Tesla Model X Not Nearly As Successful As It Should’ve Been

Tesla Model X


Though Tesla has enjoyed marked success in a short time period, and future prospects seem promising, the Tesla Model X hasn’t proven itself as the key player it was expected to be for the electric automaker.

One would think that with SUV and Crossover sales at monumental numbers in the US, the Tesla Model X may have exceeded Model S popularity and sales.

However, the numbers don’t prove this. Model S sales continue to climb, as does Tesla’s overall sales, but the Model X is not yet close to outpacing the sedan as was anticipated by many.  In the U.S. Model X sales have surely been up and down since its debut, and global sales for the SUV have grown as worldwide production has come online over the course of 2016, but it certainly hasn’t been the hit that was expected by many.

Over the past 6 months, Tesla has pegged global Model X sales at just over 21,000 units (Q1 2017 Model X sales at ~11,550, Q4 2016 sales at ~9,500), while the Model S has sold some 25% more at around 26,000+ (13,450 in Q1 2017, 12,700 in Q4 2016).    In the US, where one assumes the SUV would have a big advantage over the sedan, given the preferences of the American consumer, we estimate the sales split to be even larger at around 40% in favor of the Model S (Q4-2016 to Q1-2017): 13,750 Model S sales to 9,800 Model X.

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X Interior With Seating For Seven

The upcoming Tesla Model 3 has attracted a substantial amount of interest, and if reservations and popularity transfer to sales, Tesla will have another winning vehicle on the market.

Much the same, interest is already peaking for Tesla’s Model Y compact SUV which is still a long way from production.

So what gives? What does everyone have against the Tesla Model X?

Autotrader analyst, Michelle Krebs, shared:

“Luxury SUVs are really hot right now, and the Model X should have been a big hit and broadened Tesla’s audience. You don’t hear a lot of buzz about the Model X, and when you do, it’s the negative stuff.”

Consumer Reports ranks the Model X near the bottom of its list of luxury SUVs. The publication’s director of automotive testing, Jake Fisher, explained:

“SUVs are popular because of utility, and this is an SUV that doesn’t have a lot of utility. The X was a big science experiment to say, ‘How far can we go?’ And they went too far.”

The important point to remember is the Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t deny any of this. He has said publicly that the Model X came with too much whiz bang. Musk has gone so far as to call himself an idiot:

“Model X became kind of like a technology bandwagon of every cool thing we could imagine all at once. That is a terrible strategy.”

“We’re making the simplest Model 3 first, like we did with S. Didn’t do it with X, because I was an idiot.”

The Model X is not cheap, and its crazy falcon-wing doors haven’t help. Not only did the doors come to market with issues and generate negative press, they are expensive and difficult to engineer. Musk has also mentioned similar concerns with the independently operable second-row seats.

Regardless of early problems with the Model X – which amounted to unhappy customers and critics, causing repercussions that the company is still trying to overcome – Tesla has made many improvements, and most owners are happy with their Model X SUVs today. In fact, 88 percent of owners told Consumer Reports that they would purchase the vehicle again.

Now that Tesla has been around the block, and is becoming more known among the masses, future expectations will be higher. A J.D. Power focus group showed that currently Tesla owners tend to be pretty forgiving about flaws with their vehicles. But with the mass-market Model 3 coming to market soon, a bigger sample of the population will be scrutinizing Tesla. Director of global automotive consulting at J.D. Power, Kathleen Rizk, told Autonews:

“Model 3 buyers will not be as accepting of body panel gaps or misalignment. As millennials step into the Model 3, they are expecting it to work perfectly.”

Being that Musk is well aware of his oversights with the Model X, we can only expect that Tesla will be on its ‘A’ game with future pursuits, and will work to ensure the Model Y doesn’t make the same mistakes as its big brother.

Source: Autonews

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People flock to CUVs and SUVs because sometimes you want to carry a lot of stuff around and station wagons and minivans aren’t cool. Ditch the stupid gull wing doors and introduce a flat loading area with a fold down back seat and watch the sales take off.

If they had made it a similar shape to my Outlander PHEV, it would have sold a lot more.

Agreed. Right now, in the back of my little SUV are a dishwasher and microwave oven, still in the original cardboard boxes. Not sure if I can do that with the Model X, given the roof line.

