Tesla Model X To Be Unveiled At 2015 NAIAS?


Tesla Model X Concept

Tesla Model X Concept

Model X Concept

Model X Concept

Analysts at Goldman Sachs were recently allowed inside Tesla Motors’ Fremont factory.

Following the visit, those analysts revealed that “a prototype of Tesla Motors next model, the Model X, will likely be unveiled at the Detroit auto show.”

The 2015 Detroit Auto Show (aka NAIAS) opens to the press on January 12.

We suspect that Tesla will unveil the Model X prior to the show, as the automaker stated that it will begin building Model X prototypes this Fall.

If the production-intent Model X doesn’t appear prior to the 2015 NAIAS, then we’d consider it delayed again.


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Tesla may unveil the X even before the 2015 NAIAS. They need to do it quickly, since in theory they start delivery on these models in Spring 2015.

Not unveiling a production model by January will be a catastrophe, as it will signal to the markets and prospective buyers that Tesla may not have the ability to bring any further cars to market. It will put a major cloud on the Tesla III- a huge part of Tesla’s valuation. A major hit to their valuation will make it difficult to then bring the III to market.

The “X” may be the “other letter” that is being announced with the “D” (Dual Motors). Perhaps the Design Studio will open for the X so that prospective clients can start configuring their X. Then they can show a production model X shortly afterwards, perhaps in January perhaps earlier.

If they don’t show a production model by January my guess is that it’s due to those falcon doors which look cool but may be impractical and are definitely risky.

If the Model X is only at prototype stage by January, let alone delayed beyond that, then Tesla are deep in it.

There is no way that Tesla are going to be able to sell Model S cars at the 1,000 a week rate that their factories are now capable of.

‘Only supply limited?’

I think not.

I hope it’s there. The Tesla booth last year was kinda lame.

Detroit is going to be one great auto show for fans of the plug!

I think what’s in Gen 3 Volt is a lot more interesting than the model X. JMO

How did we get to Gen 3? Gen 2 is supposed to be shown in Jan.


Not enough information to make an educated guess here. Given the retooling and the projected production start date, we should be hearing something from Tesla soon. It does seem like the inital availability may be pushed back, given that crash tests and production-intent version testing have not been completed.

I don’t see why Tesla wouldn’t be able to announce the production X on October 9 and have it at NAIAS for people to get a good look at it as it prepares to roll off the assembly line in large numbers. Antiselling should be over by then.

Maybe they could have production X and prototype Model 3 at NAIAS.

Just hours away from the announcement.