Tesla Model Y Panoramic Glass Roof Is Stunning: Video


As more Tesla Model Y information becomes available, we’ll be filling you in ASAP.

Last night’s Tesla Model Y reveal was interesting in many ways. To be honest, it was more of a “history of Tesla” display. Sadly, the Model Y only got a few short minutes of coverage and we didn’t get to see much. It was dark (as usual) and the Model Y didn’t receive a ton of focus from CEO Elon Musk. We were surprised that it all ended so quickly and he didn’t even mention orders opening or deposits, etc.

Regardless of the limited coverage, Tesla eventually added more information to its website. In addition, many attendees have started to upload articles, images, and videos from the event. We can only hope that many more details come into light in the near future. But, let’s not forget that Tesla is laser-focused on filling Model 3 orders in Europe and China. Moreover, after finally launching the Standard $35,000 Model 3, Tesla will also have to focus efforts on getting those cars manufactured and delivered in the U.S.

For now, we leave you with Tesla’s social media share of the Model Y’s panoramic glass roof:


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Panoramic glass roof on Model Y

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Ive got to have this stunning car one day, wonder when we can expect this to Europe?

Most likely sometime in 2021 or 2022. Model 3 timeline went like this: announcement 2016, production start 2017, production ramp 2018, international shipments and mass availability 2019. If Model Y follows the same timeline, international shipments would happen in 3 years, or 2022. If Tesla can streamline the production process for the Model Y, international shipments could start in 2021.

I am hopeful that 2 to 3 lines can be built by 2020 in Shanghai and Nevada to accelerate production.

Shanghai would have two lines for the 3 and Y for Chinese and international markets. First, the model 3, then the Y.

Nevada would have one Model Y line for the US market. Perhaps a second line for the Model 3 in the future.

California would continue to build the S and X. The Model 3 line can remain and eventually converted to the Truck or Semi.

Only one production line in Nevada for the Model Y? I think at least two would be called for; the Model 3 has, if I understand it, 3 full production lines plus some partial production lines under tents in the parking lot.

Eventually there should be Model Y production in Shanghai and perhaps a future European Gigafactory, but until then, I think there’s going to be a need for more than a single Model Y production line in Nevada. In fact, even after other Tesla auto assembly plants get up and running, there may be sufficient steady demand for the Model Y to support at least two production lines. It’s reasonable to expect higher demand for the Model Y than the Model 3.

If demand wanes for the TM3 and the TMY, then Tesla might pick up the slack by producing the Pickup.

The production vehicle will need to have a roof beam connecting the top of the two B pillars for side impact resistance.

I was thinking the same thing. But maybe between the distance from the front beam and the rear could be enough. It will be interesting to see. I think but not sure that the Jag I pace has also a complete glass roof between beams.

dont you just get toasted in the summer?

Only if your a loaf of Wonder Bread.

I suppose the tinting must be enough to keep you from being hot from the sun.

Adding a black tint to glass may block the sunlight from hitting your skin, but only because the glass absorbs most of that heat and energy!

Offering cars with glass roofs as the only option… to me that’s a pretty strong symptom of cars designed in California. Under the hot summer Kansas sun, all that dark glass turns a car’s interior into a fairly effective solar oven. 🙁

Nope – the coating is similar to what’s on a pair of really good sunglasses.

That was a problem for me in my Model X because of the panoramic windshield, I had to compensate by running the AC higher, and was always looking for a shady parking spot.

The Model X doesn’t have the same coatings on the windshield that the Model 3 has and what the Model Y will also have on the panoramic roof.

Unless it’s a coating which actually reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it, then it’s hard to see why it would make a significant difference. If it’s reflecting most of the light, then it should look silver… not black.


Sure you do. Lunacy!

I live in Phoenix and my 3 doesn’t toast me – though I did get the additional shade from the Tesla shop.

It is stunning until a rock hits it receives a number of rock impacts at highway speeds.

When’s the last time your roof’s got dented from rock impact on highway? Cross section for roof is very small, not likely to damage from frontal impacts.

However, I prefer conductive roof. I hope they offer steel roof (and cheaper).

Tesla doesn’t seem to do steel roof anymore.

I don’t like all that sun coming into my car.

Tesla glass roofs are HEAVILY tinted.

They should have the glass roof be variable in opacity. From full to clear as window glass.

Like the windows of the 787.

@Eddie said: “I don’t like all that sun coming into my car.”

I can report from personal experience that the top glass for Model S & Model 3 is sufficiently tinted/treated that 100F+ temperature & sun glare is not an issue… even in very hot summer months. I imagine same is true for Model Y.

The top glass makes the car interior feel less confined… especially for the 2nd row passengers. I was originally skeptical about Tesla’s use of large top glass but now a big fan of it.

