Tesla Model X – Summing Up What’s Known


With the Tesla Model X set to enter production by the end of 2014, we figure now is a perfect time to sum up the known features/specs/etc for Tesla’s third EV.

Tesla Model X Platform Cutaway

Tesla Model X Platform Cutaway

Model X

Model X

So, in bullet point format, here goes (+ check out some unique shots of the X below):

  • The Model X will have the same wheelbase as the Model S
  • Model X will be the same width as the Model S
  • Model X will be taller than Model S
  • Drag coefficient on Model X will be lower than Model S
  • Large frontal area of Model X means that total drag will be higher than Model S
  • Falcon doors (with proximity sensors) are coming on production version
  • Model X will be ~10% less efficient than Model S
  • AWD (featuring two electric motors) is standard on Model X
  • Model X will be 5 cm longer than Model S
  • Third row seats are removable
  • Seating for 7
  • 85 kWh Model X expected to feature 235-plus miles of range
  • Starting price of ~$70,000
  • Limited production by end of 2014
  • Mass production by April 2015

We’ve surely missed some known aspects related to the upcoming Model X, so feel free to add known facts in Comments and we’ll update this post so that it’s all encompassing.

Pictures Below: Tesla Model X PPD Interior Shots:

Tesla Model X Interior (Pro)

Tesla Model X Interior (Pro)

Tesla Model X Seating (Pro)

Tesla Model X Seating (Pro)

New Tesla Model X Trunk Hatch Mock-Up

New Tesla Model X Trunk Hatch Mock-Up

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

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I am sorry to say this. Model S is a hot looking car. But Model X is kind of ugly, especially since it looks “fatter on the side” and taller from the front….

I’m comparing it to my friends who own seven seaters. And for a family sized mini-van– it’s hella sexy. *shrugs*

I’d say its better looking than most SUV’s. I like the looks of the Cadillac SRX better, but it’s more of a crossover (doesn’t have seating for 7).

I think the Model S is kinda bland for what it could have been.

Here’s hoping the Gen3 has some sport/kick/style to it.

Are you setting the bar super low here?

comparing to a minivan or crossover?

For $70K… OK.

One part that is better than Model S:

Nose cone.

The last two passengers are not allowed to have legs?

The people in the 2nd row are just jackasses, (=

Won’t the Model X drag coefficient be “higher” than the model S?


coefficient is “meaningless” unless you have the frontal area…

So, drag coefficient can be better on the Model X than that Model S. But it is pointless since the FA will more than make up for the gain by the Cd.

Side mirrows are in, right?

Yup, gull-wing doows and mirrows.

Is it a fact that it will have side mirrors because of laws and such? Or are cameras/screens still a possibility?

Can’t use the cameras unless the laws get changed. Not holding my breath, but Elon likes to say they are working with the regulators.

No mini-touch screens on the steering wheel?

Did Elon ever do the family cross country trip in the Model S? Thought it was supposed to be on spring break, but I never heard anything else about it.

I agree the S is better looking than the X, but I find the S difficult to get in and out of, so I am looking forward to the taller X. Third row seating is nice too. Hopefully price stays the same as the S.

Not seeing anything on it, other than older press releases from last September. Maybe we’ll hear more about it after March 30th, as the Falcon 9 launch (and ‘soft’ ocean landing) was pushed back due to some “open issues”… This will be the first time the rocket will fly with landing legs!!!

Musk pushed back the cross country trip with the family back to “spring break” due to school, road conditions etc. So it should be very shortly, here is Musk’s most recent tweet on it from January:

Not heard any other updates but I imagine he will do this on the “down-low” until it is well underway.

Mark – “Did Elon ever do the family cross country trip in the Model S?”, since “Thunder” and “Lightning” did the LA-NY Drive in the Winter, as a timed race, I am thinking Elon is waiting for the ‘Polar Vortex’ to go away – since Kids in the car and Snowstorms on the road is no fun!

See the Tesla Blog – Cross Country Rally – By the Numbers – http://bit.ly/1qVOenO

Everyone I know is waiting for the Tesla for the proletariat, the E car. You can conclude from that statement, I’m not rubbing elbows with the 1% ers. By the time Tesla gets around to producing an affordable, 200 mile range car, they may find inspired competition
from Detroit and other International car builders. If I were Mr. Musk, I’d put the E car on the road, before the X car.

I think he must use the limited amount of batteries to vehicles with biggest margins for now (building superchargers etc) it would be stupid not to do that with the existing demand on the S and X. The model E will come when it comes.

