Tesla Model X vs. Tesla Model S (Range, Acceleration, Price in U.S.)

OCT 15 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Tesla Informs Model X Reservation Holders That It Will Be Opening Up More Configurations Soon, Hopes To Release All By Year's End

Tesla Model X

The Tesla Motors’ Model X will be available only in AWD versions and the top 90 kWh versions (90D, P90D and P90D called P90DL) at first.

The pricing has yet to be announced outside of initial Signature offerings, but we have already had multiple signals that the expected price for the Model X will be $5,000 above a comparable Model S.

As the Tesla Model X 90-series has already got EPA rating, we can compare X with S. There is however a catch, because Model S 90-series got rated strictly from 85-series data, despite 5 kWh more energy and expected up to 6% more range. We added about +5% range to corresponding 85 versions to be able to more accurately see range differences between S and X.

In our estimations, Model S 90D should be rated at ~283 miles on the EPA metric, while the Model X 90D is rated at 257 miles. The estimated difference is 26 miles (9.2% less), which is a testament to the aerodynamics of the new electric SUV.

In the case of Model S P90D/P90DL and Model X P90D/P90DL the difference is about 16 miles, or nearly 6%.

Interesting gain comes from Ludicrous mode – 0.6 seconds quicker accleration in the X (nearly 16% quicker to 60mph), while only 0.3 seconds in the S (nearly 10% quicker).

Tesla Model S/X comparison for U.S. - October 2015

Tesla Model S/X comparison for U.S. – October 2015

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OT but does anyone know how the interior volumes compare….I mean that’s the whole idea with the X right?

The actual interior volume of the MX may be a misleading number, because — at least for the initial Signature version — the 2nd row seats can neither be folded flat nor removed. So that entire row of seats will be in the way of loading cargo. In fact, from discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum, you can get larger (or at least longer) single items in the Model S, in which you can fold the 2nd row seats flats. However, the MX has higher headroom, so you could get a taller item in there. Model S cargo space: 58.1 cubic feet, plus 5.3 cubic feet in the frunk. (Note frunk space is decreased by maybe half in dual motor “D” units.) Oddly enough, Tesla has not released the specs for the X’s cargo capacity yet. Best I can do is quote from a post to the Tesla Motors Club forum, where someone reported measurements taken with his own tape measure. The rest of this post is a quote: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Rear cargo well, 45x15x18″ deep, above the cargo shelf, 18″ to the curve of the hatch (lowest point). 12″ from back of 3rd row to hatch (approx) at top… Read more »

If you take out the seats in the calculation it would be interesting to know how they compare. I bet the interior volume is bigger in the X. It has to be because of its shape.

EPA’s site shows identical passenger and luggage space, which seems highly improbable. https://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/Find.do?action=sbs&id=36979&id=36786

Trying to combine two different metrics on a single axis of the chart makes it hard to read. In this case, 4 charts would do better.

another thing that sticks out is if you say “P” it means you get less range. Sure you get more accel but all that means is you get a ticket to pay.

Damn it Musk build a car that gets 250 miles to the charge and Cost between $30k to $55k. If you were to do this you could help solve our Dependence on Oil that would aid in cleaning up out Enviorment. Please do this. I would love to help you accomplish this. Allan

Alan, impatient much? Just can’t wait for that Model 3?
You will have a chance to see it unveiled next March, and if you like what you see, you will then be able to drop a $5,000 +/- reservation on one!

Get in quick when it is unveiled or you will have to stand in line much longer to complete you order process and take delivery, beyond the 2nd half of 2017!

You might have to take a higher range / higher performance model 3 at the beginning, if that is OK with you!

Most analysts think the reservation cost will be a lot less then 5000. This is logical because tesla is targeting people with smaller wallets for the model 3.