Tesla Model Y To Have 3-Row Seating: Production At Giga 1 & In China


The information was revealed through a set of internal documents.

In an internal document released to Tesla employees a few weeks before the October earnings call, several details about the future Tesla Model Y electric crossover were reportedly revealed. While the document is now marked as outdated, it still gives us a pretty good picture of where the California based carmaker is heading with its new model.

The Model Y is said to be based on the Model 3, sharing its platform and several other hardware features. According to the document, Tesla planned to build its new Model Y at the Tesla Nevada Gigafactory 1, and the yet to be revealed China Gigafactory 3 that has been all over the news in recent months.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Render Via Peisert Design

The Model Y SUV Crossover production ramp-up at both factories would lead Tesla to about 7,000 and 5,000 cars for the Nevada and China factory, respectively, by 2021. However, a Tesla spokesperson, when approached on the matter by the Business Insider, said that the information in the document is already outdated.

“The timelines and information shared here are outdated. When we have details to announce, we will certainly share them. In the meantime, we remain focused on Model 3, which we are excited to bring to Europe and China early next year,” the company representative said.

The documents that were reviewed by Business Insider outline all the manufacturing and design changes that are supposed to differentiate the Tesla Model Y from the platform it’s going to be based on – the Model 3. These include the addition of an IP riser, a center console riser and finally and most importantly, a third row of seats. And the latter, for many, is going to be the biggest deciding factor on the Model Y and quite frankly, what makes it a success or a flop.

We don’t think these plans are going to change much going forward, despite Tesla’s comment. Certainly, the production numbers might go either way, but the third row of seats is probably not going anywhere. And the 7,000 for Nevada and 5,000 for China production volume wise, doesn’t seem that far off either.

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So then, this seems to confirm the speculation that Tesla plans to add an auto assembly factory to its Gigafactory 1 in Nevada.

Or at least, confirms that Tesla recently had such plans. I agree with the writer of this article on this point: “We don’t think these plans are going to change much going forward…”

Where else in the USA would Tesla build the Model Y? The Fremont factory is already so maxed out that they’ve put partial assembly lines under tents in the parking lot, so it’s not believable that Tesla can build the Model Y there. Plus, it’s not like you can build a new auto assembly plant, nor refurbish and hire workers for an old one, in stealth mode. If Tesla is going to assemble the Model Y in the USA, then Gigafactory 1 seems to be the only place it can do so.

Go Tesla! Keep going Tesla!

Don’t forget Tesla will move Asia Model 3 production to China as well as Asia Model Y. I think they said S & X stay here but that may change too. There will be a Europe Gigafactory as well. IMO, Tesla should do another CAP raise to pull Giga 3 & 4 forward as much as possible to get to the level of scale and footprint they ultimately need.

Building factories at each continental market will save money in the long run.

I guess VW will sell some of their factories in the next time, if they continue sleeping. Maybe an option.

US spec models will still be built in the US. China and Europe have their own factories for their own cars.

Slow down koz I think Tesla has enough on its plate right now. I’d rather see them concentrate on profitably and paying down debt. Especially since next year we’ll probably be in a recession.

No, it at best confirms that building the Y at GF1 was the plan. Based on the low employment rates near GF1, there is a reasonable chance those particular plans have changed.

I added a commented earlier that the article that was on Inside EV a couple weeks ago about a warehouse that the exterior was almost complete seemed more like a possible TMY factory than a warehouse.
I posted a comment yesterday and David said it couldn’t be a factory because the area wasn’t zoned manufacturing. I respect your opinion your spot on about all things Tesla what’s your thoughts.

Can you stop already repeating that nonsense about the “tent” having anything to do with the Fremont plant being “maxed out”? It doesn’t save space — it needs *more* space than a multi-story building; and there are several buildings from the original expansion plan that haven’t even been constructed yet. Going with a Sprung structure was all about time, and nothing else.

What the heck is an “IP riser”? I’m also not too clear what a center console riser is either.

Instrument Panel. Higher seating position vs T3 means interior parts need to be raised up.

Thank you for this. Googled, and couldn’t find an answer.

thank you…i was wondering the same thing.

Googling [center console riser] brings up images like the one below.

But even Mr. Google doesn’t seem to know what an “IP riser” is. 🙁


Internet protocol riser card.

Swappable module, so can be upgraded from wifi/4g to Startlink receiver in the future.

I hope that comment is meant to be a joke?…

Biggest deciding factor for me (besides the third row) are the doors. It needs something automatic so kids don’t slam them into things.

Sliding or falcon wing door – great, sign me up.

