Tesla Model Y Event Video Overload

MAR 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 21

The unveiling, test rides and even some Model Y commentary

Tesla Model Y unveiling was one of the most interesting EV events in recent times. Elon Musk said that it could sell better than the three other models – S, X and 3 combined, which translates to hundreds of thousand per year.

First deliveries of Model Y are expected in fall 2020 (Long Range versions, followed by Standard battery version in Spring 2021).

Here we gathered most of the best videos from the unveiling and post-unveiling test rides and commentary on the Model Y. The most interesting video from the event seems to be done up by Marques Brownlee, so be sure to check it out. It’s the video we’ve embedded at the very top of this post.

Take a look at the various clips below to see if you can figure out what the “something else” was that Tesla supposedly revealed last night.

Take a look at the unveiling – from various outlets below

Tesla Model Y test rides and comments

Tesla Model Y videos

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Not sure what’s the difference between 3 and Y ? Couldn’t they go more SUV style?

It’s bigger, it seats 7. Sure, it doesn’t look much like a typical SUV, but is that really a criticism.

Yes been so similar I guess it will cannibalizes the Model 3, a more radical difference will appeal to a different customer groups.

Well there were so many people screaming about how the Model 3 wasn’t a hatchback and the Model X can’t have a roof rack so here we are. No one will lack for cargo space and it’s not that much more than the Model 3. Just buy a Tesla.

I think you’re wrong.

Personal perspective: I would buy the Model 3 as a commuting car. I would buy the Model Y as a family car. Neither of them would be the right choice day-to-day for the other purpose.

Sure, my family will fit into a Model 3, but the space of the Y is an important differentiator for families. And I could commute in a Y, but if that’s all I was using it for, 3 would be better and cheaper. So no, I don’t think there will be a huge amount of cannibalism between the two.

Yes, that certainly is a criticism. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but SUVs that look like SUVs sell like crazy.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Crossovers, which don’t look like real SUVs, although share characteristics like additional ride height and available AWD, sell like crazy too.

But most SUVs aren’t electric, so their aerodynamics are a cost issue, rather than affecting utility. In a BEV, efficiency impacts utility through range and charging speed. Tesla has traded some cabin utility for travel utility.

This is basically a Model 3 Plus, rather than an altogether different vehicle.

Maybe we can call this a model 3 Cross Country like Volvo does :p Only they raise the cars a bit and the cars are not any bigger or different from the normal version. This looks really nice and it wipes away all the negatives I had for model 3. Now I only have to get enough money for this car :’)

Model Y is a suv “like” version of the model 3 sedan…little bigger, higher and w/ a hatch. Think Subaru Impreza inflated a bit to the more popular Crosstrek. I like the m3 but may love the mY.

> Take a look at the various clips below to see if you can figure out what the “something else”
> was that Tesla supposedly revealed last night.

Word on Twitter is that it was a first hint at a European Gigafactory.

From what I’ve seen on Twitter, if that’s what the “something else” was then it’s no surprise it was missed as the clues were very subtle.

But I haven’t seen any other convincing arguments as to what the “something else” might have been, so… I guess we start waiting for the official announcement of GF4.

There was nothing else. Just a nice car with good specs. Rather than try to one-up themselves again, they went low key.

They’ve talked about Euro GF more plainly in the past.

If there was any “something else” then it escaped the sharp eyes of everyone participating in the Tesla Motors Club forum discussion of the event.

I doubt there was any “something else” at the event. I suppose it’s possible there was something hidden in the video shown while Elon was talking, but if so then it was pretty subtle or well hidden indeed.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

The something else was a hint of the pick-up, as noted in another article.

Model3 Owned- Niro EV TBD- Now Model Y! TBD

That’s pretty tight 3rd row there. Didn’t see how much leg room available and if reasonable beyond short hops between parties.

Will cause issues for Uber drivers calling themselves 6 passengers + 1 handbag.

Consensus seems to be the 3rd row is strictly for young children and extra-small adults.

Why did they bother putting FOX in their, as usual just like their Trump Poodle lets tear it apart, problem is, Elon has always made good on his promises, may take a bit longer but he comes through, so FOX….go crawl back into the slime hole you slithered out of!

Really wish the trunk was taller. Did they not do that because of aerodynamics, or something other than “rushed to market”? As is, I don’t really see why to upgrade from a 3 (since I don’t need the “third row”…lol, couldn’t say that without laughing).

Is there a different meaning for the word “trunk” in Europe, or something?

The Model Y is a large hatchback. It has a rear hatch. There’s no trunk, period… at least not by the American definition of “trunk”.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Aerodynamics. For a BEV, efficiency has practical benefits, since it improves range and charging speed.

3rd row for children (and small adults). Avoids some of the practical 3-child-seats-in-the-back challenges of a 5 seater.

I want it!