Yes you can fit a microwave and a dishwasher in the back of the model X

Point is the roof line on the Model X costs some cargo carrying space, particularly for large boxes.

With the vehicle’s footprint being much lower than an ICE vehicle, there shouldn’t be any loss of room from the roofline being lower.

Also, how do you put a skybox on the roof, given the falcon doors?

I’m gonna take the other stance and say the X would’ve been less successful if it was more like other SUVs.

The S is priced competitively to the gas competition but for some reason, SUVs are priced less than large sedans.

The X5 is much cheaper than the 7, the GLS is much cheaper than the S, and the Cayenne is cheaper than the Panamera.

I think the X needs to stand out from the competition to sell well. It’s very pricey compared to gas SUVs, so it needs the bling to sell as well. Otherwise it would just take away sales from the S, IMO.

The Model X has a flat cargo area with fold down seats.

Only the rear-most row folds down. If you have the 3 row version (as initially shown and offered) then the 2nd row doesn’t fold down. And thus you are left with less useable cargo area than a Model S has, because its 2nd row seats do fold down.

Yes, but a 5 passenger version with more cargo space and fold-down second row seating is now available.

It should have been available from the beginning I’m sure everyone agrees.

I don’t think the 5 passenger version is much of a solution. If you want to take 5 people just get an S. If the X were convertible between 3 rows and proper cargo space it would offer the versatility people expect. Instead you have to decide when you buy it. So just decide to get an S.

I own the 5-seater model X and it is awesome there is plenty of room to carry groceries and boxes it has a larger cargo space than my BMW X5

But the 2nd row has less headroom than your X5.

Also, Model X is bigger than the X5…

“Yes, but a 5 passenger version with more cargo space and fold-down second row seating is now available.” But why should car buyers settle for only 5 passengers in an SUV? That’s the number we should be able to carry in a full-sized sedan. An SUV should be capable of carrying more. An SUV should also be capable of devoting most of its interior space to carrying cargo. 2nd row seats that don’t fold, don’t even recline, was IMHO a marketing decision almost as bad as New Coke! A version of the Model X with 7 seats and fold-down 2nd and 3rd row seats should have been available at launch. The fact that it’s still not available shows that Tesla isn’t really interested in increasing the market for the MX. The fact remains that Tesla has limited the appeal of the MX in many ways. The inability of using a rooftop carrier is one common complaint. If Tesla really wants to expand sales, they need to make a wholly redesigned version of the car, one which uses minivan-style sliding doors instead of pigeon- falcon-wing doors, and one with a straight roof line so a rooftop carrier can be used. Yeah,… Read more »

+1 The gull wing doors on the X were a big mistake. It desperately needs a version with conventional doors.

Yes, I would have bought one right away if it hadn’t those falcon wings. It is a large EV, with four wheel drive and can tow up to 2250 kilos.
And here in Norway, it is actually not that expensive, as it has exemption from all taxes.

1) make it look like an SUV, not a fast back
look at BMW and X5 vs X6 sales
2) get rid of complex, costly and unreliable falcon wing doors
3) give it more ground clearance (again – make it look like an SUV)
4) don’t make it look like a bloated Model S
5) make the back seats fold down flat

Was discussing this yesterday. The Model X just doesn’t look like an SUV or CUV, its looks too fragile and has limited ground clearance.
Porsche, BMW and Merc all did a much better job of making their offerings look like and SUV. The Model X is just a bloated sedan, which may be what people ‘need’ but isn’t what they ‘want’.

Bloated Sedan is exactly right. The Jaguar/Aston big sports car styling os beautiful in the right proportions like the S, but youcant just puff it up into a little blimp. The stylist were completely off base.

Exactly this and I’ll open my wallet in no time!

The problem with X is that its too similar to S. Tesla is too small still to be aiming for needs that similar.

I thought the Model X rear bench-seats fold flat?

Hi Will I own a BMW X5 and now I own a Model X 5 seater the model X is superior to the BMW X5 not only in it’s driving capabilities it’s dependability it’s comfort, the model X was able on several occasions was able to save my life and my wife’s because it avoided hitting another vehicle while in Auto steer another important factor I do not have to change oil or replace the transmission or replace the muffler

“I do not have to change oil or replace the transmission or replace the muffler”

Not too many “modern” cars change mufflers in the first 15 years or 200K miles unless they park/live on a salt water bath.

