Tesla Model X To Go On Sale In China Ahead Of Schedule


Tesla Model X In China

Tesla Model X In China

China Daily is reporting that Tesla Motors has moved up the on-sale date for the Model X in China.

This news comes from a senior Tesla official, Robin Ren, vice-president of Tesla and president of its Asia-Pacific region, who told China Daily that the Model X will go on sale in China near the end of this month, which is way ahead of its expected Q1 2017 launch there.

Ren added that Tesla is “Stimulated by the impressive number of orders of Model 3” and says that the automaker is “now making a new capacity plan.” 

Ren commented on a few other topics as well, included Chinese pricing for the Model 3 and Tesla’s operational headquarters coming soon in Beijing. As China Daily reported:

“Ren said Tesla adopts a “global pricing” policy, so it tries to introduce the same retail price worldwide. But considering tariffs and the exchange rate, the price of Model 3 in China would be about 400,000 yuan ($60,720), instead of $35,000 in the United States…”

“On Wednesday, the company signed a contract with the Beijing municipal government, to locate its operational headquarters in the city, where its sales headquarters have been since the carmaker entered the Chinese market in 2014.”

Lastly, Ren was asked about whether or not there will be a future Tesla factory in China. He confirmed that Tesla’s plan is to build a factory there by the end of 2018. Ren offered no additional details on the factory though.

Source: China Daily

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Meanwhile, the auto dealers’ association considers Tesla selling vehicles in Virginia to be illegal. I sincerely hope the rest of the world is laughing at the United States on a regular basis.

Well based on current auto sales laws it is illegal. But that is off topic to this story.

The real news is Tesla moving the rollout of the model X in China so far forward. It makes it sound as if either sales are low in the US, thus more product is available for distribution or they have ramped up production. Given the quality issues I can’t imagine production bring increased to that level.

Tesla is bringing back the 60, who would have thunk it:

Can the 40 be far behind? What’s old is what’s new again.

Maybe I will break out the old bell-bottoms.

nobody’s thunk it, I’m sure! 🙂

This speaks to either very weak domestic X demand, or a solid manufacturing ramp. I’m going to guess the former.

I rather of a mix of the two situations, and most of all because the numbers of issues in the first Tesla X batch produced. Sure a noticeable part of the ones that had an pre-ordered X might have cancelled (because of price or very slow delivery at first months), but all the news about issues might have induced a lot of people to delay their confirmation ordering until less issues will be report (which it is only now beginning to happen). Large quantity of new orders for the Tesla X would only happened some months from now when most of pre-orders will be produced and news about issues would be improved. For the S, the issues about the X had surely make a lot of pressing in the manufacturing team and all manufactured process, consuming a lot of time of a great part of the work force, and slowing Model S production in March and April, and only slightly improving until mid May (see April deliveries in USA, and May deliveries in Europe). This and the refresh program (and some people awaiting for the 100 kWh battery) and we have an almost perfect storm. Now, the issues in the… Read more »

Model S sales are down both in Europe and the U.S. so far this year. Will Tesla make its guidance without the Model X ?

Can the Model X save the day ?

Sure, let’s just introduce the Model X in China early.

This reminds me of Three Card Monte and the hidden pea under the walnut shells.

Hmmm, well the shell game is a confidence game, and I don’t see that Tesla is trying to scam anyone, contrary to what the serial Tesla bashers want us to believe.

But between the new lower-priced Model S60 and this news about shipping the MX early to China, I can certainly see why some think Tesla is desperate to increase demand for its cars. Certainly the evidence can reasonably be interpreted that way.

Here’s hoping that Anti-Lord Kelvin is correct, and that it’s at least partly a case of Tesla ramping up production, so needing to expand its market due to sustained production growth rather than desperation over weak sales.

I’m going with the Model 3 reservations are having an Osborn Effect on current sales.

Yet another reason for Tesla to ramp up M3 sales as quick as possible.

Not really a long term problem though, and they seem to be on the ball with mitigating this short term one-time issue.