Tesla Model Y Launch Date Rumored To Be March 1, 2020


If the supplier source is right, then we can expect to see production of the Tesla Model Y commence on March 1, 2020.

Tesla has made no official announcement on the expected start of production for the Model Y electric crossover, but that automaker has confirmed it’s coming. Now, we may have some idea as to when to expect it.

March 1, 2020 comes from a supplier source who apparently revealed the date after Tesla sent out drawings and specs to solicit quotes for the upcoming electric CUV. This leaks comes to us via Edward Neidermeyer, an often-accurate source of intel when it comes to Tesla. Here’s his Tweet:

What do we know about the Model Y?

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Render Via Peisert Design

Tesla hasn’t spilled many details on this electric CUV, but there have been a few mentions here and there in various earnings reports and conference calls. Per Musk:

“I think in a prior call, we publicly had said that Model Y, or our compact SUV — it’s called Model Y — it may or may not be, would be a totally new architecture. Upon the council of my executive team — thank you, thanks, guys — who reeled me back from the cliffs of insanity, much appreciated — the Model Y will in fact be using a substantial carryover from Model 3 in order to bring [it to] market faster.”

So, expect it to be basically a Model 3, but with the body expected of a crossover. And with how hot CUVs are right now, we think the Model Y will easily outsell the 3. In fact, we believe Tesla should’ve brought the Y to market first, followed by the 3.

For more on the Model Y, check out this “Everything We Know” article.

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Andrew S

so expect production July 2021 and deliveries July 2022


I love how astablished OEMs are dismissed as vapourware for suggesting 2020,2021 ext. But Tesla… Totally believed.


It’s Not Official From Tesla ..This is Just Rumored..HOWEVER, Tesla Should get Their SH!T together & Get Model 3 Production “Right” 1st of all! Then Worry about all this other sh!t stuff later ,Once they get some money rolling in and get a Grip On Things..


Tesla has a track record of success.
Where’s FORD’s new replacement CMAX hybrid that was due out last year??? Crickets.

You Russian Trolls should be banned.


FYI. I’m a HUGE Fan of Musk , Spacex & Tesla & I’m Buying a Model 3 ..I only speak the Facts!! .Tesla Should solve the Problems at hand 1st. and then move on to future stuff . With all the Orders they have, they should Concentrate On Model 3 Production ONLY Right Now ! Get The Cars OUT & The Money IN!!!! & don’t call me a Troll, You FooL Troll yourself!


You know what, Tesla CAN actually do both?! In a couple of months the Model 3 is going to be where they want it and the bashers are going to move on to the next thing that Tesla is incapable of doing. Don’t chase the nonsense from these guys.


Yes, and the firm gets more capable every year.


From your lips to God’s Ears . I want them to succeed Too.


Bashers? That’s a good laugh. Sounds like Trump Syndrome, can’t tolerate some simple facts.


“Simple Facts” are for brainwashed conservatives who swallow engineered propaganda phrases daily, without question.

“Reality” on the other hand, is a far more subtle, nuanced and variegated truth, that only educated elites can apparently grasp.


Respond to what he’s saying and cut out the ethnic bashing.


He wasn’t bashing Russians. He was bashing Russian political interference.


More accurately, he was bashing Russian government political interference.


Even more accurately, ethnic bashing backed by partisan fear mongering. Got it.


Those who are still loyal to America approve of the bashing of governments that are hostile to Americans and American values. It is sad that there are so many traitors among us.


I like to think of myself as a liberal, but when I see a bunch of sleazebag Clintonites paying off a British spy to plant evidence to disrupt an election, my definition of treason ends up diverging from yours.

Again, all that mx needed to do was respond to the post without calling people ‘Russian trolls’ which is an ethnic slur whether you’re on the left or the right.


Gazz, I am kind of curious to see how the “Buick Bolt” shakes out for GM. There have been pictures of it and if the test procedure is the same as what they did for the Bolt it should come out late next year, if memory serves. And it looks kind of cool!
Given the increase in MSRP a Buick will demand over a Chevy, they might actually be able to afford more comfortable seats…
The Bolt is roomy, has decent ranged for 2018 and is available now. The Buick BEV crossover may have a better interior, maybe a slightly larger battery and faster max rate on the fast charging with less taper. Hopefully. If Buick delivers a vehicle that looks like what GM teased, they could have a winner that will sell as many or more than the Bolt, despite the higher price.


