Tesla Model X – Video Interview With Owner


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

The interview begins in French, but then quickly transitions to English.

Josh Abrams is the owner of the Tesla Model X Signature edition featured in this video. He’s owned it for nearly one month now.

Not surprisingly, the Model X draws quite a crowd, as should be expected when a stylish, new SUV turns up on the streets of Boca Raton, Florida.

The all-black exterior (rims painted) contrasts sharply with the ultra-white interior.

The exterior, interior and operation of the Falcon doors are all highlighted in this near 7-minute video featuring the X.


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the guy giving the interview Jacque Duval ,a former race car driver how is really popular
in quebec as a car jounalist.he also owns a model s.

Wow – that third row has head space really close to the hatch, or so it seems in the picture.

I finally test-drove a Model S last week, and loved it. I want to test-drive an X before I make a decision. I haven’t even seen one in person, yet.

I’m considering leasing an S or X, and then buying a III when the 3 years are up. It should be in production, and most bugs fixed, by then.