Tesla Model X Spy Video Shows Production-Ready Version


Here’s video showing the Tesla Model X in what’s widely believed to be its full production-ready version.

What you’ll see in the video is a decent look at the previously camouflaged front end and a glimpse or two at the front windshield that extends over the front passenger compartment.

HybridCars.com is quick to point out that the front windshield on the Model X is not ground-breaking or new, but is rather a design stolen borrowed from vehicles like the Vauxhall Astra GTC, and Citreon C3.

Opel Astra GTC

Opel Astra GTC

Opel Astra GTC

Opel Astra GTC

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That huge windshield might be cool at night.. but I don’t think I’d like it during the day.. and where are the sun visors?

In one of the shots I believe I saw them mounted to the A-Pillar. They looked pretty big…but then, they’d have to be.

Well, you just need a huge sombrero. Hopefully, that come free with the car.

it does, duh.

I heard that two urban sombreros are included with each X.

+1 for the Seinfeld reference! πŸ˜€

I can still see a discontinuity on the rear doors.

Pregnant Prius.

Tesla news a new car designer model S is fine but the nose cone is ugly. The model X doesn’t look like 100K car.

MDEV said:

“Tesla news a new car designer model S is fine but the nose cone is ugly. The model X doesn’t look like 100K car.”

I challenge anyone to link to a picture of an actual production SUV or CUV that looks “sexy”, or noticeably prettier than the Model X.

SUVs and CUVs aren’t designed to look sexy. They’re designed to carry a lot of passengers and/or cargo.

The Model X reminds of a movie car from the 1980s about what they thought pure electric vehicles in the 2000s would look like. And that is not a compliment. The weird nose and flat back don’t sit right. Lets hope the Model 3 looks better.

I still want the Model 3 to look like the Model S but 20% smaller. Please no weirdmobile. Make it look better than the old Prius, new Prius, and Bolt. The new Volt is OK.

It will not look like the Model S because the proportions will (have to be) different, i.e. it will be shorter and narrower in relation to its height. The smaller a car gets, the more difficult it is to come up with a sleek design. The Model X does not instill me with a log of confidence to be honest.


I predict the Model ≑ will look a lot like the BMW i3 and the Bolt.

The i3 and the Bolt! Disgusting. Let it look like whatever but those two “cars”.

By the way Elon said the Model 3 would be the size of a BMW 3 series but it could be even closer and look a lot like it as well, which would be a much greater scenario.

I’m hoping it’s one of those cars that looks much better in person than it does on a screen or in print.

I’m sure that Tesla will come up with impossibly perfect-looking CGI models for the Model X to use in publicity photos and advertising, just like every other auto maker.

Damn, that thing is ugly. It almost makes the LEAF look good.

Well Leaf-ugly is stretching it, but only a little!

Agree, it is not the best looking car.

I really like the Model S styling, but omfg the X is ugly.

I would agree with many of the opinions here..

Model S looks good, but this Model X is for sure ugly!

Fatter cousins of the supermodels aren’t supermodels for sure…

Please, if you live in California clean the bird sh!t off your windshield before driving. You never know when you’ll spot a Model X prototype on the road. I know there’s a drought, but you can use spit and some elbow grease to clean your windshield. And please, by all means don’t become afflicted with Vertical Video Syndrome! πŸ˜‰

It’s odd that the rear spoiler isn’t fully raised at highway speeds, but is fully raised in low speed stop and go traffic. At the end of the video, the driver/cameraman’s speedometer reads 45 mph.

Spoiler extension at low speed:

The above pic is from this video at 1:15. The spoiler is also visible later in the video. WARNING: The video is very difficult to watch as the camera gets pointed every which way.

I’m confused, isn’t this the same video posted less than a week ago?


Not complaining, just trying to figure out what’s new.

Hey Dan, it was part of the story from Model X windshield story late last week, (one of a couple videos and a pic illustrating the sweeping windshield)…however, the video itself wasn’t play/embedable due to an odd platform used to host(we used a screenshot and linkie) – now that it has found its way to the ‘more accessible’ YouTube (well, someone send us a link to it) we decided it to put it up live.

No. It is not the same video. This video has been edited by a Tesla fanboy.

This video has edited out the following disparaging, but apparently genuine/honest, remark about the Model X: It looks like a Pu . . . Pruh, Prius (speaker chuckles).

The original video without editing can be found here:


Man, it makes the Pontiac Aztek look like a work of art.

Man, you need to have your eyes checked…

The Leaf and Aztek exist solely to redefine their own class of “Fugly”.

And the Model X seats 7, not 5; like the Aztek.

If it’s too ugly for you, can I have it now ? πŸ™‚ I think it’s sexy for a minivan. Wantwantwant…

All that Aztek needs to look as sexy is some falcon-wing doors. πŸ˜‰

Looks. Looks. Looks. I continue to see a pattern in this forum concerning the LOOKS…CONSTANTLY about the LOOKS of this vehicle. I made this comment the last time, so I’ll repeat, what a bunch of whiners! I would like to replace my Tahoe Hybrid with a Model X…just so done with ICE, if I can be.

What I give a rip about is the FUNCTION. If the full production version doesn’t have the 2nd row of seats capable of folding, I will move on. If you want LOOKS, buy an S…that would be if you can afford it, and I am starting to believe that there is a heck of a lot of envy going on here that manifests as a sour grapes focus on appearance.

You want a decent range (therefore low profile) EV, towing, seating 7…then form must yield to function. My Tahoe Hybrid wasn’t bought to look sexy, and this X, certainly to me, looks a bit better than the big boxy vehicle I have now.

ayep, Finally getting the face and tail..

like many cars, this looks better in person, but for the pregnant -fill-in-the-blank- crowd, no it’s not as svelte as MS.. nor is Any CUV with a comparable sedan platform.. let it Go already..

Damned difficult to make veyron appearance from a school bus utility and aero is Not an option on BEV, so they’re Extremely limited.

So against all odds and my cancelled reservation, I -LIKE- it a bunch and kinda’ wish I’d held on (and damned if my joking reference to Christmas ’15 delivery didn’t come true, i.e., first Non Sig models).

The Model X looks good in some colors and bad in other colors. White is a particularly bad color for the Model X, because it makes it look like an egg.

Other automakers have already started to copy the aerodynamic styling of the Model X for their own CUVs. Below is a spy shot of what’s purported to be a Chevy CUV with a Voltec EREV powertrain, and styling that’s obviously inspired by the Model X.


But I like eggs. They’re tasty and aerodynamic.

Citroen’s always loved large front windshields, and mentioned them in advertising materials.
See the view from the inside of the Xsara Picasso, the most popular MPV (flexible-use compact minivan) in Europe for quite a few years, dating from 1999: