model 3! Particularly if the Model 3 Production Line can also build the Model Y, if only initially, per demand.

The 3 is in active production. As such, there is absolutely NO REASON for Tesla to not devote their development team towards the Y.

Personally, I am hoping that they will develop the Y quickly and start production by mid 2018.

I absolutely agree that Tesla should push forward with Model Y development promptly. If Tesla needs to put the TMY into production soon, then the sooner they get it to a production ready stage, the better. And if Tesla decides to put off TMY production for awhile, then having an extended period of pre-production testing could, and should, help Tesla avoid the sorts of early production problems they had with the MX.

Either way, the sooner the better!

Sorry, they can’t do that. The engineers that designed the 3 have essentially finished the 3 and has been working on the Y for months I am sure. Some of them perhaps even longer than that.

I hope Model Y, being on the M3 chassis, will be more boxy than X, more like Volvo XC60.

Agreed. Why can’t they give some of us what they want, a vehicle with real hauling utility and just sporty, sexy looking. This rendering just looks like they blew real hard in the Model 3’s air vents and puffed it up a bit.

Other than raising the chassis up, adding possibly more head room and presumably a hatchback, how is this significantly different from the Model 3? The U in either SUV, or the oh so trendy now, CUV stands for UTILITY. Make the Y a proper wagon body style I say and live up to the claims of utility.


Why can’t they give some of us what they want, a vehicle with real hauling utility and just sporty, sexy looking.

So you want it to have that low-slung, sleek, “sexy” look, while still having a generous cargo space in the back, and the utility of a high roof line.

So tell me, can you point to any actual production SUV or CUV that meets this criteria?

While you’re at it, point to some circles which are nice and squarish, or some squares which are nicely rounded.

It really astounds me that so many people — and I don’t mean just Tesla haters — keep whining about CUVs and SUVs not having that low-slung, sporty/sexy look. Talk about wishing for the impossible!

Yes we want a car that has the utility of the Bollinger and the sleek looks of a Model 3 😛

What woul happen if they designed a Taller SUV, but with room at the bottom with TWO Batteries installed?

110 – 150 – 200 kWh’s!

110-150 kWh for smaller model, and 150-200 kWh for larger model?

Something like 150-200 kWh would likely be targets at some point for an ‘F150 Killer’ from Tesla! Especially with shorter gears for more pulling! 10,000 Lbs Towing on a base model and 14,000 Lbs Towing on a Performance model!

Even aside from the high cost and diminishing returns from such a high capacity battery pack(s), there is no way that Tesla is ever going to give a Model 3 or Model Y more range than the top trim level Model S then in production.

Musk said that MY will have FWD.
Other than ppl that are not likely to buy EVs anyways, I suspect that FWD will actually HELP sell MY.

MY? Your what?

Seriously, though, it’s a Model Y, or Y for short. Nobody at Tesla calls it the MY.

Yeah, “MY” is an abbreviation already in use in EV discussions; it means “Model Year”.

I’m using TMY as the acronym for “Tesla Model Y”. And for the Tesla Model 3, I’m using “TM3” to avoid confusion with the BMW M3.

I hope both abbreviations for Tesla’s newer cars catch on.

Windbourne said:

“Musk said that MY will have FWD.”

Well, he also once said that the TMY would use a different platform from the TM3. More recently he said his engineering team “walked him back from the cliff of insanity” from that, and hopefully they have done the same for the falcon wing doors, or will do so.

The need to make it more boxy at the back then the X. Stop sacrificing functionality to the aero god.

If FWD means Front Wheel Drive, then go with that on M Y Tesla.