Tesla Model X Valet Mode Demonstration – Video


Both the Tesla Model S and Model X have a valet mode that can be activated when necessary. This mode, when activated, limits motor output and top speed:

  1. Maximum speed is limited to 70 MPH (113 kmh)
  2. Maximum performance is limited to 80kW.
Valet Mode On!

Valet Mode On!

There are a whole slew of other privacy related changes when valet mode is activated too, but the main purpose of this mode is to prevent a valet driver from joyriding in your car.

So, how does valet mode work? This video provides a rather comical comparison between valet mode on/off in a Tesla Model X.

Video description:

“Beware of the evil valet parker! Watch to see the difference between the Tesla Model X when valet mode is on, vs when it isn’t.”

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Nice job. Very entertaining and informative, but is it correct to say you can put stuff in the frunk. I believe someone can still access the frunk in valet mode from the emergency latch on the outside right. Would anyone be able to confirm this? I think it’s the one place you don’t want to put anything of value for safe keeping.

valet mode is needed only in the us.
nobody in europe would give his car to other hands,even not a vw golf,for sure not a tesla

frunk can be opened from outside,at the front bumper

Valet Mode also locks out access to Contacts, Settings, & Navigation History.

I like these guys and thier channel. Creative and fun. The “Tesla Time News” episodes are especially informative.

Can anyone explain to me why Valet Mode would have a top speed of 70 MPH? I would think that, say, 55 MPH would be more than sufficient for a valet to drive from a restaurant or other venue to a parking lot and back.

Valet Mode might double as a “guest” type of mode or “letting a family member or friend barrow the vehicle” type of mode

That latter suggestion of yours is what I was thinking, that perhaps “Valet mode” might be intended to also cover “Teen driver” mode, if you want to let your kids drive it.

Of course, since teens tend to be more tech-savvy than their parents, chances are they could figure out how to exit the “Valet mode” faster than dad could program it in! 🙂

Would be interesting to program performance parameters for each key fob. Master key needed to access performance parameters screen. This way, no worries about going to the car to set the performance limitations every time the kids want to use the car. Much like a valet key won’t access the glovebox or trunk.

Seems like even the highly vaunted Tesla had limitations. Why not make the parameters of valet mode configurable? I only do inner city parking, so I only want to allow 50mph, and I tested the acceleration and find 40wh is plenty, so let me set these things. Maybe even a distance setting, it can only go 5mi from where I set valet mode on? Many possibilities.

As to teen drivers or guests, just let me make a few profiles, then I can select the appropriate one at the time. Should all be pretty easy for these tech gurus at Tesla.