Elon Musk Says Tesla Model Y CUV May ‘Aspirationally’ Arrive In 2019


Things are moving fast for the all-electric CUV.

Tesla Model Y Render via Remco Meulendijk at RM CarDesign

Tesla fans know that the company’s post-Roadster line-up was once thought of as a S.E.X.Y kind of thing. The Model S and Model X have arrived, the upcoming Model 3 was once called the Model E (until Ford changed that plan), and then there is the mysterious Model Y compact SUV (imagined render above). Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed this vehicle, but we learned a few more details about it in the first quarter earnings conference call yesterday. Here’s what’s new.

The Model Y is likely to arrive “sometime in 2020” or “aspirationally” in late 2019. If Tesla can manage this, then Musk said he thinks that his little car company that could will get to a million units a year. “Maybe more,” he said. Musk has previously said that he expects demand for the Model Y to be between 500,000 and 1 million units a year, once things are up and running.

The Model Y will be on a different platform than the Model 3. Musk said that the car will be quite different, inside, in part because Tesla is learning how to make cars more efficiently. “The wiring harness on Model S is about 3 kilometers in length,” he said. “The wire harness on Model 3 is 1.5 kilometers in length. The wiring harness on Model Y will be 100 meters. And that’s a redundant wiring harness.”

The advances Tesla is making at its vehicle production lines with the Model 3 will take another huge step with the Y.

“Where things will really be a step change I think, beyond any other auto manufacturer, will be the Model Y factory,” Musk said. “This is all a function of designing the product to be easy to manufacture, and easy to automate;as well as designing the factory itself. So model wise, I think we are really the common step change, but the Model 3 is going to be at, or probably slightly better than,  I think the next best automotive production in the world. I just think that’s pretty good outcome,  and then the Model Y will be … there will be nothing close to it, I think.”

Does that all sound kind of sexy to you?

Source: Tesla conference call

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Let’s get the “Model à trois” out first……..kay?


Bring it on, Model Y with AWD and (< 4,500 lb) trailer towing would sell like hotcakes!

The Model Y will probably outsell the 3 by 3 to 1 based on the current fascination with CUV’s.


Sounds like Model Y will be a step change from Model 3 not just a minor tweek.

I think Tesla said that 75 kWh is the biggest battery they can stuff between the Model 3’s wheelbase. I’m wondering if they need more wheelbase for a CUV in order to fit more battery?

100 meter budget? 4x abs sensor + wear indicator = 3 wires minimum per wheel. length of vehicle ~ 5 meters = 30 meters just for abs sensors on the rear wheels assuming abs pump is located traditionally in the front. front wheels likely aren’t shorter than 1 meter either.

How? wireless? Single wire everything?

Fiber optic network?

Look up CANBus. Drastically reduces the number of wires in a vehicle.

I re-read the quote, he says the “Wiring Harness” is 100m in length; this doesn’t mean 100m of wire, it means 100m of wireS. The harness will have multiple wires in it, naturally.

Mainly what he is probably referring to is optimization of the harness itself; rather than having lots of point-to-point wires the wires can be organized to be more efficient.

Quoted: “The wiring harness on Model S is about 3 kilometers in length,”

As an E.E. the above is Read as: cumulative WIRE length in the MS is 3000m… The interpreted sentence makes sense when aplied to a vehicle like the MS… Further Down MY, 100 meter harness, very likely Yes. But not 100 meter wire. That is where the confusion starts. Dont change ‘units’ in a topic without explicit notification. IT would be revolutionair to have 100 meter WIRE for a modern vehicle.

Aspirationally arrive? What the heck does that mean? When the Model Y actually arrives I may consciously uncouple form my ICE SUV, unless it has those utility killing Albatross-wing doors.

Or it has a ridiculously sloped liftback, killing the utility of the SUV.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

” I may consciously uncouple form my ICE SUV,”


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Supposed to be a reply to sven….

So now Elon is taking a page out of the VW “say anything and everything EV”, press release aspirational pamphlet and playbook? Can’t Tesla just focus on getting the Model 3 out into customer hands (400,000+), so Elon doesn’t have to get his sleeping bag back out, and set up camp, like he did for the start of the Model X production assembly line.

Have you forgotten that Tesla were already designing the Model 3 at the time they were dealing with the Model X ‘hubris’? Had they followed your advice back then, there would be no Model 3 in 2017.

The process of creating new car, from the first ideas to the start of production is a process that takes years and takes engineers with specific capabilities in each of the design phases.

So the people making the sketches and clay models for the Model S, Model X and Model 3 have moved on to their next project: Model Y. This is business as usual. All auto manufacturers have different models in different stages of development.

That the CEO is closely involved in this long term work is logical. That he drops a hint here and there about where the company is going nothing out of the ordinary.

“It’s not the length, it’s the girth!”

How many Model 3 reservations will switch over to model y? That would be an interesting poll. More than 1/2?

I doubt it. I know I’m not waiting another 3-4 years for a Model Y.

why not one of each?

No urgency. Please start selling Model-3 and fill the 370,000 backlog. This is good enough market and when the sales start, more people will put their deposits.

I’m surprised to see that the Model Y will be a completely new platform. I thought they were going to build it off of the Model 3 platform.

The all-new approach is cool in that it will allow them to implement improvements in design and production, but makes it a lot bigger enterprise than if they simply built off the Model 3.

Not to mention it also means we are waiting till 2020. When they could literally slap on the taller body panels and have the thing out next year.

How ‘And’ of them.

Freaking spell check. ‘Apple’.
Time for you guys to switch to disqus. No edits are annoying.

Translation, the Model 3 is no where near the best we can do, but we rushed it out to make everyone happy.

At this point they cannot afford to not make the model 3, but I sure wish they would held off on it.