What Should We Expect From The Tesla Model Y?

Tesla Model Y

AUG 29 2017 BY EVANNEX 66

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y concept design by Mike Bleczyc (Instagram: autodeskautomotive)


With September almost upon us, buzz will kick into high gear for the Tesla Semi. Nevertheless, this launch (scheduled for September 28th) may be a smoke screen for an even bigger project coming from Tesla — the much-anticipated Model Y. We’re already expecting the Model 3 to compete with some of the world’s best. Could the forthcoming Model Y be an even bigger-selling car for Tesla?

First, let’s rewind to Tesla’s most recent earnings report where Elon Musk gave an update on plans for the Model Y. He predicted the Model Y should be coming late 2019 or 2020.

Musk explained that “upon the counsel of my executive team, the Model Y will in fact be using substantial carry-over from Model 3 in order to bring it to market faster.”

The Tesla CEO said previously that the Model Y would be using a new architecture but “the executive team wheeled me back from the cliffs of insanity.” He also reminded analysts that the compact SUV market is far larger than that of the Model 3’s sedan market.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Matt Pressman.

Tesla Model Y

Infographic: Some helpful guesstimates about the Tesla Model Y (Image: Carsoid)

So will the Model Y really be bigger than the Model 3? Valuewalk recently provided a broad overview of the car and proclaimed that, “The Tesla Model Y is arguably the most exciting electric vehicle that has ever reached the public domain, even if the car itself is not yet available… [and] it seems quite likely that this will be the biggest selling Tesla release yet when it finally reaches forecourts across the United States.”

Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk’s mysterious deleted tweet hinting at falcon wing doors for the Model Y (Source: Valuewalk)

While Elon Musk once hinted about falcon wing doors (see above) for the Model Y, little is known about its forthcoming features.

“Whispers also suggest that the Model Y might be an SUV crossover vehicle that is bigger than a conventional sedan, but possibly also smaller than a traditional sport utility vehicle. Tesla is continually looking for crossover appeal… [It’s likely a more] compact vehicle than the Model X, particularly as Tesla is likely to make this a more affordable vehicle than some of its previous releases.” 

Official Tesla Model Y Teaser

The million dollar question is — what will it look like? Of course, most of us have glimpsed the Model Y teaser image (see above) that was previously revealed. Beyond that, it’s anybody’s guess. That said, there have been some intriguing conceptual design renderings by a variety of artists. In addition to the top image we’ve featured in this article, check out our round-up of Tesla Model Y design renderings to stir up your imagination a bit…

Tesla Model Y Gallery: Concept Design Renderings

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y

Above (top to bottom): Auto Express; all other images Carsoid via Autocar, RM Car Design, and Autoguide

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I don’t like any of the renderings for a small SUV.

How about a big hatchback, offering a cockpit drivers want to be in, rather than one that dared, “you won’t care”.

Who needs all the fiddly knobs and buttons? In terms of instrumentation, all you need is the speedo, and honestly one doesn’t lord over that all day, especially if you have adaptive cruise control. About the only thing I would need is a volume knob, and the steering wheel has controls for that.

The older the people the harder it is for them to give up on all the junk they think they “need” in a car. One of my cars has lots of steering wheel controls, i can tell you that most buttons were never pressed to this day…don’t even know if they are working.

Not even the horn?

No reference to the ridding of the 12V system nor DRAMATIC reduction in wiring (along with probable increase in reliability, ease of repair/upgrades)

All of those concept renderings are ugly. If Model Y looks like those, you can count me out. Then again, Falcon Wing doors would automatically remove me from the list too.


Falcon doors makes it difficult to put skis, bikes, skyboxes, etc. on the roof.

Also I want real utility out the back end like a normal SUV for hauling stuff, which I do a lot of. So no dramatically rear sloping roof like Model X has.

In a nutshell, not another science experiment like Model X.

Yup, 100% agree.

So IF Elon Musk doesn’t give you veto power over all design elements Tesla can count you out of the reservation list? LOL.

Do you get veto power at Nissan or GM?

free market should = veto power, so yes. You used to be able to go further and select barn doors, or liftgate. -more vetoes

In the real world, the only person in a free market with “veto power” is the CEO.

Everyone else, is just on a committee.

“Do you get veto power at Nissan or GM?”

Yes, my veto power comes in the form of purchasing power. They can design it to be anything they like, I don’t have to buy it.


It would be annoying and more expensive to have the weird doors so i bet they won’t do it with them.

Normal back doors please.

I agree with your thought on the window. With the lack of any real vertical room back there, it would be barely different than the Model 3. It would be 10x easier to just add a hatchback to the Model 3.