Can the community get a BUTTON to FLAG Troll Comments?
And then a Filter to make visible or invisible?

Because these totally waste space and time of real readers who want real information and honest discussion of the topic.

This should have been code 5 Years Ago.

This guy, for example, could be very happy and the junk site Jalopinik or what ever.

Andrew S

How am I trolling? Tesla has never delivered a car on time. Roadster, S, X, and 3 have all seen delays of 6 months or more. Just because that fact doesn’t jive with how you feel about the company doesn’t make me a troll.

With the Y based on the Model 3, there is very little reason for the delay. The Model 3 is first high production vehicle, more production bugs to work through. Model X had issues due to doors. With Model Y, they have the suppliers from the 3 for most of the parts, they will understand issues with battery production and other mass production issues. All they have to do is purchase and setup the equipment, which should go more smoothly given they will have it working by then for the Model 3. So when Tesla announces it will come, I expect it will be much closer to a realistic date than with the 3. To be fair, with the 3 end of 2017 was when it was originally supposed to ramp up in volume, and it is. What didn’t go as planned was the updated schedule for ramping up deliveries more quickly. Approximately 2k for this month is pretty impressive, more than most EVs sell in a month, and more than Bolt EV sold in first full month. Jan is really the first month of production for customers for the Model 3, previous were more like pre-production/not for internal use… Read more »

*for internal use only vehicles (remove not).

The main issue with the Y will be a capital raise to purchase equipment. They will wait for the 3 to be selling in large numbers before they attempt that.


Make the M3 look like a true hatchback and give it more clearance. Boom! A CUV. I wish Subaru would get into the plug in game sooner.



The M3 promised delivery for late 2017. Tesla delivered the first ones on July 28th, 2017. Do you dispute this? If not how were they late? If you made an honest mistake based on your ignorance then you are forgiven if you go forth and sin no more. If you continue to promote falsehoods then you are a troll.


Andrew S whinged:

“How am I trolling? Tesla has never delivered a car on time.”

Tesla not only delivered the first Model 3’s on time, it delivered them months earlier than previous guidance.

But that doesn’t fit your Tesla-hater troll narrative, so you lie about it. For some reason you think pointing out the truth, that ramping up production has been delayed by six months, isn’t negative enough for you, so you and the other Tesla Hater cultists keep coming up with excuses to pretend the Model 3’s which Tesla delivered between July and December “don’t count”.

Dude, if you’re gonna be a Tesla Hater cultist troll, then at least have the honesty to admit that’s your reason for posting here.

What LOSERS you trolls are!

Big Show



If they installed a comment filtering system, many of YOUR posts would no doubt be reported as well. Careful what you wish for.


It would be nice if Tesla Cult members that feel the need to flag any negative comment about Tesla as trolling, would move to the Tesla Motors Club site. There they could happily flag as trolls any owner complaining about a problem with their cars.

Robert Weekley

Start with “Start of production targeted for March 1, 2020.”, and back date Reveal!
January 31st, 2019!
(OK! Done!)


I was going to say September.




Hey, it didn’t come from Elon’s mouth, so maybe it actually has a chance of being true!


Anything Niedermeyer says about Tesla has about as big a chance of being true as anything you say about Tesla.

Zero chance.


This is great, but just how much production capacity is available at the California factory (it *was* 500k/year under NUMA) and how much is supposed to come from the Nevada site?
Any ideas on how many of each models (S/X/3/Semi/Y) Tesla can actually construct?

Paul Stoller

They’ll need a new manufacturing facility in order to fully support building the Model Y, they are going to be pushing things to build the S,X and 3 at full volumes out of Fremont.

philip d

That’s a great problem to have. They just have to keep moving forward and make sure they are banging out the 3’s for the next two years for a steady revenue stream to leverage toward a higher market cap giving them more access to capital to build or retrofit the next production facility and start the next gigafactory.

Rinse, repeat for the Tesla pickup.

Paul Stoller

Yeah, it’s not bad per se, but they will need to acquire or start building a facility soon if they are to meet that launch date. I see another capital raise coming soon.


It makes more sense to build North/South American 3 and Ys in Fremont and build the new factory in China to serve Asia and provide subassemblies to the European factory.

Paul Stoller

That makes sense to me, but I think that means moving S and X production somewhere else. I don’t think they can get much more than the ~400k vehicles built out of Fremont that GM/Toyota did at their peak production. I know Musk claims he can get more out of the same footprint but they are doing a lot more than assembly at Fremont, from what I understand they are doing a lot of parts production there as well. I don’t see how they can do all of that and still produce substantialy more cars their than GM/Toyota is was able to.


