Tesla Model X Seating Tested By Large Adults – Video


Third Row Seats Tested

Third Row Seats Tested

This is perhaps the most humorous Bjorn Nyland video to date and it featured the Tesla Model X, as well as a couple of “large friends.”

In this video, you’ll see those “large friends” test out various rear seating positions in the Model X and the result isn’t always pleasant.

For example, in the rearmost seats, the heads of the “large friends” are in constant contact with the rear glass.

Meanwhile, in the middle second row seat, the quarters are equally as cramped.

Video description:

“My large friends Morgan and Jørgen test out the 3rd row in Model X with 6 and 7 seat configuration.”

Yes, we know that very few 7-seat SUVs can comfortably carry large adults in the rear seats, but the X seems especially tight in some seating areas.

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lol +100

I heard there’s 20 million comedians out of work., And these guys are trying to be funny.

You mean clowns? Life must be tough as a professional clown in the US these days.

If they were clowns, they could fit 50 of them inside a Tesla.


Jimijack those Canadians need to focus on something else maybe some humour is a good start.

It’s either That Or stand around & Drink Beer… l o l

Another example of Bjorn having too much spare time. Any vehicle has a problem seating large people.

Why does this video remind me of an Infomercial fail?

So basically, it seems the 3rd row seats are glorified clown car seats. Or seats for midgets/kids.

You ever try to sit in the rear row of a midsize Crossover from any of the major automakers?

If you’re 6’1″ like me – it aint pretty, either.

If you regularly haul lots of people, buy a Mercedes Metris or a Sprinter van. I wish they offered a hybrid or plug-in model of those!

At 5:40, the middle seat is all the way up, but the side seat is up a bit further. Is that a fit/finish thing, or a design detail missed? Seems odd that one seat can’t go as far up as the others. Am I missing something?

Model X or S has as much passenger volume as last generation Prius – 94 q. feet. Trying to push 3rd row into such space yields what you may expect – seats suitable for smaller kids only.


The tall guy says he is 198cm… that is 6ft 8in. The Model X is a “mid-size SUV.” As Scotty would put it, you can’t bend the laws of physics.

I wonder if Bjorn will try the same test in a Model 3 when it comes out.

People who are 6ft8in need a large-size SUV.

Yeah, 6 feet & 8 inches is really tall (That’s 203.2cm for those in the civilized world). The average American man is 5 foot & 10 inches so they are almost a foot taller than average. The Model X is clearly not the car for a basketball team.

And getting into those rear seats is not easy either. YOu have to slide forward and tilt forward the middle seats and there is not a big gap to enter.

But that’s what happens when you try to build a 7 person crossover on the platform of a Sedan AND try to make it really aerodynamic.

The aerodynamics for the Model X are truly amazing for a 7 person vehicle.

As the guy said, 198 cm is 6’6″.

“Where did the Coke go?” LOL!
I am not sure who was having more fun, Bjorn or his friends.

I like the Planes, Trains, and Automobiles reference.

Yeah, me too. There were a few other pop references in there that escape me now.

Since Bjorn is in such good standing with Tesla, it’s great he can point out some of it’s limitations also.

Really like MOdel X. Never thought the Falcon Wing Doors should’ve made the cut. That said, if they align and are reliable – they are very neat and have some sort of practical value, while those may not outweigh the hassles for some.

The power pedestal seats are another flourish X didn’t need to be a significant vehicle. I was suprised to not see more conventional fold-down seating.

All in, it seats four big people well, five if some are not large people, and 7 if you have younger ones to haul about. Get the 2 seat middle row variant, and you can still haul 6 if some are younger or shorter.

It still has 2 trunks and is shaped to slice through the wind better than those boxy crossovers we see all over the place. No vehicle can do all things for all people. I don’t see Tesla prioritizing a Suburban-sized SUV anytime soon.

I fit in the 3rd row at 6’2″ (182cm). I wouldn’t want to be taller.

Also, I wouldn’t even get in the 3rd row with the 7 seat car.

Having said that, it would be unusual to have 6 people to haul in this car, ALL of them over 6’2″. Just put the shortest in the rear. The front and middle rows are fine, but the front seats have the most room by far.

Funny AND informative. I am 6’3″ and I like to eat. My big and tall brothers and I fit nicely in my Honda Civic and Nissan Versa. Short and average people have no idea how frustrating it is when you just don’t fit.

There’s a reason football and basketball players go for the Escalade.

C’mon Elon: make an American-size SUV so myself, family and friends can motor down to the all-you-can-eat buffet!

Shane keep up the stuff your face lifestyles and when you hit your late forties you will be stuffing your face with medications lol, and complaining about the high cost of medications lol…and you will be miserable on a diabetic diet lol