First reaction:

Why does it take so long?

Second reaction:

Falcon Wing Doors? Arggh please no. Too expensive. Defeats the purpose.

I reckon that with the Model Y, there will not be much notice provided before it will be available. It will put people off buying the Model 3 if they announce it too early.

Yep. Would almost bet if the Model Y were available to preorder today, 50% of the Model 3 reservations would jump to the Model Y. My bet is they work through the backlog of Model 3 deliveries first, then announce the Model Y. So near the end of 2019.

Some people just have to have an SUV regardless of how they don’t look as good as their car counterparts.

Falcon Wing doors are a deal-breaker for me. I want a utility vehicle–must be able to carry kayaks and other gear on the roof.

Makes me wonder what kind of a life Elon Musk lives given the Model X’s lack of utility. Elon must not go mountain biking, skiing, or kayaking.

And with the rear end design of Model X, Elon apparently doesn’t haul a lot of stuff in his vehicles, either.

I’m not interested in paying $40K or more for Modex Y with no utility, as I would find myself wanting to complement it with a second vehicle that can actually do something besides haul people.

“Makes me wonder what kind of a life Elon Musk lives given the Model X’s lack of utility. Elon must not go mountain biking, skiing, or kayaking.”

I mean it doesn’t take much to make a good guess.

The guy is a working nut. He is in charged of 4 different companies and setting aggressive goals for all of them. He also appears to be a micro manager who likes to be “hand on”. So, I seriously doubt there will be much time left for all the activities that you mentioned.

Judging from his location in Southern California, much of the SUV/Crossover crowds in his surroundings probably don’t use the SUV/CUV for utilities much anyway…

As long as you have a tow hitch, this kind of products solves all your transport needs:
(sorry for texts in Norwegian)


” all your transport needs”

That is a strong statement…

How do I carry a Kayak in the hitch?

Or a Ladder from HomeDepot?

The problem with mounting racks to your roof, is that it is terrible for aerodynamics, especially considering that most people leave the racks on the vehicle even when they are not using them.

There are plenty of other ways to transport gear besides strapping it to your roof. See: Yakima HitchSki, or the Yakima “Rack and Roll” https://www.yakima.com/rackandroll-66-trailer

Bad aero impacts range. But if the activities are well within the range with plenty of margin, then it is a no big deal.

However, NOT being able to carry things for activities is a much bigger deal which doesn’t allow you to do those things.

If people have to go out of the ways to make it work, then “it is less appealing” as an “utility” vehicle.

I tow a light weight camper trailer and I need the roof rack for my kayaks and bikes. A real SUV needs to both tow and carry bulky gear on roof rack.

Here’s hoping that after “the executive team wheeled [Elon] back from the cliffs of insanity,”, they did the same for the idea of putting falcon-wing doors on the Model Y.

The “artist’s render” in the infographic above shows the TMY (Tesla Model Y) with what appears to be sliding minivan-style doors. That I would like to see!

3500 lb towing capacity.

Not a bad idea.

At least that much!

Can’t imagine falcon wing doors will be standard if Tesla is looking to expand on car/ride-sharing…

The renderings all looked like a mildly lifted up 3 hatchback. And falcon wing doors?! Leave that as exclusive to the Model X. They should have something that makes them feel special. The sliding rear door, now I like that.

Leave the FWD to the Model X. I like the rear sliding / hinged pivot door as well.

nobody wants sliding doors… that’s not the future at all

I expect another class-leading product here from Tesla.

Like its platform-shared stable mate the Model 3, it will sell in the hundreds of thousands and break wide open the market for compelling EVs while the competing laggard OEMs won’t be able to ignore.

A Model 3

It’s amusing other companies are ditching models like yesterday’s newspaper, but Tesla is adding models and can’t make the ones they have fast enough to meet demand.
Meanwhile over 110 days of inventory sits on dealer’s lots.

And Dealers are Leasing extra Large Lots to store Even More Inventory off site!

“Meanwhile over 110 days of inventory sits on dealer’s lots.”

If that means a jab at the Bolt, then you should wait for the August sales number, because it appears that there are just barely over 5,000 Bolt available in the US right now. That is 60 days of inventory at the July sales pace.

So, either Bolt sales went up in August or GM shipped a lot of cars out of the country.

Didn’t you see they cut production?

The didn’t “cut production”. They extended their normal summer factory shutdown to reconfigure the production line to produce more Bolts.