It isn’t the same footprint nor assembly process. They’ve expanded the facility considerably and include a fair amount of sub-assembly work offsite. There is no reason to believe they cannot hit announced production targets in their current footprint.


Even so, Paul is almost certainly correct. Just going by the factory employee-to-car ratio at Tesla as compared to other auto makers, it’s quite apparent that Tesla does a lot more in-house manufacturing of parts and sub-assemblies than other auto makers. Even moving some of that to buildings surrounding the Fremont assembly plant can’t completely mitigate Tesla’s need for more floor space per car.

Elon may hope that his idea for greatly speeding up production, by using touchless assembly lines moving as fast as the machines can physically move, will allow production of the Model Y at the Fremont plant, along with the MS, MX, and TM3. But I very seriously doubt Tesla is going to be able to speed up throughput all that much. Also, Tesla’s plan to open up a new assembly plant in China certainly points to those in charge of Tesla having more realistic goals than Elon’s lofty but almost certainly unrealistic aspirations regarding factories producing at 5-10x their current rate.

F150 Brian

Maybe Tesla will build a factory in China and move Model 3 production there so they have a hope in he77 of making a profit on the promised $35K model.

Then there would be space in Fremont to built the Model Y which will no doubt be $10K + more expensive


If it’s based off the Model 3, they don’t need a FULL assembly line for all components, they could build it on the same assembly line as the model 3.


To maintain production flexibility, the established major auto manufacturers normally design all products using the same or very similar basic platforms so they can be assembled on the same production line. That way they can optimize their labor, tooling, and plant space to more closely match market demand for each product.

Assuming they use the Model 3 platform as their basis, Tesla’s engineers will likely design the Model Y to be compatible with an adapted Model 3 production line. Tesla’s manufacturing engineers (and the accountants) will also advise Musk to consider modifying the current Fremont Model 3 line to be co-compatible with the Model Y. If sales take off and a production second line is required – either at the Fremont plant or elsewhere – it also would be tooled to handle both.

That’s how the big boys do it.


Get it right then produce it in quantity at a good price.

Murrysville EV

2 years – and you know actual deliveries won’t be for another 6 months after that.

By then the Model Y could be irrelevant, or playing catch-up.


So far, there’s NOTHING competing with Tesla. And the other automakers are in debt and really not showing signs they will make a strong competitive effort.

Murrysville EV


I was referring to Model Y CUV competitors. GM will soon have a Bolt-based product, Hyundai/Kia are developing CUV EVs, and Volvo will have the XC40, for example. VW will be there, too.

So Tesla won’t be the only option, and people may choose the low-drama player to buy from, instead of Tesla.


Wow, just wow on the bubble that you live in. Both that everyone else is in debt (but not Tesla) and that there will be no competition really shows that you’re really out of touch. Are you only reading the Tesla article here and skipping the rest?


You can only believe that other EV makers can offer strong competition to Tesla by ignoring the elephant in the room: Battery supply.

Tesla and BYD are the only EV makers who control their own battery supplies. All the other EV makers can divide the “pie” of battery supply into thinner and thinner slices by putting more and more models of EVs into production, but that won’t steal one single additional sale from Tesla.

Tesla is going to continue growing its market share rapidly while other EV makers play “musical chairs” with a limited battery supply which is falling further and further behind demand. The only thing Tesla really needs to worry about is BYD entering passenger car markets in first-world countries, and that seems to still be some years off.

Go Tesla!


I highly doubt that!

It will in fact be just on time to hit the onslaught of new BEVs around 2020 or 2021.

The difference, however, is that most automakers will trickle their inventories out a few hundred a month. Only a small number of the major OEMs actually plan on selling these EVs and PHEVs at high volumes.


“By then the Model Y could be irrelevant, or playing catch-up.”

It’s hard to believe anyone following Tesla’s accomplishments could be foolish enough to believe that Tesla will wind up playing catch-up in any area, unless it’s self-driving car tech. In anything which actually matters, as far as which cars buyers choose, Tesla remains about 5 years ahead of any and all competition.


“Edward Neidermayer, an often-accurate sources of intel when it comes to Tesla.”

