Tesla Model X User Interface – Video From Launch Event

OCT 3 2015 BY MARK KANE 11

Tesla Model X user interface

Tesla Model X user interface

Here is quick look at the Tesla Model X user interface provided by DragTimes right from the launch event.

As you can see in the video, both the instrument cluster and central touch screen are slightly modified from what you see in the Model S..

One of the most obvious differences in the image of the rear doors when opened.

Overall, the user interface seems clean in Tesla style.

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Over 700 Wh/mile! They must have been flogging it at the event. Lots of 0-60 runs around the event course.

Ha! 700 Wh/mile? My buddy uses that much in his electric truck all the time :-)-

That seems to be while towing based on the rearview shot. BTW “ARE YOU MOVING!!!?”

I guess they needed to simplify the graphics as they keep piling on things for the onboard computer to do…

Not a fan of the minimal design. I liked the display layout in the earlier GUI.

While watching the video the first thing that came to mind is what would happen if you were to hand the “keys” to a new Tesla to a computer-illiterate person. Yes, they still exist.

Some folks won’t drive anything that doesn’t have ignition points and a carburetor. You know… something that any Joe Blow can fix if something goes wrong.

It would be funny to watch with all the relays and whirring motors activated by the touch-screen 🙂

Can not somebody make a decent video? This is useless.

Anyway i am dissappionted after the launch of Model X. When will first models delivered? Are these all signatures? When will mine delivered when I order now. Many details miss on the website. Still there is NO trunk or frunk space pic! How does those seat row work? This why we buy a SUV in the first place…

I agree that this video can be frustrating to watch, but I’m guessing most folks were too excited to sit still 😉

Here are some interesting pics, posted by a Signature holder who attended the event:


Tons of videos, both on this website and others.

Tesla’s website also tells you that any new orders won’t be delivered until the 2nd half of next year (last time I checked).

You’re right tho, it’s almost like Tesla went out of their way to NOT overwhelm the audience, and only focus on a few features.

Who the blazes is that drunken, shrieking creature in the background?

Somebody’s girlfriend, unfortunately for him.

The instrument cluster is a lot more than slightly modified. It has caused quite the upheaval among some Tesla drivers due to the removal of key information or hiding it in an optional app.

I don’t know if anyone picked up on the sexual innuendos, which are numerous. There is that certain age 20-25 where everything gets turned into sexual double entendres.