Model Y is not coming out until 2020. It needs to sell the 3 first and model S second generation. plus the model Y will use most of the parts of 3 with a taller ground clearance and slight wider body to fit the underpinnings of the 3.

no falcon doors either. cost alot of money and ruins platform engineering

Model Y may come out much earlier. If Model 3 take rate is less than expected, their back-up plan is to announce the Model Y in mid-2018 and, do to overwhelming demand, move production forward using the assembly line originally meant to boost Model 3 production from 250k/yr to 500k.

The Model 3 ramp from 250k/yr to 500k won’t be cancelled, just moved to an exciting new factory planned for Europe or Asia.

You know the mid 2018 is next year. They still haven’t sold 20k 3 per month. They need to fulfill their 3 reservation before they start on the y. They took 1 year 3 months from reveal to deleveries for the 3 with limited x deleveries compare to 600k 3s they need to roll out. So 2020 is more like it

I hope it will not just look like a pregnant and bloated Model 3. Like the X is to the S.

I’d prefer if it would look something like the BMW X3 or the Volvo XC60. Maybe even like the Mazda MX-5.

I think you meant CX-5. Unless you just really like SUV’s that look like Miatas 🙂

Yeah, I meant the CX-5 😛 But it seems like the new roadster is not that far away either.

That is what it will be.

I want a real 2-box MPV. Complete flexibility on usage of the big box (any number of seats in use from 1 to 4 outside the driver’s, all reclineable, on fore/aft rails and removeable; front passenger seat foldable so an item the full length of the interior compartment cna be carried (think 7-feet long Ikea flatpack).
Overall large cargo space (>600 litres behind rear seats, not including the frunk).

The brown one in the rendering above couldn’t even be a hatchback (looks identical to current 3 except higher floor), so it’s not any kind of CUV/SUV, period.

The rest are all liftbacks with obvious small cargo volumes compared to their length, all are meh.

Basically, give me a BEV version of the Citroën C4 Picasso (5-seat version).

Just benchmark a Subaru Outback (wagon with extra ground clearance) and be done with it. All these BMWX6/Murano copies are less particle than the Model 3 sedan.

Or maybe the Subaru Crosstrek. (Basically a lifted Impreza 5 door). Add an optional air suspension that could lower the ride height for improved highway range.

Any real SUV will have the aero disadvantage of more ground clearance than a sedan or hatch. To really fit its intended function, it will also have a flat roof, and squared of backend. This will require more than 60 kWh to get a 200 mile range. This will preclude a $35K price tag. Even a hypothetical one, like the Model 3 has now.

There is NO WAY that this will have Falcking-wing doors. They learned their lesson with the Model X.

And even if they didn’t, the board would talk him out of it like they talked him out of a totally new platform for the Model Y.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dear Elon, please make the rear seats fold down and away like the Caravan. (OK, maybe a pipe dream….)

Or at least make them easy to remove.

…….and an AWD option is a must.

“please make the rear seats fold down and away like the Caravan.”
This should be the default configuration, not a paid extra.

The Stow & Go seating? They can’t do that. Gotta put the battery somewhere.

The wedge shaped rear door will eat away some trunk space. So its better to go with conventional wagon/crossover like design. Pretty soon the functional electric crossovers from China will flood the market, so it better if Tesla also goes that way.

Falcon doors are utter waste as they will take away the moonroof in rear seats besides adding heavy cost. A crossover for masses should be as economic as possible.

Just like Model S broke the mold to have 7 seater functionality, it will be better if Model Y also goes differently with 6 seater functionality (3 in front seat and 3 in rear seat). A more linear/rectangular monitor can be placed behind the steering wheel for display. This will project as though Model Y is more functional than other crossovers and will also make a big difference with Model 3.

We should expect about 30 to be given to insiders just before Elon’s bonus deadline, then about six months of nothing.

Anybody interested in range? Battery capacity? 200 miles in 2020?

I don’t see why they could not make several versions of the cars. A standard Model 3, a Hatch version Model 3, a station wagon Model 3, a Model Y with falcon wings and a Model Y with standard doors. A few years ago this would have been unthinkable because of the low car numbers but today, with 400000+ reservation, sticking to a single model only is starting to be strange. All car makers decline different versions of their models and BMW, for instance, has a 3 Series Sedan, a 3 series Gran Turismo (hatch version) and a 3 series Touring (station wagon) version. https://www.bmw.com/en/index.html

Clearly, this will have to start at a base of $50k+ and come only as AWD and larger battery pack, with “P” available as an upgrade. I really don’t want FWDs, as a roof rack and trailer hitch would provide much more utility in this class.

What do I expect? I expect an instrument panel in front of the driver, unlike the Model 3. I also expect that won’t happen.