Sounds like you don’t know much about cars and don’t need a Model X or BMW X5 to start with.

Perhaps what he knows about cars is outdated, but it’s still breathtakingly arrogant and narrow-minded to think everybody “needs” the same thing you do or don’t.

Choosing a car will always be a highly personal decision, and nobody has the right to tell anyone else what decision to make when it comes to buying one.

“but it’s still breathtakingly arrogant and narrow-minded to think everybody “needs” the same thing you do or don’t.”

Isn’t that exactly what he preached about owning his Model X?

So, obviously not as many people think the Model X is as a good buy as some of those buyers…

One can always his/her own preference but don’t make a statement based on stupid outdated information or it will be called out.

I think the FW doors are the biggest detractor. I would guess most folks would not want that level of attention upon exiting a vehicle. Further it reduces the 2nd row middle seat headroom due to the motors/hinge in the roof.

If Tesla wants to push the X & save some $$ they should offer standard doors (maybe they’ll add this to the new “Standard” 75kwH model?…. and make the FW doors an option.

The X looks exactly like the X-series BMWs and the new Mercedes full-size CUVs, etc. From the back, I can’t tell any of them apart at a glance.

Outside of the reliability issues, I think as “cool” as the falcon wing doors are, they are still more mom & dad end of kids’ soccer season back yard party trick cool, not rich person cool. To me, it makes the Model X feel more like a really expensive minivan trying to be a crossover as opposed to a really sexy crossover.

Andrew I own a model X with the Falcon Wing doors they’re amazing I don’t hit my head getting in the vehicle I can load kids into car seats with no problem I can put things in the back seat with no issues

Which was the whole point from the start. You’d swear nobody reads anymore.

This negative article makes no sense to me. 21000 vs 26000 for a more expensive vehicle seems to indicate that sales are exactly where they should be.

Perhaps they are. However, don’t you think they would be much higher with standard doors and a less “pregnant” look. I am hoping for a major facelift in 2 years or so which will drop the falcon doors and introduce a more attractive look of this vehicle even at cost of lower range. I just hope Elon learned his lesson and Model Y will be less complex / better looking vehicle.

I hope they keep the falcon wing doors available as an option, but a lower cost base model with regular doors would boost sales.

Regular doors would to save money and boost utility. People like their money and their roof-racks. Why not offer the base Model X with rear-drive as an option to cut costs too? If they could get the retail price on the base Model X 75 down to $65,000 they would get on the radar of a lot of people who won’t think about buying an $85,000-140,000 vehicle.

“Regular doors would to save money and boost utility. People like their money and their roof-racks.”

To properly use a roof rack, the MX needs not only different doors, it needs a different roof line.

I would like to see a wagon/SUV version of the Model X CUV, one with a flat roof and either regular doors or minivan-style sliding doors. But there would be some — probably a lot — of market overlap between that and the Model X, so I can understand that Tesla would be reluctant to do that. Labeling it a “wagon” might help in creating a clear market separation.

No I do not. Tesla would have problems delivering more cars for the time being.

I’ve never seen a CUV that looked good. Oh, and removing the FDs is not a “refresh” kind of thing – it’s a whole different vehicle. The FDs are there to stay for the foreseeable future.

Right, the MX was given a reinforced center roof spine to deal with the large openings for the FW doors. Making a version without those would require redesigning the entire vehicle.

But as I’ve pointed out before, it used to be commonplace for auto makers to offer a “wagon” version of their sedans, and perhaps this proposed different version of the Model X would be no greater change.

Same, and after owning one for 12 months I can attest that its an awesome car, and the falcon wing doors really help when it rains and I have to assist the kids getting in/out of the car. The only inhibitor is the kickstarter pricing, but that will be fixed by model 3 for the sedan and model y for the cuv.

We put 23k miles on our X90D in less than 12 months, road tripping is super comfortable and fun, the seats are more comfortable than what we knew from the rental Model S P90DL we had for a 400 mile trip before we made the decision, the views from the windshield and the automated front doors, automatic garage door opening when arriving etc there is so much cool convenience stuff that you miss right away when you have to drive something else.

In my book Model X is a success.

