Tesla Model X Ultra White Seats Put To The Test – Video


Model X Stain Test

Model X Stain Test

The synthetic leather (vegan-friendly) Ultra White seats in the Tesla Model X are billed as the best seats available for the X, according to CEO Elon Musk, but since they are white, the most often asked question is how do they hold up against stuff that might stain them.

Well, Tesla says they come with a stain-resistant coating that makes them nearly stain-proof, so one Model X owner decided to put the optional $2,500 seats to the test.

As the Model X owner and video uploader explains:

“I had spilled once accidentally and was pleasantly surprised that no signs of it were left after a wipe. We love the seats! The car is unique as it is and the seats compliment it very well. The softest and most comfortable seats we’ve ever sat in in a car as well. It feels and looks better than leather IMO.”

Teslarati adds:

“Armed with coffee, ketchup and a child’s juice box, the hosts behind the Like Tesla YouTube channel pour each of the substances onto the white seats (not for the faint of heart).”

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Honestly any seat except maybe cloth with the ketchup would ace this “test” where the “agent” is left for up to a whopping seven seconds to interact with the seat surface.

The seats may be awesome, and certainly look so. But this demo doesn’t really mean anything.

What about dirty little shoes/sneakers on the seats? Kids love climbing on the seats.

A thorough wine test would have been much more meaningful for me. Also, the seats need to pass the “hot cigarette lighter” test that my son performed when he was seven. Did Elon eliminate the lighter to hide something? There needs to be a thorough investigation. 😛

Um. Open wine container in a car? Not legal in most States to drive with an open container.

These seats look really nice. Our Mercedes B class has MBTexured fabric and it is not nearly as soft as the white seats in the Model X. It would be nice if it came in other colors though and cheaper than the leather.