Is Tesla Model X The Ultimate Ranch Vehicle? – Video


Probably not, but that won’t prevent JR Garage from pitting it versus an old Chevy truck to find out which is the ultimate ranch vehicle.

Model X On A Ranch

There’s water crossing, cows, guns, dogs and more in this kinda unusual comparison test.

Video description:

“In search of the ultimate ranch vehicle, we test the Tesla Model X vs the 1994 Chevrolet 2500. Gas vs Electric? We test these on a cowboy ranch/farm.”

Which vehicles comes out on top? Well, we all knew the truck would win this comparo, but perhaps when the Tesla pickup comes out a new matchup will be necessary.

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2 responses to "Is Tesla Model X The Ultimate Ranch Vehicle? – Video"
  1. mxs says:

    Sorry, but this is just such a non-sense, regardless what the clowns came up with in the video.

    It’s not like these two vehicles will ever end up being cross-shopped ….

  2. Eco says:

    This video is such a waste of time that I feel like a complete idiot for actually watching it.