The same E. Niedermeyer, who claims SpaceX is faking the rocket landings? That E. Niedermeyer? The one that submits fake NHTSA claims with every picture of a crashed Model S he can find on the internet?


for context on the fake NHTSA claims:


It’s Keef Vivaneff (sp) who does all that. Ed supports Keef’s “work”, though.


When the sane leave the stage, what’s left is the insane.


Indeed, and thanks for pointing that out. I skimmed right past that part of the article.

When has Niedermeyer ever said anything about Tesla which was actually true? He is the most prominent, most frequently published serial Tesla basher on the entire internet!

comment image



Thanks St. Elon and the Tesla Team!
Yes, I will be among the first in Line when the reservation preorder list begins!


You got enough range. Don’t make the Y look like an egg.

Paul Stoller

+1000000, give it a shape for utility and no FWDs and I would probably place a reservation.

That being said I would love for Tesla to do more of a traditional wagon, but I know I’m asking too much when Tesla doesn’t have the resources to diversify their lineup that quickly.


Or a loaf of bread like the Model X.


MadBro claims the Bolt EV is the greatest thing since sliced bread, and then bashes the Tesla Model X for looking like a loaf of bread.

Now let’s think for just a second here: Which car more closely resembles a loaf of bread, the Bolt EV or the Model X? Hmmm?
😀 😀 😀

It’s so funny when Tesla Hater cultists forget that other people aren’t wearing Tesla Hater reality-distortion goggles!

Honestly, I hope that the Bolt EV is a successful model for GM, and I’d love to see them ramp up production. It’s really too bad that trolls like MadBro try so hard to paint EV sales as a zero-sum game.


I’m just repeating what Bob Lutz said. He called it a loaf of bread.

But if you look at a blacked out side profile view, it really does have an uncanny resemblance to a loaf of bread. Sexy like a Model S the Model X is not.

Chris Stork

Here’s what’s on my mind: when talk of the Model Y first started brewing, it was supposed to be an all new 48v system with only a few hundred meters of wiring (as opposed to 3km in the S/X and 1.5km in the 3). I figured that’s why they were going to start from scratch on the Y’s design. But then Musk caved and decided to base it on the 3 platform. Does that mean it WON’T be 48v and WON’T need only 300m? I would find that very disappointing for them to compromise like that (again, if it is a compromise; maybe it’ll still be 300m/48v). Anybody know anything about that?

Paul Stoller

I think depending on how many changes the new 48V system requires they may be better off waiting for the second gen Model 3/Y platform to implement, if it means there would be a significant delay in implementin it. I think getting the new model to production soonest is what Tesla needs, they need all of the cash flow they can generate to keep growing.


That’s what leasing is for.
Lease the first gen, and get into the second gen in 3 years.


I would rather see similar to Model 3 and see it make it to market, rather than it use something new and be many months late to market and cause Tesla to file Chapter 11. I am glad Elon finally agreed to that.


It would be incredibly stupid not reuse the model 3 for the Y. Just like, it would be incredibly stupid to use the pigeon wings on the Y.


Forty eight volts? I’ve never heard of that and it sounds really stupid. That implies no fast charging and wiring that weighs a ton.

No thanks.


48V for the electrical accessories, instead of the typical 12V system used in cars today.

Robert Weekley

Note: 48V Wiring carries less Amps per Watt of delivered power, hence less loss, less resistance on the wires, less waste heat, and can be smaller and more efficient than conventional 12V accessories wiring! And, it is still considered a ‘Safe’ Voltage, should you get in contact with it!

This is NOT! Traction Motor Pack Voltage, which is usually 300V plus, but for things like Headlights, Wipers, Turn Signals, Heater Blowers, etc!


If _production’s_ due to start in 3/2020, then the launch will be much earlier than that.


Too late if you ask me. OEMs will eat Teslas lunch with their offerings by then. They really should have released this sooner if at all possible.


..mildly amusing. Completely wrong, but funny due to its oblivious temerity.


Yes, it ignores reality. The Consumer Reports buyer satisfaction survey’s are very strong evidence that any product capable of competing with Tesla’s products will primarily peel buyers from other manufacturers. Tesla will be the least affected firm by any new “Tesla killer” to arrive. In the absolute best case scenario those Tesla killers make Teslas the second best vehicles to own.




“Too late if you ask me.”

I’m pretty sure nobody asked for another tired Tesla Hater cultist troll comment.

“OEMs will eat Teslas lunch with their offerings by then.”

