Tesla Model Y Comes Into View Thanks To New Render

8 months ago by Jeff Perez 24

Tesla Model Y Via Peisert Design

The lineup is beginning to look pretty S3XY!

Tesla hasn’t even officially debuted its new Model 3 sedan in full, but already fans of the brand are anxious to see the next-in-line Model Y. Expected to make its debut sometime in 2019, rendering artists at Peisert Design have visualized the upcoming small SUV a few years early.

Using the lone teaser image we saw just a few days ago, artists were able to vaguely piece together the upcoming Tesla. Borrowing a number of cues from the current lineup – including the “surgeon mask” front grille found on the Model 3 – the Model Y rendering fits right in with the current crop of Tesla vehicles.

Musk promises that the Model Y will be manufactured in a “way that a car has never been built before,” meaning it will have a unique platform all its own apart from the Model 3, as well as its own dedicated factory. Musk estimates that the Model Y will eventually outsell the Model 3.

Official Tesla Model Y Teaser

“I am really excited about Model Y. It’s, there’s been some criticism, like we should sort of derive it from the Model 3 platform. But I think actually we made a mistake in trying to derive the Model X from the Model S platform,” said Musk at the annual shareholders meeting. “We are aiming for that to hit the roads in 2019 approximately. And probably the demand for Model Y will exceed the demand for Model 3.”

Tesla Model Y Teaser To Render

Things like price, performance details, and availability remain a mystery. Expect the Model Y to have a similar price tag and performance options to the Model 3, which will make its debut later this year with a starting price of under $35,000.

Source: Peisert Design

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24 responses to "Tesla Model Y Comes Into View Thanks To New Render"

  1. Alan says:

    Close those gull wing door and they all look very similar ?

  2. Joe says:

    Probably staring at 40k$

  3. Tim F. says:

    It looks like all they did was try to graft the Model 3 front end onto the Model Y rendering, creating an awkward looking appearance. I think the actual Model Y will have unique lighting assemblies better suited for an SUV, much like Model X is shaped differently than Model S.

  4. georgeS says:

    I hope it doesn’t look like that.

    1. Sublime says:


      That thing is hideous.

    2. PJ says:

      reminds me of beluga whale, I would have to see it in person however at the moment I’m uncomfortable

      1. Mister G says:

        No no no, it’s Destiny the whale shark from Finding Dory LOL

  5. Model Y: Space, Volume, Towing, Range, Off-Road Clearance, etc. All these are items we will want to know!

    Of course, car seat fit and flexibility, accessory power sockets (5V USB, 12V, & 120V), interior lighting, etc., are all interesting extras to deal with, too!

    Yes, Style is important, but let’s not get too tricky-Dickey with things like, only comes with Falcon Wing Doors, offer them as a upgraded package option, with more conventional doors on the base model. (Just my thoughts of the day!)

  6. F150 Brian says:

    WOW. Well not really. More like yuck.

    Ya, ya I know its just some person’s opinion on what it might look like but it is close to the current design language.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the pickup has a more traditional look, since I’m not really interested in any of these four anyway.

  7. bro1999 says:

    Holy crap, that’s an ugly rendering.

  8. Chris O says:

    Meh, not S3XY. Trick is to get some of the chunky looks people like so much in SUVs into the design without messing up aerodynamics/range/design language too much. SUVs are about looking sporty in an outdoorsy sort of way, something that’s missing in Model X. I don’t think some sort of overblown hatchback will capture the people’s imagination.

  9. Dave S. says:

    Can’t spell UGLY without a “y”. I doubt it will look like that.

  10. DJ says:

    Can you say vaporware? I think you can!

    1. ROFLOL says:

      But why would you, it would make you look like a moron.


  11. Will Davis says:

    yep, ugly

  12. It is someone’s guess, based on a very iffy rendering from Tesla.

    We’ll see what it looks like – when Tesla shows us.

  13. Kdawg says:

    In the lineup, why is the Model 3 taller/bigger than the Model S?

  14. Mikael says:

    Hopefully they will learn from the Model X design mistakes and make a proper SUV with real utility.

  15. sveno says:

    Remember Y will have its own platform and Musk will not let that opportunity go unused!

    I expect it to be much higher than X, mainly due to ground clearance. Also longer than 3.

  16. Mister G says:


  17. Koenigsegg says:

    Super ugly.

  18. FISHEV says:

    Appreciate the effort but the Model 3 and Model Y don’t look right.

  19. Mr. Humble says:

    Beautiful. Not like S, X, and even 3, which are typically American : boring and conservative.

  20. Raymond Ramirez says:

    You posted the wrong picture. That is the trunk view.