Otherwise I’ll be looking into getting a used Model X instead. Should be a nice flood of those with AP 2 coming off of three years leases around this time next year…

forget it. As superior as they are to hinged doors, sliding doors makes people think “minivan” which in the USA is a deal killer. Falcon doors will be too expensive.

I have 4 kids and if it’s cheaper I’d be just fine with a Tesla minivan looking model y. 3 rows puts this on the map for me.

God/Yahweh/Allah bless you. When I went from 1 dog to 2 my life felt too busy. Can’t imagine 4 kids.

I love sliding doors! I love minivan! You guys have been brainwashed so badly! LOL

I certainly hope that Tesla doesn’t put the problematic falcon-wing doors on the Model Y. And Tesla seems to be allergic to minivan-style sliding doors. Too bad; I’d love to see those on both the Model X and the Model Y.

I would take sliding doors too. They work well, are cheap and can easily be made with automatic open/close feature. They can give huge access to the vehicle, they don’t hit other vehicles or objects and require no extra sensors to prevent them from hitting stuff over the car.

It leaves the roof free for a roof rack for a kayak, canoe and a ski box. . Or even some building supplies, without bothering with a trailer for just a few long items.
Can fit multiple bikes too.

Agreed, but they’re not sexy.

I’d be happy with normal doors and rear facing 6,7 seats like the Model S.

The Model S’s 3rd row seats work very well. Being rear facing works fine, but the Y needs to hold full size kids as mine are getting too big for the S.

Vehicles with minivan doors don’t sell well. They’ve solved the Falcon wing issues on X, so I magine it would be a lot easier to replicate on Y. I’ll only buy the Y with regular doors or Falcon doors. But without Falcon, will probably buy another 3, a used S/X, or just wait for truck.

I agree regarding past problems probably being a non-issue by now. Might still be prohibitively expensive, though?…

I’m confused as to what’s wrong with sliding doors. The front doors could be sliding doors too as far as I’m concerned.

Can’t you teach your kids not to slam them? Whenever I see kids throw open a door and hit a car in an adjacent spot, I cringe that the parents have no respect for others. If they can’t teach them not to do that, least they can do is park away from other cars.

I did it once as a child and then never again. My dad said if I put a mark in the door, he’d put a mark on me.

Seems like Tesla should be able to sustain 10K/mo or more demand for the Model 3 once the rest of the world is open. Based on current US vehicle preferences, I think close to 10K/mo Model Y is realistic for North America alone if the get the price and functionality right (enough seating, acceptable room, etc). The rest of the world should be another 10K/mo.

You mean per week right?


I hope they don’t make a scaled down copy of the Model X. Normal flat roof, hatch back and standard doors please. Don’t even want frameless windows in the doors as they cause problems in cold climates. Nothing fancy just concentrate on getting the price down.

The Model Y factory had to be at Gigafactory 1 or on the highway from there to Freemont, like Tesla’s new warehouse they are building in Lathrop. I thought Lathrop was the ideal location because close to larger population of workers, but if that is not an issue, then Gigafactory in Nevada is the better choice. If this is true then the Tesla Semi and follow-on products like Roadster 2 and pick-up are likely to be built there too.

Lathrop isn’t zoned for manufacturing.

Don’t think you’ll get your wish. They’ll start at at least 5k more then 3. Fully optioned one’s first. So probably around $70k or $80k for P version. People are going to want it to be cool/desirable. So frameless windows and Falcon doors. Or at least not minivan doors.

That will be some seriously cramped 3rd row. Model X is already cramped enough in the 3rd row, I don’t see how the Model 3 would be any better…

Yeah, particularly with headroom! I am very surprised that they are going to try and squeeze a third row into that thing. Unless the wheelbase is going to be longer than the 3, I can’t fathom a third row. Maybe they’ll be rated only for children under a certain height? And maybe, like the X, it will be optional?

The 3’s wheelbase is just 3.5″ less than the X, so it is possible for Tesla to make the Y’s 3rd row reasonably roomy and easy to enter, but it is going to be tough. But isn’t the S’s wheelbase slightly longer than the X? Could they end up stretching the Y by an inch or so, without busting the bank on a complete redesign? It wouldn’t take much more WB to make the Y a lot roomier.

If Tesla has to stretch the 3 platform longer than X, then what is the point of Y? Just a more cramped but cheaper version of the X?

With the aero requirement, it will be limited in headroom. And potentially leg room won’t be better either.

Well, they did say the plans are outdated. Maybe they’ve changed their mind.

Agreed I’m surprised by the mention of a 3rd row. For a third row to be useful you’re talking about a pretty large vehicle which means it’s also going to be costly.

