Tesla Model X Versus Audi R8 – Race Video And Model X Review From Australia


Australia’s Drive automotive outlet recently got to test out the Tesla Model X (video of which below). The reviews opens with this statement:

Race Time

Race Time

“A seven-seat family car that’s faster than a Ferrari, with enough visual drama to rival Lamborghini.”

And concludes with this “Verdict” –

“Our day with the Model X reinforced what you might expect surrounding the model’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s blisteringly fast, with show-stopping design features and electric eco-cred rivals that cannot be matched. But those motorised doors are a novelty that could be a hindrance in everyday use, and the car itself is priced well out of reach of most motorists.”

“While this isn’t the car that will anchor Tesla’s future in Australia, it is a compelling model that will reinforce the brand’s identity, paving the way for its mass-produced Model 3 compact car in 2018.”

To test out that “fast than a Ferrari” level of performance, Drive pitted the Model X against an…Audi, in one of the shortest race video clips on YouTube.

Video (below): Drive’s review of the Tesla Model X


You can also find the full, exhaustive  written Drive review of the X here.

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Impressive, especially when you consider the weight, plus how much more air the Model X has to push out of the way, over the smaller Audi.

The Ludi-Egg Update should make that even more fun. 🙂

Lose with a 200.000$ car against a 130.000$ has to be hard but will be even worst to lose against the “economic” model of 50.000$.

The Tessa owner can gloat until a turn needs to be taken, then humility sets in quickly.

Tessa? The girl or the car?

Turn, where is that?
I hope humility get inside the car before.

I own the model S, P85+ (the plus is a US $12,500 suspension upgrade), and at 4500 lbs it still corners far better than any other car I have driven or owned – Porche, Corvette, BMW included. It has a very low center of gravity, with the bulk of the weight in the floorboard batteries; adjusts clearance height between 5-8 inches (rides at 6 normally but drops at higher speeds); and, allows for excellent speed control via the regenerative braking – when I was first learning to drive it, if I got intimidated I could let the regenerative kick in and slow me under full control with no fear of a skid. It turns out it was always me underestimating the car, it is on rails through turns. I once was going through a 35mph curve at over 70 and came upon a pothole around the bend; even at that speed I could simply adjust my curve to steer around it without breaking loose. I have never had the (admittedly expensive) tires more than chirp on turns, and the only time I have broken loose was a routine trip at 45 mph around a 25mph curve where some gravel had… Read more »

It may FEEL that way, but a Model S came to our BMW club track day and did not impress; quite the toad around a road course. Fast in a straight line, but that’s about it.

Wait. What? Tesla vs [insert car here] still making headline news, I see?

Agree. I think we have figured out by know that the Tesla has impressive acceleration, but would lose on most tracks against any car it is put against. Can we stop this nonsense now please(or at least stop talking about it)

Give it a rest already.

People don’t live or drive on the track, so why would anyone care about these dumb “loose on the track” comments.
U want a track car, u buy a track car (caterham).
Many teens with souped up civics and snapped shafts found that out the hard way)

wait for the first corner…

why do so many people, especially in au and the us think racing is about going a straight line? its neither realistic nor fun.

A Tesla massively throttles its power after a few minutes (about 3) of racing to avoid more damage by overheating. And insane and ludicrous modes are not healthy at all. The R8 is running perfectly normal.

Nevertheless electric cars performance in general is amazing. The bigger the battery, the better the power/weight ratio i.e. acceleration.

Model X is not a race car, the R8 is.
Real racing on public roads is something for idiots. The drivers mostly kill theselves and many other innocent people.
A quick acceleration from stop light is fun and mostly safe if you remember to keep the speed limit.

Of course it’s slow around a track. It’s not a race inspired car like an Audi or m3. It’s a heavy luxury car that sits 7. The fact that it beats a ferrari of the line is just the cherry on top of a great family SUV. If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree…