Tesla Model X Versus Diesel Audi SQ7 – Race Video


Dirty diesel versus pure electric.

Or Audi SQ7 versus Tesla Model X 100D.

This is not the performance version of the Model X, so it’s not necessarily a given that the electric SUV will come out on top.

Video description:

“Imagine you have around £100,000 to spend on an SUV and six friends to carry. The thing is, you’re always in a massive hurry, so you absolutely must own the quickest car for the job. To answer this most first-world of problems, I pitch the diesel-powered Audi SQ7 – complete with magnificent 4.0-litre V8 – against the Tesla Model X 100D to find out which is fastest.”

“In the last of my internal combustion vs battery power face-offs, the Tesla Model S managed to edge out the Nissan GT-R. So can the pride of fossil fuels really rely on a diesel SUV? Find out as I put the pair through their paces.”

Even this lesser version of the Model X proves its might though. And it even wins in some other less-expected tests.

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I thoroughly enjoy these types of vids. Thx.

Does anyone else get a little annoyed when people call a test like this The “fastest”. What they should be announcing is the quickest.

Just a small pet peeve.

No. Only quick vs fast trolls care.

They should do this race with a Thule box mounted on the roof of each SUV to show real-world performance.

Oh, wait. The Model X can’t carry a Thule box because of the falcon-wing doors.

If you had both of them with their doors open in some pedestrian high traffic area no one would even notice the Audi SQ7, they would be all gathered around the Model X.. That should tell you something. The falcon-wing doors are actually a positive selling feature.

There actually is a thule box you can put on the Model X with suction cups that is said to be pretty legit, and if you put it on only one side then the other falcon wing door can still open. I personally have only used the hitch for the bike rack, and I absolutely love the falcon wing doors, not just because they look cool but also because of the ease of entry and cover in rain.

Some day electric vehicles will be viable when compared to internal combustion..

Someday is today…wake up son.


“Not many launch their car so time for a test that’s more realistic. So now we’re going to have a rolling race from 50 mph.”

Why isn’t launching from a stoplight realistic? It’s one of the most common things you do driving around town. Only a percentage of daily miles are driven at highway speeds.

Most people don’t constantly race from a launch or rolling at 50 mph either. Just occasionally if you need to get over a lane whether it’s on a surface street at a light or at highway speeds on the highway. One isn’t more “realistic” than the other.

I do it every day. Passing on a 2 lane road when slow driver in front of me. My Audi A3 and now my Ford Fusion Titanium could get past those people VERY quickly which increases the safety of everyone involved as well as allowing me to get to work way quicker. I’m not one of those idiots that is taking chances in traffic either, but the country road I drive tends to have lots of that guy driving that thing with that trailer and he’s doing 50. With a slight roll in the terrain you may have to wait miles for a proper opening and when it comes be able to take advantage. So yes I never cared about passing acceleration on freeway commuting, but now I do. It is absolutely mandatory. And no Audi exists that isn’t crazy fun to do this in. The precision and confidence doing it an Audi gives you is worth a lot of money to me.
So the Tesla should be a hoot. This test has less to say about the Audi than it does the Tesla.

Going all the way to 60 isn’t realistic. Accelerating from a stop with EVs has always been great. Even the Honda Insight with its IMA assist could get going pretty fast from a stoplight. That’s one of the best things about electrics.

The rear seat in that Audi, ouch!

Acceleration ferocity is apparently what physicists call jerk, the derivative of acceleration.

The video indirectly touched on one of the best aspects of EVs: instant throttle response. Even the fairly stodgy Leaf will accelerate instantly when you hit the throttle, whereas most gas cars have to take half a second to a second to get into gear. For that reason a lot of these “0 to X” tests are a bit flawed. I can definitely floor it and get through a stoplight that’s turned yellow easier with my Leaf than I could with my previous Civic.

Of course, the Civic is hardly a sports card. That being said, I suspect the Leaf and other EVs also stack up well against more powerful gas cars in that sort of situation. You’re not really accelerating very far or very long, just momentarily gunning it to get through before the light changes.

To be clear, what I mean is in that sort of situation, where you’re only accelerating for one or two seconds, the half a second lag to change gears puts the gas car really far behind. So, even if it theoretically accelerates faster once it’s finally ready to go, it can’t make up the deficit.

I don’t even see the point of doing tests like that, given one is electric and the other a normal ICE car. The properties of the electric motor will make it a winner every time . . unless they test it against a more extreme car like the Koenigsegg Agera where any production EV would seem like they limp along… in the back. Koenigsegg Agera 0-400km/h in 20 seconds. When the Tesla reach it’s top speed the Koenigsegg Agera can drive 150km/h faster.. Which again would be a test with no point, as the Koenigsegg Agera cost way more – and not so many people drive above 150km/h in real life.. even on the Autobahn in Germany. Not to mention 300 or faster. When I was younger I had a motorcycle (Ninja) that was guaranteed to reach 300km/h or they would give you the money back. In the club they traveled to Germany to drive, and they got a t-shirt when they reached 300km/h. Life beging as 300, and the photo of a green Ninja was on the t-shirt. That was not for me. I prefer to live. A minor mistake at that speed, and you’re gone. An animal in… Read more »