I was surprised by the 3rd row mention also, but Model 3 really has more passenger space than Model S. The short nose provides some extra room with the same wheelbase.

My wife has a 2014 GMC Acadia, and it really has the best interior layout (2, 2 with walkthrough, 3) of any SUV on the market. Tesla needs to figure out how to squeeze that seating into the Y. Even a 6 seat layout (with a walk through 2nd row) like X would be great, but all the seats need to fold flat.

I would expect a more kid-friendly 3rd row vs. adult friendly. That would be normal for the CUV midsize class. More like a Ford Explorer than a Chevy Suburban of a full-size van.

That means Tesla has run out of brains trying to differentiate its products from competitors so as to charge a premium! NOT! I been thouroughly disappointed by Tesla’s dishonest upscale strategy! What’s left in America? Only marketing and sales ppl trying to justify their existence by sticking it to customers?

VANJA KLJAIC, please clarify, your “And the 7,000 for Nevada and 5,000 for China”, seems undefined! Is that: Per Day, Per Week, Per Month, or Total, or what?

Yes, please clarify as this is mentioned that way twice in the article.

With your name, I’m surprised you need to ask… 😉

On Tesla Today: “Analyst Garrett Nelson of investment researcher CFRA raised his price target to $420 Tuesday.”

Just coincidence, I’m sure! 😉

Real NIO ES6 killer

Y Not ⁉️

I always expected the Model Y to be a smaller version of the X, without the winged doors. With the next gen X evolving that design further. The Y will be the X more people wanted but could not afford.

But either way I am sure Tesla will get it right.

Elon has previously said the Y will have Falcon wing doors. Of course, a lot of things he says don’t come to fruition, but he still has a better track record than most.

A couple weeks ago there was an article about a building Tesla was building several miles I think from the Gigafactory 1. That the article said it was going to be a warehouse. I remember my initial reaction was that this is where there gonna build the TMY. The exterior of the building at the time looked close to being completed.
Maybe there further along on actually building a TM3 than there letting on.

It’s not zoned for manufacturing.

They might use it for parts storage to free up space a Fremont to add Model Y lines.

If it is going to have 3 rows, is it going to be like the rear facing 3rd row that was in the Model S?

The the Y was supposed to be smaller than the X, but adding a 3rd row, sound like it may be an X replacement. Perhaps Tesla is planning to drop the current X and build a true SUV based on their truck platform (think Rivian truck and SUV)?

I’ll pass on any Tesla. They are for the rich only and upper middle classes. They will NEVER be for the guy making $25,000 a year with a wife making another $15,000 a year. You just can’t afford to throw away a year’s plus salary on a car–especially when a married couples needs two of them most likely (rarely do married couples work in the same part of town). I’ll also pass on upgrading my 2017 Leaf to a newer 2019 with bigger battery as once again Nissan takes the cheap approach and refuses to add battery cooling or CCS. Nissan takes the cake for killing it’s own EV business. Instead I’ll consider a Kia or Chinese car from a company that is progressive (instead of backwards like Nissan). Of course I’ll never buy a Detroit EV because they will never make a good Interstate car for the masses. The Bolt is a joke with it’s 50 kW charging rates. No thanks Detroit. No thanks Japan.

New cars should never be bought by a guy making $25k a year.

Yeah, a household income of $40k is basically poverty in most urban and suburban areas of the country. Buying new isn’t smart (for anyone really, due to depreciation, but it’s a fun luxury),

That was a particularly corporate sounding statement for Tesla. Well done.

Sounds very much like other statements from their communications team…

I predicted the Y will only be built in China, lets see.

Tesla does not want to ship products over oceans according to their business plan.

They said months ago that it will be built in China — in addition to the US, of course.

“a third row of seats”

No rear-facing child seats please.

Rivian sped up things for sure.

That makes no sense. Rivian doesn’t have anything that will come out before the original Model Y timeline, nor anything that would compete with the Model Y in a meaningful way. And they won’t have the production volumes to affect Tesla’s sales for years to come, if ever.

Isn’t giga 1 Fremont and giga 2 Nevada?

Giga 1 is Nevada. Giga 2 is in Buffalo (Solar City)

Fremont doesn’t produce billions of anything… Unlike other companies, Tesla has a tendency to use these prefixes only where they actually apply, rather than just meaningless superlatives.

To have 3-row seating as an option, I truly hope …

If it really has 3 row seating, and of course a trailer hitch (’cause I guess 4 kids and holyday luggage won’t fit into it) I’d immediately take one. Ok, let’s first take a look at the 2nd row middle seat, just to be sure if it would suit for a 5th kid.