Tesla Model X Towing Capacity Reduced To 3,500 Pounds With 22-Inch Wheels


3,500 lb Towing Capacity on 22" Wheels For Model X (via ScottF)

3,500 lb Towing Capacity on 22″ Wheels For Model X (via ScottF)

The Tesla Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds, provided that it’s optioned properly.

To tow 5,000 pounds, the Model X requires the $750 Tow Package and must be fitted with 20-inch wheels, not the optional 22-inch wheels.

If you opt for 22-inch wheels, the tow rating of the Model X falls sharply to 3,500 pounds.

Tesla began notifying those with configured Model X orders by sending emails like this:

Towing Email Model X

Towing Email Model X

Essentially, if you’re looking to tow at max rating in a Model X, then opt for the smaller wheels.  If 3,500 pounds is acceptable, then you can go for the flashy 22-inch wheels.

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Considering the tiny number of people who will tow anything with an $80k plus car, this doesn’t seem to be a huge worry. And a few folks will buy two sets of wheels.

Yeah, I think the vast majority of tow packages sold for the Model X will be used for ski racks and bike racks, not actually towing anything.

This sort of thing is true even (especially) with the most heavy duty full-size pickups.

For example, on a GM Silverado/Sierra 3500HD, your towing capacity and GVWR will vary widely based upon lots of choices. All of the following will impact towing capacity:

Regular, double, or crew cab
Short bed or long bed
2WD or 4WD
Single or Dual rear wheels
engine/transmission/axle ratio combination

If you choose the full leather power interior, with all the bells and whistles, you have to subtract all the extra weight of the leather and seat motors from the total amount of passengers and cargo you can carry.

Wheels and tires are very important too. Back when the Silverado was offered with a choice of 245/75/16’s or 265/75/16’s, the towing capacity was higher with 245’s, but the GVWR was higher with the 265’s.

Why not order the towing package with all the software and 20 inch wheels and after that order an aditional set of 22 inch wheels?

or how about a swap station? Go to a Service Center and mount the ‘used’ 20″ wheels, for a fee, swap back when done.

Hard to look sexy hauling a 2½ ton Winnebago anyway.

I wish this article would explain why adding two inches to the wheels decreases tow capacity by 1500 pounds. I can’t imagine the larger wheels/hubs weigh 1500 pounds extra. My guess is the larger wheels are a little more fragile (higher air to surface ratio) and can’t take the strain of towing as much weight.

More likely the type of tire that fits a 22″ rim is not safely suited for the heaver load.

^^ This.

Low profile tires aren’t the best choice for towing. Could also be that the wheels themselves are more performance oriented, and are designed to be as light as possible, and not for maximum towing capacity.

Large wheels are the vehicular equivalent of wearing your pants below your arse.

Yes, it’s call the moment.
Wich is the torque available at the junction of the tire and the pavement.
Bigger wheel=less end torque.
It’s the same reason the model S is quicker at the drag with 19″ whells than with the 21″ ones.
Flashy does not mean handy.

The volume of air and its presure are relative to the tyres weight carrying
Smaller rim higher side wall more air space more load