“they may find inspired competition
from Detroit and other International car builders.”
Doubtful, considering they have nothing to compete against TM in a car segment that is more ecomonical to build.

“If I were Mr. Musk, Iā€™d put the E car on the road, before the X car.”
If you were, you would know that it is not yet possible at the necessary price point.
They need cheaper batteries to achieve this.
Also it would need to be mass produce and TM has to get that far first.
Mass production needs huge amounts of capital and parts and should not be underestimated.

Tesla salesman in 2017:
“this is the model E.
Yes it is all electric.
Yes the supercharger network is up and running since last year.
yes you can have the access to the supercharger network for the rest of the cars life for xxxx$ prepaid as an option.
So you have an BMW 3 serie to trade in, hmmm you know it isnt worth so much with the expensive petrol nowaday.”

To have the whole supercharger network up and running when the model E arrive.
Say no more.

70k isn’t really a 1%’r price tag. When you begin to go up the options ladder with Audi, BMW, Cadillac, etc, it may be unaffordable for the majority, but you get to 70k pretty easy.

$70K is the starting price.

Like the Model S, it is really the $90K car….

I still don’t see how they can “turn up the speed” on their line and somehow, someday; be building 500,000 cars a year.

It won’t be the ‘same line’ ramping up production…it will be many more production lines within the nuumi facility. I think they are only using like 15-20% of the floor space right now. Right now they are adding more production capacity to make the X, but they will still have tons of space to further expand within the plant once the E is ready to go.

I’m just glad it has cup holders which means the wife and kids will ok it.

Are you from the US? šŸ˜› I can’t understand people letting their kids drink sodas and especially not in the back of the car.

I’d pay extra to make sure there are no cup holders. (And for the record, I’m in charge, not my kids… the way it is supposed to be ;))

Hey we run on coffee & coca-cola. Think of it as our personal range-extenders.

I’m a nay sayer on the X. For a simple reason – the doors. You can’t put a rack on it and I can’t imagine an SUV that doesn’t take a rack. Maybe I will be proven wrong but that seems like a major rap against it.

A few possible solutions as I think out loud: 1. Narrow rack that fits between the top of the rear doors, able to extend the full length of the roof. Lowest cost solution, either rear door freely opens. Limits what kind of items can be stowed. 1a. Same stationary middle section, but with pull out “leaves” that extend the width when needed. Disables whatever rear door each section is over, until retracted. More material cost and design work, more expensive than than 1. 2. A wider folding rack with hinged side sections that can pivot along with each door. More expensive to design and produce. Limited to short items that can fit & move with each rotating section. Rear doors can open. 3. Partial rack that avoids the rear altogether– located on the top front, starting at the windscreen. Allows full width of roof, short items only with no height restrictions, rear doors freely open. 4. Combine font stationary rack (3), extend with long center rack (1) and include short side “leaves” that can manually be pulled out (1a). Avoids complicated pivots and allows taller and longer items. Consumer can choose which side door (or both) are temporarily disabled, until… Read more »

A rack and the falcon doors have been discussed frequently by Elon at town halls as this is a common question. IIRC, the answer always seems to be “there will be a solution”. I don’t know what that solution is.

Tail-Hitch-Mounted system….

A trailer hitch option would open many people’s eyes to the potential for an all electric truck… Why not? It would kill range, but that’s also true for any other propulsion system.

How about falcon doors – I’m not a huge fan… as an option and standard rear doors for us mere mortals who like skiing, biking, boarding, sailing, surfing etc.

Me, I’ll hold out for a AWD model S estate, with 110 kWh batt onboard, but that’ll probably be a while before that comes along

What is your source for your claim that the model X will have a lower drag coefficient? I watched Elon in a YouTube of him and JB in Oslo mistakenly say it wouldbe lower, then immediately correct himself, TWICE, “worse,” then “higher.” What’s your source?

Listen in the video at 32:30. Elon does say lower at first but doesn’t even finish saying it before immediately correcting himself, saying it’ll be “worse” and then “higher.” http://youtu.be/OJUA_dVVMjo

From the transcript: Elon answers question 13B, “Challenge with the X is not the AWD but the fact that the car will have a greater frontal area, and slightly higher drag coefficient.” http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/26861-Elon-and-JB-speak-in-Oslo-Feb-1st-2014-1000-CET-%284AM-EST%29/page4?p=568100#post568100