Tesla Model X Towing Test – Video


“Towing a big caravan around the country with an electric SUV is now a reality.”

Time To Tow

States the folks over at Australia’s Motoring.com website.

We’ve seen the Model X tow before and have even posted some highly detailed towing graphics that show energy consumption with various trailers, but this Motoring video and accompanying article probably provides us with the most detailed look/review at what it’s like to tow with the X in the real world.

Motoring states:

In order to conduct what is most likely the first tow test of a Tesla Model X in Australia, we travelled to Adelaide’s Camperagent caravan dealership where director John Munro has just taken delivery of not only one of the first Model X Teslas in the country but also one of the first with the optional $1150 towing package.

It’s an entry-level 75D with a 75kWh battery powering dual motors, one for each axle to deliver all-wheel drive traction.

The X tows a 1,900 kg caravan and does so with ease. The only issues is that the X’s trailer connector fails to operate the LED brake and turn signal lights on the trailer. Munro reached out to Tesla. The automaker says it’s working on a fix for this problem.

There were no other hiccups or issues encountered while towing with the X.

Motoring sees a future where the trailer is fitted with solar panels and it charges the electric vehicle while parked and in motion. Imagine that!

Source: Motoring

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1,900 lbs – that is nothing. Put 5,000 lbs. behind it, a good size boat on a 2-axel trailer, and then get back to me.


It’s 1,900 kg, which is over 4,100 lbs


knock knock metric system which the rest of the world uses…..


So true. ONe day, maybe by 2500, the good ole USA will wake up to the advantages.


Yet again, a dimwit is first in with a comment- and again, it’s a stupid one.
Just ‘getting back to you’


I’m still waiting to see some Model X
offroading video! I remember while they were
in the mule/testing stage, someone snapped some pictures of a muddy X on the highway towing a trailer. It looked like it had been doing some serious off-roading.

We’ve seen the towing, maybe we can get Bjorn to do some brush bumping?…


Btw Tesla closed at an all time high today at $312.97, just hours after BA came out and said they are worth $165 a share.

F150 Brian

Big? That may be big for Australia. This is “standard RV” for North America…


Everything in ‘murica is big…i wonder why…?


Models of cars, like species of animals, tend over the years to grow in size to extinction.

Hopefully the same won’t be true of ‘Muricans. 😉


Ever notice females are almost always with guys bigger (taller) than they are? No wonder humans as species is getting bigger. US is just more advanced in “evolution”.


Except 42% don’t believe in evolution!


These people are known as the poorly educated. SAD.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ sven

That might help explain the last presidential election; voters chose Trump because he had bigger hands than the other candidates. If Hillary had “man hands,” she would have won the election hands down.


We need big trucks to haul our big asses to the store to buy donuts. Questions?


Including heads.


A big Winnebago I can understand- that monstrosity , not so much.


Soon this will old hat, but coming up it’s first anniversary, ITD, is worth a second look. I also recommend the robot/skeleton drive thru:


Would have been nice to have an actual range test.


So, what is the new range with that 1,900 kg trailer on that X75D?

If you can’t make to the next SC station because of that trailer, then it isn’t very useful.


The solution is to drive slower to extend the range. Many states have reduced speed limits when towing a trailer anyway.

“It’s not just a good idea, it’s the law!”


Weren’t you and Nix the ones that just argued with me few years ago about the speed limit on Semi Trucks?

Well, 65mph isn’t really all that high speed. Granted, most states have 55mph limit on towing with trailers, it is still a problem even at 55mph when the load is heavy enough or not aerodynamic enough…

At the end of the day, if you drive 55mph and can’t make it to the next SC station, then you are SOL or if you even have a doubt, you won’t buy this car!!!

No wonder Model X sales still lags Model S sales!


In Australia the speed limit when towing is either 100 or 110 depending which state you are in. New Zealand has a limit of 90 when towing.
Most campgrounds in both countries have good charging facilities for EV’s.


The nice part off this would be being able to charge at the campgrounds,I have done a lot off camping there is almost always at lest a 30amp 220


Can come up with any specification number on EVs and will always find a naysayer:
“Meh, doesn’t work for me, I need more.”


i wonder how much power you could generate if you lined the top of that camper with efficient solar cells?


Enough to qualify as a mini power station??

Four Electrics

This isn’t practical unless you want to spend four hours out if every road trip day charging your car; that is, if you can even make it to the next Supercharger. X towing range is pathetic.


The 75D does seem a bit weak for this purpose. It’d be okay for a short run towing a boat to the lake or something, but towing even a small RV like this one any distance is going to be a problem.


It’s amazing that most people didn’t even realize how much energy you actually need to pull a brick through the wind. The biggest problem isn’t the weight, which is mostly limited by the chassis and hitch.

For steady state driving the aerodynamics, or lack thereoff, are the biggest issue. I don’t see this changing soon. It’s hard to combine a nice inside form factor with a aerodynamic outside form. The next argument would likely be “ugly”.

In that context I was baffled when people started arguing about the “poor” cW of the Chevrolet Bolt, but nobody bothered to check what the cW of their own car was. You need to put things into context and realize it was above average for the class of vehicle.

C. Scott Ananian

The brake controller is an aftermarket install for the Model X, although it comes with a nice harness to plug into. If they had problems with it in Australia the dealer installed it wrong. I have no problem with mine (Tekonsha P3), installed following the instructions at https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/installing-a-tekonsha-prodigy-p2-brake-controller-in-a-model-x.59426/

Willie works

Does anyone remember what the first gas car looked like and how far it went ? Not many gas stations back then .

Willie works

Does anyone remember what the first gas car looked like and how far it went ? Not many gas stations back then .
If I could afford one it would be behind my coach . What a wonderful way to see N. America cheap .