Tesla Model X Windshield Replacement Cost Is Only $880


The Tesla Model X has one of the biggest windshields of any automobile available today, but that front panoramic piece of glass isn’t nearly as expensive to replace as you might think.

Model X owner Bobby Kansara recently discovered what it costs to replace the Model X’s windshield. As he explained over at Tesla Motors Club forum:

“Driving back from Mount Rushmore on a family road trip for the long weekend, a large rock hit my Model X windshield and put a medium sized crack in it.”

Bobby took his X in for a replacement windshield at a Tesla service center and was initially quoted $2,290 plus tax. Turns out, that quote was incorrect.

Jon McNeill Head of Global Sales and Tesla VP chimed in on the forum to clear up the situation:

“Bobby — this was the result of a parts price mistake in our system. Our service team will reach out to you to give you a corrected estimate.”

Bobby later commented:

“I am happy to report to everyone that the CORRECT price of the windshield replacement is approx. $880 (NOT $2300 as I was originally quoted). Once again, Tesla comes through with exquisite customer service! Frankly, I am very pleasantly surprised as I thought the cost of the windshield replacement would be much, much higher. Either way, the Model X remains the greatest thing I have every purchased.”

That’s inline with an average windshield, which costs approximately $400 to replace with an aftermarket part or in the ballpark of $1,000 for an OEM piece of glass. And actually, that $880 replacement cost (+ install) is a fair bit cheaper than you’d expect, especially given the size of the X’s windshield.

Source: Tesla Motors Club Forum

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Sunshade is $110, but entire windshield is only $880?

Actually, it’s less than $880 for just the windshield part. The $880 includes the Tesla Service Center’s $150/hr-$174/hr labor rate to remove the old windshield and install a new windshield, plus the cost of the Tesla approved adhesive.

That seems even more incredible. Maybe a 1 is missing in front of 880?

No it’s not. The $ 880 is the part cost. Total cost is $ 1370:

“Just giving an update on the numbers. Dropped off my X at the Tesla SC, and the quote to replace the windshield is $1370 (total cost including parts and labor). In my experience, this is cheaper than a competing luxury car brand charges for a much smaller and less compelling windshield.”


Something seems fishy here… 😉

Nothing fishy, just some wrong numbers (see my reply above)

“That’s inline with an average windshield”

Right, which tells me that Tesla is selling it at a loss so as not to look bad. They probably said “As long as we’re making up a number let’s pick a lucky one. $888 is too obvious so let’s say $880.”

I think that’s about it.


Or they are selling it at cost. Didn’t Tesla say something about not trying to make money on service parts?


Yep, Elon once said the service centers would aim for break-even.

That’s what I read as well.

Or it could very well be that the original part price in the system was based off of very small one-off production numbers that Tesla was probably having to pay before the Model X went into production. And now the price is based upon mass production prices that Tesla is now paying to their supplier.

The cost of car parts is heavily dependent upon volume. One-off parts production is at least a full order of magnitude more expensive than regular mass production.

We will know for sure once the aftermarket glass makers start offering a Model X windshield. If they come in less than the OEM windshield, then this price is probably legitimate. Because nobody will be subsidizing a loss-leader part price for aftermarket parts.

We’ll see.

the model X is not a mass produced car. i’d be surprised if there was much of an aftermarket for tesla parts.

You’re firing off too soon.

In reality total cost is 1370, which is perfectly reasonable for a car in that segment.

It may be that cheap, they make their own glass, there are no middlemen making a cut.

Doesn’t matter what their cost is. It is a luxury brand, so expect luxury brand prices. $2290 probably wasn’t a mistake but with all the recent bad press on the Model X, this price reduction is for PR.

Remember the BS Tesla gave when asked about parts pricing? “We need the VIN to quote a price” I like their cars but not the way they try to rip people off. Expensive annual service that does hardly anything. Rear jump seats that went from $1500 to $3000 and so on.

$9k for a 15kw battery upgrade 😉

Tesla does NOT make its own glass. The Model X windshield is made in Peru by specialty glass maker AGP.


It doesn’t make any sense for Tesla to make its own glass. That would be taking vertical integration to a ridiculous extreme. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.”

What’s next, will someone claim Tesla makes its own tires too? 🙄

It’s probably more exciting to drive the car without a windshield. If it was hard to lean forward in ludicrous mode with a windshield, how much cooler would it be without?

I had to replace my MS windshield due to a large rock smashing it. My local service center took me in immediately for repair and the next day I had a new windshield for $1,100…

Large rock, eh? What did she catch you doing?

(i kid! i kid!)

We had to replace the windshield on our Model S back in July 2013 due to rock damage also. Cost was $1276 OTD

Doesn’t broadform cover this?

All the more proof that this “$2290 mistake, really only $880” is PR damage control. They’ll rip you off if they can get away with it. Yes, Elon said the service centers are not profit driven, but Tesla owns them and Tesla is desperate to get profits wherever and whenever it can (more so since cost of vehicle sold is getting lower – few takeup on optional upgrades).

ONLY $800?

That was my reaction, too. Obviously a lot of people are much richer than I am!

I JUST had my Spark EV’s windshield cracked (thank you a-hole dump truck driver).

