Tesla Model X Winter Driving Tips – Video

White Tesla Model X snow


With winter now heavily upon us, it’s the perfect time to present this video featuring tips for using the Tesla Model X in cold weather.

Tesla Model X In The Snow

Tesla Model X In The Snow

In addition to some simple tips, the video discusses the vehicle’s cold-weather package, a necessity for anyone living in colder regions around the globe.

Video description:

“We recently got 5″ of snow so I took the Model X out to see how it performs in the snow. I also discuss the cold weather package and provide some tips for using a Tesla in the cold weather. Let me know in the comments if I forgot any good cold weather tips!”

Though this video focuses on the X, much of the tips discussed here, such as relying heavily on heating seats/steering wheel so as not to reduce range significantly, apply to all other electric cars.

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Tesla really shouldn’t put summer tires on any Model X that it sells in snow belt states. The tire rubber on summer tires gets as hard as a hockey puck in frigid temperatures. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

Better have two sets of wheels, summer/winter. All-seasons are a poor compromise all year round in snow areas.

Not Tesla’s fault if some drivers are too cheap to get proper tires.

In Quebec, Canada, you are obligated by law to have proper winter tires. This way no one can be too cheap 😉

While the factory 20″ m+s worked fine in regular snow thanks to all wheel drive I am still considering buying a separate set of Nokian hakka r2 for more extreme winter conditions. I heard the 22″ factory tires are summer tires and will not work for snow and ice at all, if you got those you need to invest into a winter tire set unless you stay in CA and out of the snowy mountains

Some have a tip for cleaning the model x windows in winter? All my wiper fluid is kind of thrown off the window when it comes out of the wiper itself, this causes the window to be really dirty on the driver’s side and the driver can barely see a thing.

Great video, Brett. I also live in Denver. I got my Model X early last April, so I went through a few snows last year before Spring. The biggest miss on the Tesla app is the ability to start the defroster. You can, of course, turn the heater on remotely, but not the defrost. It is great that if the seat heaters were one when you left the car, it ‘remembers that when you turn on the remote heater. The trick is, you need to remember to turn on the heaters before you leave the car.

Yeah, Brett, I’d be interested in knowing how much the range decreases in cold weather for those times when the car is NOT plugged in.

Or another way of saying that would be, to keep the car at a certain charge level, how many kwh does it require from the mains per day?