Tesla Model X Takes On Goodwood, Just How Fast Is The SUV At The Track? – Video

MAR 12 2017 BY MARK KANE 16

Tesla Model X

Racing driver Nick Padmore recently had the chance test the Tesla Model X … at the race track for the first time.

The Model X clocked a time of 1:38.89 at Goodwood, and was considered by Nick (who owns a Goodwood lap record BTW) to be quick, quiet, smooth; the weight of the SUV did factor in to its driving performance, but it was also stable and elicited a lot of “EV grin”.

How fast can a Tesla Model X lap Goodwood?

Climb on board with Goodwood record holder Nick Padmore as he puts the powerful 2.5-tonne Tesla Model X through its paces!

Just as a point of reference, the best time for a Lamborghini Murcielago is at around 1:28.60.

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Here are a list of lap times for record.


It’s a bit faster than the listed time for a Tesla Roadster, but otherwise not terribly fast. Not clear what Model X is being tested.

During his lap he is talking and joking, I’m sure the time would be better if he was more concentrating…
But speed is not the more important thing: stability, comfort, silence… all that is great!

That’s why he’s a professional racing driver and you’re not.

The bigger issue is that the car cannot handle many laps at full performance without overheating and losing capability, so it’s difficult to get into a groove and eek out that last second or two of lap time.

Thanks Mark for this story.

Racing driver Nick Padmore comes with outstanding credentials however a more proper Motor Sport type run at Goodwood Hill climb with a Tesla Model X can be found at the Tesla Motors official You Tube Channel complete with helmeted drive and screeching tires!

Even more impressive and flat out entertaining is Motor Trends, “2017 Bentley Bentayga vs. 2016 Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous – Head 2 Head Ep. 76”

Quickest SUV/CUV on the planet Drag Race challenge!

Now we are talking! Quickest/Fastest!

Included in this gem of a Drag Race is a second run with the Model X pulling a 4,900 lb trailer!

Guess what it goes up against?

Flat out a hoot to watch!

Ps. got my heart racing! lol


Thomas J. Thias

The Model X is a CUV, not an SUV.

Yes, but Tesla describes it as an SUV, and Wikipedia describes it as a “crossover SUV”.

I fear that in this case, precision of language has given way to marketing.

How very sad and lazy of these companies. I’d rather be precise and have my customers knowledgeable than be ignorant.

LOL. That’s the Biggest “CUV” out there.

Not so. A couple of vehicles in the same size class of full-size CUV would the Dodge Durango and the Ford Explorer.

Unfortunately, both Dodge and Ford continue to call their products SUVs when they are not. Just so they can save on paper by not printing new pamphlets to educate their dealers.

How many km per kWh did he get out of the Tesla Model X ?

Beaten by a Ford Focus RS.

Which is a factory tuned sports car that does not seat 7 adults with luggage for a weekend trip. Try comparing it to something relevant.

Ford needs to up it’s game pretty much on All Models.

Porsche Panamera S also beaten by Focus RS.

I don’t see any SUV or CUV times on that chart.

Any other SUV or CUV times.

You typically don’t see SUV/CUV doing laps because they are considered slow and heavy. Typically you are seeing sportier cars doing laps, so no really surprised there are no other SUV/CUV times to compare.

Do you get it yet? Here is a big, heavy, family SUV that is pretty quick. The fastest 0-60 bar none. The only thing that really lets out down is the fact the battery system over heats when doing lots of performance work, so running multiple laps and refining the times is a lot harder. No doubt this issue will be addressed as more EV’s become available.