Michael I agree with you totally I own a model X 90 and it is an amazing vehicle the stereo the touchscreen the updates it’s like driving a four-wheel-drive computer

The Model X is more of a tall wagon or bloated Model S sedan, than a SUV or CUV. It’s pretty cramped in the back, unlike a true CUV/SUV. Those albatross-wing doors kill much of the utility in this supposed SUV/CUV by making it impossible to put a cargo box on the roof or roof racks to carry kayaks, surfboards, windsurfers, paddleboards, etc. The Model X’s second-row seats aren’t very innovative either compared to the “magic slide” second-row seats in the lowly 2018 Honda Odyssey. Not only are they more functional and practical then the second-row seats in the Model X, but more importantly Honda’s “magic slide” second row seats can significantly improve safety for children and adults sitting in the second row in case of T-bone accident. These are the seats that Tesla should have designed for the Model X. The center seat in the Odessey’s second row is removable, which gives owners the ability to drive around with the 7-seat configuration (with 3 seat third row) most of the time while retaining the ability to add a extra seat when desired/required. Unlike the 6 or 7-seat Model X, the Honda’s second row seats fold down. What makes the… Read more »

This is better-worded description of what the Magic Slide second row seat system can do:

“A new Magic Slide second-row seat system brings four different seating configurations to meet people-moving, cargo-hauling and accessibility needs. Separation mode has the center seat out and the captain’s seats in the outer positions. Buddy mode has the center seat out and the captain’s seats pushed together in the center. Easy Access mode has the seat behind the driver moved to the center and forward so front passengers can be within close reach of a child, and Super mode is Easy Access but with the seatback tilted forward for wide-open access to the third-row.”


My Škoda Roomster MPV (extremely cheap 5-seater) also has the same feature allowing the two outboard seats of the 2nd row to move inward if the middle seat is taken out.

In fact, every single rear-row seat can be individually reclined, slid back & forth, folded down once, folded twice so it lies against the front seats or completely removed in seconds (I frequently remove the middle seat allowing me to transport 2-3 pairs of bicycles while still retaining room for 2 children in large child seats). If all rear seats are removed, the luggage capacity is 1780 litres (63cu.ft.), not shabby for a 4.21m (165″) long vehicle…

And this system (called VarioFlex) is on all trim levels.

There’s no excuse for a vehicle as expensive as the Model X not to have a just as flexible system, justlike most minivans.

Model x is way to expensive ..Period…’

Given how dumb a design it is, it’s doing amazingly well in my mind.

They made an SUV which has less versatile cargo space than their sedan. They made an SUV that can’t take a roof box or ski rick!

If this thing ran on gas it would do very poorly in the market.

“They made an SUV which has less versatile cargo space than their sedan.”

Well, it’s a CUV and not actually an SUV. But yes, this head-scratching choice by Tesla is what has disappointed me most about the MX. I understand Tesla was targeting moms who want to have an easy time getting the kids (or the infant car seats) into and out of the car easily. But to sabotage the overall utility of using the MX for carrying cargo was a very poor marketing choice.

Very true, Tesla fumbled the Model X badly. The negative press around the falcon wing doors was the biggest problem, and a lack of a utilitarian, affordable Model X for basically a year was also a problem.

Tesla says that Model X reliability is greatly improved, but for most people the image of glitchy automated doors still is strong in their mind.

Tesla must improve reliability to at dead minimum Consumer Reports ‘average’, 3/5.

Much better than average, 5/5, should be the goal, which would unleash a flood of consumers buying the X.

The Model S made the transition, scoring a 5/5 last year. Impressive, and if Tesla keeps it up and extends that to the Models X and 3 then they will kill the competition.

I think the lesson Elon learned from the MX is the wrong one. He appears to believe that the problem is not necessarily that it was a six-figure tech demo, but that they should have rolled out the less-complicated versions of it first:

“We’re making the simplest Model 3 first, like we did with S. Didn’t do it with X, because I was an idiot.”

So he says it’s a “terrible strategy” to throw all the cool things you can imagine in the car at once… and yet the M3 has no instrument cluster, hidden dash vents, a glass roof, and a single center-mount touchscreen. Lesson learned?

Well put. I think Musk fights compulsion. He may have an answer for too much tech, but the problem may be over-thinking the product. He probably thinks, “Neat. The M3 trunk and center screen will preserve some Model S sales, while others see an autonomous future.” Of course, most don’t cross shop $40k and $80K cars, and the Model 3 will need to be driven.


