Tesla Model X Versus Hummer H2 – Tug Of War Video

Tesla Model X


It appears that Bjørn Nyland really wants to solidify the fact that his job is pulling fossil cars.

Tesla Model X

2016 Tesla Model X P90DL

We have yet another Tesla Model X (Optimus Prime) tug of war video. This time, Nyland attempts to outmatch an EPA favorite, the Hummer H2.

In all honesty, the EPA didn’t even analyze the 2003 H2, although various sources put it at a whopping 10-12 mpg. Comparing the 2016 Tesla Model X P90D to 2006 Hummer H2 (which is the first year the EPA reported H2 figures and is more efficient than the 2003 model) on the EPA’s website reveals a savings of $8,000 a year by choosing the Tesla over the Hummer.

As you can see, this footage was filmed at the site in NAF Trafikksenter, Våler, Norway. Did Nyland get Optimus Prime repaired in a record-setting five days?

Tesla Model X competitor?

2003 Hummer H2

Perhaps he abused the Model X with a bunch of different games of tug of war prior to beating it up on the track. How much more abuse can this Tesla endure?

Anyhow, have a look at how the Model X fares in a series of different tug of war matches.

Video Description via Bjørn Nyland on YouTube:

I challenged a Hummer on my last video. And then a guy showed up with his Hummer H2. It was a good fight.

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Gorgon Destroyer of Worlds ...and Stamp Collector

There’s a lot of ice and water on the ground and that made it about weight and tyres. I’d like to have seen what happened on some decent dryer tarmac.

Given the Hummer is a decade old and half the horsepower it did pretty good.

Wow Model-X is able to hold against mighty hummer. May be they should try P100D vs Hummer H2 and see how it goes.

So, I am confused, the Hummer has 3 different traction control settings??
How does that work?

I take that back, they are both studded. I wish I could delete my post now.

Nice. The Hummer has a nearly two thousand pound weight advantage on the Model X. I guess fancy traction control is at play here.

Wow. Buying a Tesla instead of a Hummer would save you $80,000 over 10 years.

Why are there moose and skier figures hanging from overhead wires?

Where’s the test on snow, grass, dirt, rocks, etc.

In these tests (as people have done for all sorts of vehicles), they pit the vehicle they want to win with street tires against a truck with off-road tires, and do the test on hardtop. At least in this case the street tires lost the “fixed” test when appropriate traction control was enabled, and would have been beat very badly off the hardtop.

The next thing they should try is to do a head on collision and see which driver survives…

I am willing to bet that H2 will get on the top of the Model X and crushes it.

Here are the big diffs that mattered, right?

Also it was interesting to see how traction control compared in the last test!

5730 lbs & 265mm (10.5″) wide tires – Model X
7050 lbs & 381mm (15.0″) wide tires – Hummer