I’m not sure the exact price of a ’16 Spark EV windshield, since you can’t even buy it online, but the list price for a ’15 Spark’s windshield is $567! How the Model X’s ginormous windshield is only $300 more boggles my mind.

The Spark is made in small numbers. I suppose it doesn’t use a standard windshield size and shape, either.

Small batch production = high per-unit cost.

Still clinging to the idea that SparkEV is unique, purpose built EV? I agree SparkEV is uniquely fantastic, but much of it is pretty much SparkGas, car that sells more than Tesla. SparkGas windshield costs $443.73, add in labor could be $567.


Chevy Cruze costs “quoted $728 + tax” so Tesla windshield pricing seems way too low.

Call the dump truck company. That happened to me and I got a check from them in about a week. They are insured for this so don’t let them wiggle out of it. Just call them.

Sounds like Tesla is eating the cost with no markups at all on the service for PR reasons.

$880 is still about 2x the price of typical windshield though.

Yes, volume helps price, maybe there are many of them getting replaced already.. LOL

To put into perspective, a Nissan LEAF OEM windshield is $800.08 MSRP. My local dealer charges $656.12, so obviously a lot of markup there.

Domestic automakers, on the other hand, have a lot cheaper parts. A Ford F-150 OEM windshield, for example, costs $362.58 MSRP.

“costs $362.58 MSRP.”

That is with markup already…

I think I remember that Ford looked at Corning’s new glass for use in Ford (Gorilla glass?) And it was deemed too thin and not good enough for noise insulation. But if I remember correctly, the price was around $150 or less if the deal went through… That is pretty cheap.

most of the cost is for the custom tooling. once you’ve borne the tooling cost, the manufacturing and fabrication cost isn’t going to be much different from any other glass. so yeah, the extra cost is due to the fact that the tooling cost is being spread out over a smaller volume.

Based on a couple of invoices posted over on TMC, the MS windshield costs $875, add to that sealant, labor, other parts like a new rain sensor and it gets you to the ~1100-1300 installed costs folks are paying.

The MX windshield does seem like a bargain by comparison, but as Tesla volume has gone up, parts pricing has actually come down over time, so for the MX, higher volume commitments for the MX would translate to lower parts costs.

It’s a bargain at 880$ per windshield … Wow, just the world we live in, eh?

I always wondered what is the avg household of this posting pool here.

when you’re not actually a buyer (which applies to most of the people who post here) everything is cheap.

The actual size of the windshield is pretty much irrelevant to the cost to manufacturer of producing it (the raw materials for glass, even the hi-tech, coated safety glass used for automotive, are cheap).
Cost is a function of inventory-carrying costs, aupply chain issues etc.

Get used to paying that over and over… that windshield will be cracked many more times just because of it’s enormous size … and Tesla is definitely subsidizing the part repair costs.. no doubt here.. I replaced a windshield for an o8 Honda Accord with Pilkington sunshaded glass and it was under $300 installed by AAA in my driveway tax included… I for one thing that Tesla will take a loss on that glass for quite a while to save face.. and that $2000 price is more like it .. I don’t give a crap… that MX is not desirable to me…I don’t care if you GIVE me one..I’d sell it and get another MS..and it isn’t a 100% either… bunch of fanboys here.. and stock protectors … I have a Tesla..not their stock.. or solar city or spaceX …Tesla sells ..and sales outfits lie.. ANYTHING to sell… it’s been going on for 1000 years.. ain’t changing anytime soon… later..going for a ride in the MS 90D…

i kind of share your suspicion. the quoted cost of the tesla windshield seems very low. i would have expected the cost of a tesla windshield would be more in line with the cost of a replacement windshield for a benz-o. i believe the cost of a replacement window for a benz-o is over $2,000. it’s a low volume item. by contrast, the windshield for a honda accord is a comparatively high volume item so the tooling cost is spread out over a much larger volume making the window less expensive.

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a windshield crack quite like that.

/wonder if it’s because the X glass is so much more structural than a normal car/windshield?

there is nothing unusual about this shatter pattern. windshields are non-tempered laminated glass.

Looks like stress cracks, … away from the point of impact. That seems unusual to me.

Put a super big windshield with large structural loads in an aluminum frame (thermal coefficient of expansion greatly exceeds steel) … and you’ve got a windshield set to pop (?)

The size of the windshield provides a larger target for a rock to hit.. there can be no doubt about that… more glass area means more rocks and stone chips and cracks.. what is the repacement cost for a regular non cold weather MS windshield? Can that be replaced and installed for under $600 by Tesla?? The X glass is $880 plus tax.. this guy above quoted $1350 installed with tax….. everytime a rock hits that monster windshield? Still sounds cheap… safe travels.. I have a feeling will be seeing a lot of MXs being driven with broken windshields… no problems here..

I seem to recall my RAV4 EV’s windshield was over $1200 with no generics available due to the humidity sensor. Insurance paid for it…..

1000$ for a subaru Impreza over here…

I own a Model X and I also got a stone chipped windshield. And now it’s expanding, even after fixing it thru a epoxy resin filling. So, just called Bellevue Tesla Service center in WA. The current cost of replacement is $900 part and $500 for labor. And it takes 1 whole to get it done. They are willing to provide a loaner car if available. So, total damage cost: $1400