Yes, that unfortunately is an all too accurate summary of the situation. Elon should have learned his lesson when the Roadster was delayed three times (and nine months), but he didn’t. And he didn’t learn the lesson from the MX’s problems, either.

This is why I have said that Elon needs to step back and let someone else be CEO of Tesla. He should concentrate on SpaceX, and take more of a back-seat role at Tesla.

Am I the only person who thinks it looks great? I would love to have a Model X.

My father thinks it looks great, but he at one point almost bought a PT Cruiser…

Bob Lutz said it looks like “a loaf of bread”.

It looks okay for an SUV/CUV. Not great.

As a rule the entire class of vehicles looks bad compared to a well-designed sedan, coupe, or sports car.

Yes. I think literally every single other SUV in the comparable $100k+ class is many times better looking.

I think you’re totally wrong about other SUVs looking good or better than the model X the model X is the superior vehicle it doesn’t require Muffler repairs transmission repairs on gasoline you need to drive one you need to own one to know how Superior that vehicle is to any other vehicle on the market

Of course you don’t find it ugly since you bought one.

The rest of us who don’t buy it find it F**** ugly.

Model S is so much better looking. Model X is just fugly!

It is great that you love it. But you probably don’t want to know what I think of someone who paid $100K to drive something that ugly.. =)

Well Josh, Beauty is in the eye…uh, hold on a sec, getting a call…um, yeah, it was AMC asking for their Pacer design back.

“Am I the only person who thinks it looks great? I would love to have a Model X.”

In general, I find the body lines of CUVs and SUVs to be unflattering and unsexy. I don’t understand all the criticism of the Model X’s styling. Certainly it looks better to me, and “sexier” if you want to think of it in those terms, than most CUVs and SUVs. But if you want a car that actually looks attractive or “sexy”, then buy a Model S!

It’s an insane amount of money for an SUV. The base price is $85K, loaded it’s $107K. An SUV is a Utility vehicle, do you really want to transport dirt from Home Depot or filthy kids from soccer practice in a $107K car? If you want an electric SUV get a Bolt for 1/3rd the price.

Loaded it is far, far more expensive than $107K.

It’s $120,300 loaded on a P100, and that’s without the premium stereo or towing package. And it’s with the base wheels and free paint (no paint upcharge)!

A P100D is $171,200. And that’s still without premium stereo or towing package (or optional carbon fiber trim) or paint upcharge! It does include 22″ wheels in this case though.

OK that’s far worse. There was a Model X on display in Merrimack NH this weekend which is where I got the pricing, 85K for the base model and 107K for the one that was on display. Didn’t realize that you could push the price up to 171K, that’s Ferrari money and people who buy Ferrari’s don’t use them very much, they mostly sit in their garages. An SUV is by definition a utility vehicle. If you are buying a Veblen good you don’t buy it for utility, you buy it to display your wealth and a sedan like the Model S does that more efficiently than an SUV.

Where I said “P100” above I meant “100D”. Sorry about the error.


(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous


Probably not since it is selling so well.

I actually think the doors are pretty cool, it’s the rest of the body that’s ugly. It’s like a Model S with a big derriere. A dream to ride in and drive, but it’s just very big.

I agree…Still looks like a pseudo-minivan…

I have an S but I would like to have an X……but it’s too expensive.

I agree with others:

Ditch the FW doors and make the second row seats fold flat.

The car doesn’t look as nice as the S but it is way more comfortable to drive.

Wrong. X sales are on an upward trajectory. It’s S sales that are flat year over year, especially in the US. See Wikipedia.

A poorly researched article, this.

I think you misinterpreted the article. It says it isn’t doing as well as it should. It didn’t say sales aren’t growing.

Yes story not about sales about X not livingup to expectations to Tesla or public, not selling more SUVs this year instead of last because it is now available finally everywhere

Title – Tesla Model X Not Nearly As Successful As It Should’ve Been

“One would think that with SUV and Crossover sales at monumental numbers in the US, the Tesla Model X may have exceeded Model S popularity and sales ……. but the Model X is not yet close to outpacing the sedan as was anticipated by many”

Telsa X sales on up trajectory because it was mostly united states only early 2016 and not available around world until second part of 2016,come back in a year to make a proper comparison & in a story about that topic

Agree with Four Electrics that this is an article based on poor research. For me and many others, the falcon wing doors are a major plus over model S and I am not someone who is very concerned with image. The wing doors are very practical for us who don’t want to carry stuff over the roof!!! The auto front doors and seat positions are improvements too!!!