I imagine this back and forth about glass roof would depend on how fair skinned you are. Some people feel comfortable being on the beach at noon, some people do not. I don’t like the glass roof. I want a metal roof. Or a *solid* cover.

What has fsir dkin to do with it if the UV light is kept out by the coating?

It is very likely laminated glass (like,normal vehicle windshields). The plastic middle layer absorbs virtually all the UV.

If you are photophobic, I am sure there will be an aftermarket insert available. If not, free business idea for you!

No problem just have it wrapped!

I understand that people like chrome, but the black door handles and door trim look fantastic. Just wish it could be built this year…

I wish my Model 3 had come with chrome delete. Especially since mine is black.

you must not live where it gets REALLY hot in the summer? Touching those things in black would be interesting when it’s 110 out……

The panoramic roof is a huge disappointment. Why do they have to put in “cool” features that make the car worse? Sure, I can install some 99.99% mirror tint but that will not make it any quieter or less likely to catch a rock.

I really hope the Standard model will have cloth seats!

And how many times did a rock hit the roof you you’re car?
Never happend to me for over 350k km. Only once I had to get a new windscreen from a rock or something.

And I did not have a single dent in the roofs of my cars for the last 1,480,000km.

If you’re looking for cloth seats and a boring metal roof, Ford should be launching a BEV with 200+ mile range in just a few years.

I haven’t Experience Any rock hit the ROOF for the last 100,567,898,777 miles of driving…………..

I love the car, and think the glass roof is really eye-catching and interesting.

But I’m really tired of every interesting design and design feature being described as “stunning”. At this point, all the impact is gone. It’s like 80’s awesome, or everything being excellent right after Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure came out. Everything is stunning.

And I say that as someone who previously would have reserved that word for a case like this.

My guess is they didn’t announce pre-orders or anything like that because they now know just how difficult it is to handle a production ramp for a mainstream vehicle, and they don’t want to have several hundred thousand people mad at them that it’s taking so long. Also, they had to hold all that pre-order money in escrow for the Model 3.

The whole presentation was clearly designed to drive sales of their existing vehicles, while still following the age old tradition of car makers releasing prototypes of their future vehicles.

The reality is that if they didn’t take reservations or advanced orders there would have been a backlash of why won’t they take reservations like the Model 3. (search the archives here for all the “shut up and take my money” comments….) So they really had no choice but to take people’s money, while at the same time trying to get people to buy the cars they actually have for sale right now. All very simple and not at all confusing really.

Whether the reservation and pre-order money is held in escrow or not is based on individual state laws. Some states require escrow, others do not..

There are a lot of great features on my X, but my fav is probably the windshield. This is very similar and I can’t believe it didn’t make it into Elon’s presentation – it’s gorgeous and is a major selling point IMO.

That said, a LOT of stuff didn’t make it into the presentation. We didn’t get confirmation of V3 Supercharging (though I guess it could be assumed), we didn’t get an update on towing capability if any, etc. We did get a nice history lesson on Tesla, which I’m fairly sure 100% of the people in attendance could have recited from memory.

It seemed like 60 minutes of presentation where two minutes were spent on the new product launch!?!?

Still in anti-sell mode. They can’t even make the cars that they already have reservations for. The more people waiting, the higher chance impatient people start bad mouthing.

For being a company whose only purpose is to save the planet, an optional glass roof with embedded PVs wouldn’t be shameful

Maybe it will come with the Vario Plus tintable glass. You can touch the glass with your fingers and automatically darken it from clear and anywhere in between. Mercedes and McLeran have this technology now.


Maybe that is something Tesla could put on the S or X. But the cost probably wouldn’t fit for the lower cost Tesla.

Hmm, is that a trunk, unless the glass goes up it doesn’t look like a hatchback or lift back……..

Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart

Same question. Is that a hatchback / liftback, or a trunk like the model 3?

It’s a hatchback.

Nobody has seen the hatch open yet and you can see where it should open in the car body but not in the glass roof that looks like it’s going seamlessly through… they would have opened it if it could, so I think this is a prototype and they’ll work out how to actually build a seamless hinged glass roof before releasing the car. It sounds like the traditional over designed and unreliable extra touch that the Tesla design team needs to add to every new car. I sympathize with them as it’s very clear that they get the shape of the car from the aero people and then get to “make it look good”: in that order. Aero is super important for EV range and battery size and therefore price. Tesla is probably right from an engineering and price point of view. I’m just not sure whether it’s the right commercial move. It’s clear that Audi for instance can produce very highly efficient aerodynamics, but that they don’t choose to sacrifice aero efficiency to produce a car that looks like what their customers want to buy. I would agree that perhaps their customers aren’t as hip to technology as… Read more »