Well, they’ve had nearly 10 years to do that. How are they doing so far?
😆 😆 😆

Go Tesla!


They sure are eating Tesla’s FSD lunch. Tesla recorded 0 AV testing miles in CA in 2017. How sad is that? Lol

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


I want a Crew cab 4×4 pickup EV that can go 225-250 miles and can SC at 125Kw.

Murrysville EV

Others will demand 500 miles and 3 MW charging so it can fill in 5 minutes.

Robert Weekley

Or, just live induction charging from the road, while we drive! Why stop?


What about a kitchen sink also.
Why compromise?


Nobody will buy one unless it has an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the rear, and a footprint smaller than a Mini Cooper!

Plus, it will have to have 3000 miles of range and must fully charge in less than 10 seconds!



“Others will demand 500 miles and 3 MW charging so it can fill in 5 minutes.”

We can be sure that Tesla Hater cultists will continue to move the goal posts. If Tesla achieves 500 mile charging in 5 minutes in their production cars, they’ll insist that nobody will buy an EV unless it can charge 800 miles in 2 minutes.

Seriously, there was an EV hater on the (now defunct) TheEEstory forum who kept insisting that EVs needed 800 miles of range to be competitive with gasmobiles. 🙄


Vaporware, but if it does come about it will have TWDs (Turkey Wing Doors) since it has to be cheaper than Model X.

Robert Weekley

Quail Wing Doors! (It’s a ‘Little’ CUV, after all!)


Gossamer Albatross wings for the doors, and a pedal with some meddle.


And 500 000 pre orders….wait for it..


How is Tesla going to pull this off without new factories?


Investor money. That’s how they’ve survived this long, afterall. I give Elon credit…that guy has a skill for convincing suckers to freely part with their money and donate it to the cash incineration engine.

Get Real

And you manic MadBro have absolutely no skill or any originality whatsoever in your repetitive, whiney anti-Tesla FUD since all you do is repeat verbatim the BS you read on Seeking Liars written b other idiots like Anton Wahlman and Mark Spiegel.




The auto industry really needs to establish some universally accepted terminology when it comes to new vehicle releases.

“Production will begin…” doesn’t really mean anything practical related to when a non-employee can accept delivery of one.


All these are intentionally controlled releases by marketing department, nothing more! Nowadays when I see all these marketing hypes, that can only mean one thing – exorbitant pricing!

Elooney Muskey

Whoa! What happened to the 500k model 3 wannabes? Disappeared? Why do we hear Tesla needs a model y (and then z?) to keep the factory rolling?

(Elooney lights the bonfire of shareholder capital with his flamethrower. Eats marsh mellows and sings Looney tunes. ROTFLOL.)


Elon will officially announce the Model Y whenever he needs his next diversion. If Model 3 sales end up not meeting expectations, Elon can announce the Model Y as the next shiny object for TSLA zealots to fawn over.

Get Real

Eloonatic lights his money (he put into shorting Tesla) on fire and wonders why his hands are burning while Model 3s constantly wiz by on the street next to the bonfire of his vanity.

The following quote from the article should strike fear in any TSLA investor – “I think in a prior call, we publicly had said that Model Y, or our compact SUV — it’s called Model Y — it may or may not be, would be a totally new architecture. Upon the council of my executive team — thank you, thanks, guys — who reeled me back from the cliffs of insanity, much appreciated — the Model Y will in fact be using a substantial carryover from Model 3 in order to bring [it to] market faster.” Understand this. Tesla’s CEO, as of summer 2017, did not understand the fundamental concept of current automotive architectures and had to be “reeled back from the cliffs of insanity”: That concept – The platform. Design a platform and apply it to as many appropriate products as possible. This is Automotive 101. Making a profit with EVs is an massive challenge. To invest the enormous time and expense to design the great small-EV platform underpinning the Model 3 and then to even get close to “the cliff of insanity” and consider not using it for your next small SUV really says something. What other “cliffs… Read more »

Well if Musk had stuck to Automotive 101 he would have never started a car company. He would have remained being a rich ‘dot com’ playboy getting interviewed by Wired. Instead he took the wisdom of the Bob Lutz crowd, tossed it in the trash, and showed that electric cars were not only viable, but far better than the dirty, expensive, LICE paradigm.
Screw “Automotive 101” and anyone who thinks we should only drive forward by looking in our rear view mirrors.


Just make the Model 3 in quantity, quit babbling about this.