I agree with you Four Electrics. 😮

^^ this.

How strange to see one of InsideEVs’ serial Tesla bashers actually saying something that we Tesla fans can agree with! 😯 Circle this day on your calendar.

I was considering a model X however my model S has plenty cargo are and is not as ugly as Model X, design matters, specialty with expensive cars, Tesla has a huge designer weakness, a new chef of designer departs should be hire, Model S was ok design, however the next model S won’t get a pass, look Masserati, Aston, Jaguar.

I would love to buy one immediately. However I haven’t. Here are the reasons why. I am sure others think like this too so that should explain why it does not sell. So in some ways, Tesla is arrogant company too and refuses to listen. 1) Price: Unnecessarily bloated with things that do not matter like falcon wings to increase cost. 2) Second row seats do not fold. Even $19K SUVs can have the seats fold, so not sure why a $90K SUV wont allow that. Unless the manufacturer is arrogant and refuses to give in. 3) It is priced like one but is not even close to luxury cars from inside. Does not drive like a luxury car either. Stuffing Tech does not equate to luxury. Improve the interiors to be inline with a Bentley or Porsche or even Mercedes Well those are mine. So its neither here nor there. Sounds like a confusing product. Why can’t they make expensive stuff optional? That way regular folks don’t have to shell out crazy money. It will sell like hot cakes if the base model is brought down to $50-$55K somehow. And allow folks to add options of another $50K if… Read more »

They can’t make battery optional or they can close the company as well. It is $30k car with $50k battery pack and $20k gimmicks & hubris to be able to market it as something special, not just yet another overpriced Mercedes.

“It is $30k car…”

There must be something about becoming a serial Tesla bashing troll that causes one to become a compulsive liar. It’s typical to see, as with this post, that they can’t resist throwing in a lie, even an obvious lie, when their argument would be more persuasive if they’d stick to the truth.

Sad. 🙄

The front seat belts are better on Model X. You can adjust height on the B-pillar, and keep them away from your neck.

My old 1996 econ box had that feature..

No freaking big deal.

I wish Tesla the best. But, as others have said here, the Model X is not an SUV. It’s really not a crossover either. It’s more like a sedan with a humpback.

If Porsche could make the Cayenne look like a real SUV, Tesla should be able to do the same. That’s all Telsa needed to build, an electric Cayenne.

An all electric Cayenne is in the pipeline and should come soon after the Mission E.

Well, we will see soon enough how a ‘proper’ SUV sells. The Audi etron is 12 months away and should give Tesla its first real competition.
I’m really curious how much of the Tesla hype is real.

The Model X is also quite a bit more pricey than the Model S ever since the X60D was discontinued back in October 2016.

When I ordered in November 2016, the difference in entry level price was $66k for the S60 versus $84k for the X75D. The entry level price difference is now $70k for the S75 versus $82.5k for the X75D.

Yes, with comparable options ($5000 for the D, $2500 for SAS which is no longer offered on the S75/S75D, $2500 for Pano Sunroof), the comparable price of the X versus the S gets pretty close, but those buying the entry level will still find it a big jump. If the X60D was still offered when I was ready to order, I would have gotten that one starting at $74k over the S60, but it was just too much of a jump in price for the entry level models.

Yep, I think they would do well to offer a base model 75 with regular doors, rear-wheel drive, and fewer bells and whistles for $70k.

I think regular doors would be a pretty popular option all the way across the line so that people could use roof-racks.

Seems to me it’s a bit too early for articles like this. The production ramp was such a nightmare that they probably only cleared the pre-orders by Q1 this year. It will be very interesting to see what happens over the next few quarters as this will more or less reflect genuine demand. Sales up to now have more been a measure of how many they can get out off the production line.

The X is made to be seen and to be seen in. It is not made to do stuff. It is a rolling marketing object of a car show concept vehicle. One that other people pay for and drive around advertising your vision, technology, and coolness for Tesla.

