Tesla Model X Test Driver Says “It’s A Bigger, Better Honda CR-V”


Red Tesla Model X Delivery

Red Tesla Model X Delivery

The Meet Model X tour continues across the United States, thus providing reservation holders with the opportunity to test drive the electric SUV.

One such test drive occurred recently in Portland, Oregon where a gentleman by the name of Asoka got behind the wheel of the X.

Asoka owns a Tesla Roadster (doesn’t own a Model S) and a Honda CR-V, which he loves for its versatility, utility and decent gas mileage. Upon driving the X, Asoka stated:

“It’s a bigger, better Honda CR-V.”

Of course it’s better than a Honda CR-V and it has more utility too. As Popular Science states:

“…the Model X is rated to tow up to 5,000 pounds with 713 lb-ft of total torque from both of its motors. Asoka was already planning on buying a utility trailer for trips to the farmers’ market in their Model X after making his wife hold a large plant in her lap in the Roadster on the way home last summer.”

The X has substantially more range than Asoka’s Roadster and returns much improved gas mileage compared to the CR-V. Quoting PopSci:

“The Model X will better both the range of Asoka’s Roadster and the efficiency of his CR-V. He says he currently sees a maximum of about 170 miles in the Roadster, while the Model X P90D performance model used for the test drives has a 250-mile range. And the Honda’s 30 mpg or so will be tripled to about 90 MPGe in the Model X P90D.”

According to Asoka, the Roadster is his daily driver. He loves its acceleration. How does the X compare to the Roadster in this metric? Asoka says both are lightning quick and notes (with a grin) “That acceleration never gets old.”

Source: Popular Science

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Is Tesla X the only EV in US with towing capability?

it at least has the most i believe

Officially? Yes.

But plenty of people tow with their LEAF, Model S and RAV4 EV.

But it’s definitely the only ‘mass produced’ road legal EV that’s designed with towing in mind, both from a hardware and software point of view.

There are some companies building industrial tractors and vehicles designed to pull loads, but the X is the only real consumer option, at least until the Mitsubishi Unicornlander PHEV hits the US market (but I doubt you’ll get far in EV mode).

most rental agreements I saw for model S explicitly state that towing is not allowed. Does it affect the warranty?

Only if Tesla can demonstrate that the towing caused the failure.

I don’t think it’s an EV issue. While I haven’t seen a Model S rental contract, AFAIR all standard car rental contract I’ve seen for ICEs forbid towing, just like they forbid driving on unpaved roads (even for vehicles specifically designed for offroad 4×4 like Jeeps).

Officially is what I meant. EV parts denied warranty coverage is not fun. I wish all EV allow some towing (~1000 lb), even if just to tow range extending trailer.

Just as a common sense suggestion: Talk to someone in a service center, one which is certified to work on your EV, about using your car to tow before you make any decisions.

Very nearly any street-legal car can tow a light trailer, if the hitch is installed properly. The problem is knowing what the safe limits are for your vehicle; the limits for overall trailer weight, weight on the hitch, and top highway speed.

Well, one can tow with any car; I’ve seen 1960’s VW beetle towing. But the worry is warranty. If they find hitch or any hint that it was used for towing, they may deny warranty coverage. Being able to tow range extender trailer with SparkEV would be great to go camping.

SparkEV said:

“Is Tesla X the only EV in US with towing capability?”

I’m pretty sure the MX is the only EV sold in the U.S. which has an option for a towing package. That is, it’s the only one for which the auto maker appears to actively support towing with the vehicle.

I’m surprised that the RAV4 EV wasn’t designed for towing, but according to a post to the My RAV4 EV.com forum: “I understand that Toyota recommends against using the vehicle to tow a trailer…”

However, as Mega said above, people do use their EVs for towing, even when the auto maker doesn’t recommend it. If my understanding is correct, Tesla doesn’t actively discourage towing with the Model S, but they don’t support it either.

A brief article on the topic:

“Should You Tow With The Tesla Model S?”


Ouch! Talk about damning with faint praise.

He’s comparing it to something he knows and likes. He’s not had a BMW, Audi or Porsche SUV / Crossover to draw from.

Honda makes a nice, affordable product. I don’t see it as a bad thing…

That said, Honda need to make some nice long range BEVs and get them on the road, ASAP.

Right. Language is imprecise especially when you’re talking adjectives and adverbs. I suppose he could have said the Model X is just Huge, it’s REALlY HUGE!

Tripling MPG, to “MPGe” is so economically vague, it’s meaningless.

The way gas and electric prices move just reduces the metric to an environmental conclusion, that (unfortunately) few care about.

Electric prices are very stable.

My CR-V can have a roof rack to carry my bikes and skis.
It can also take me to a far away park/ski resort.

I can also carry the plywood and lumber from Home Depot. I love my CR-V.

It also starts at $23,745.

Your Honda also shakes, makes explosion sounds, burns fossil-fuels and directly belches carbon into the atmosphere. *shrugs*

The Model X seats up to Seven adults. Yours only seats 5.

The Honda has 185 hp, while the Model X has 700+. And it’s dual motor, Digital AWD.

The CR-V has an anemic 1500 lbs. towing capacity. The Tesla’s rating is 5000 lbs.

One can travel for free, coast to coast, at any SuperCharger Station in the Model X. How much would the same trip cost you?

To each their own, I guess. Enjoy hauling plywood. 🙂

My 17 year old Chevy Astro van can tow 5000 lb, and it fits 4×8 plywood inside (no trailer or roof rack needed), and it can be had for about $2000 in used car market. Some even come with AWD.

Of course, it’s been discontinued for about 10 years. Now all you get are those wimpy towing even on so-called sports “utlity” vehicles. I wish Chevy would make eAstro.

people with a cr-v and chevy astro van obviously got on this blog by mistake. go read a magazine from your grandmother’s attic.

Obviously. Hoping for EV to tow or carry stuff or even have any power more than iMiev is just heresy, Tesla X sucks! (sacasm)