Then it needs some “gold” editions or diamond encrusted versions… =)

Model X could have sold better if it looks better and cheaper (as many here have stated).

In addition, a CUV/SUV needs to have “utility”. Model X lacks that. No roof carrying capability, no flat folding 2nd row with 3rd row seating. Both of those are “given” in most ICE CUV/SUVs.

The thing is that there are plenty of area where Model X is superior but unlike the Model S, which is mostly superior to its ICE competitors, Model X falls short in many of the areas against ICE SUV/CUV competitors.

Lack of range while towing is also another big negative mark against it.

“Model X could have sold better if… cheaper (as many here have stated).”

Yes, but you can say the same of literally every expensive product.

I don’t see the utility in repeating such a patently obvious fact. No matter how well or how poorly a car sells, it would always sell more if it was cheaper.


With additional $10K incentives on the current LEAF, did it sell better?

At some point, the demand/supply curve isn’t near as linear as someone might have imagined. Of course, if the price reduces enough, it will eventually increase demand. The question is what that elastic portion is vs. the cost of the vehicle.

Yeah, no one ever calls Teslas expensive.. But there’s not a huge market for an initially unreliable, initially poor fit and finish (I can’t believe Tesla would release the X the way they did when it was so shabby), and most over $100k. There is little to recommend it over an ‘S’ since the amount of usable space isn’t what you’d expect for a decent CUV. The Bolt ev, while tiny on the outside, has very efficient interior space utilization, other than the high bump in the back with the back seats down.. But you can still carry a lot of junk, go pretty far, for a lot less coin. With the incentives, you can buy 2, 3 or even 4 BOLTs for the cost of a stripped, or decked out model X, respectively. So its a great value. Apparently Woz’s musings show that he is not ‘too good’ to be seen driving around in a Bolt. I suspect many other well to do people just simply don’t want to spend the kind of money required for an “X”, when a BOLT ev gives them the large range they want, and they don’t care about the bare-bones interior.

Wow, so many responses.

Because of falcon wing doors,
* No roof rack
* No sunroof above rear seat.
* Extra motors to life the gate may add weight and also consume some power.

It will be better its replaced by conventional doors during the re-design and price also decreased accordingly.

Gull wing doors. People look at that and see a maintenance problem and no real utility.

It should really get redesigned with regular doors and better control on the air suspension so driver can select the height regardless of speed.

As a two vehicle it likes like winner.

The assumption at the heart of this article seems to be “The Model X should outsell the Model S, and because it doesn’t, it’s a failure.” I don’t recall seeing anybody predicting the MX would outsell the MS. The Model X started out as a CUV version of the Model S. And despite the fact that it wound up being more radically different than that would suggest, that’s still the market niche it occupies. Describing MX sales as “not nearly as successful” as they should have been, shows a definite anti-Tesla bias from this writer. Considering all the well-publicized initial problems with this car, I think sales are surprisingly good. I think Tesla could do better if it offered wider options for better cargo carrying, but then before the Gigafatory went into operation, Tesla’s ability to ramp up production was limited by Panasonic’s willingness to ramp up battery production. So it’s questionable that more market demand for the MX would have resulted in substantially more sales. After the MX is switched over to Gigafactory batteries, and after the initial inevitable problems with Model 3 production are mostly worked out, it may then be time for Tesla to think about offering… Read more »

It is just the first year of full production, and it is already in the top 5 in EV sales — despite the huge price. That doesn’t sound that bad to me.

I’m not sure what the hand-wringing is all about. Let’s see what it does in the next year or two.

I like the Model X and sometime I wish we had gone for it, but in the end I’m glad that we chose the Model S. A test drive with the Model X had shown us that it’s build quality is just not on par with the Model S and that the Model S is a lot more silent inside. For that kind of money I would expect a more luxury version of the Model X.

I’m sorry most people can’t afford the Model X and experience the future. I’ve driven a lot of high end cars in my time and the X is the best one I have ever owned. 0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds, all the latest tech, and zero emissions… show me another SUV that can make those claims. Where I live, luxury SUVs are a status symbol, nobody cares about cargo space or roof racks. I’m not proud of that but it’s the way it is. Everyone in my hood drives a Porsche Cayenne or a Range Rover… now they all want an X. The model X is simply the ultimate status symbol.