Tesla Model X Sold Out For 2015 – Order Today To Get Yours In 2016


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Have you placed your order for the Tesla Model X yet?

If you’re not one of the 23,000 who have already pre-ordered the Model X, then it’s likely you’ll have to wait until at least 2016 to take delivery of Tesla’s electric SUV if that indeed is the vehicle your hoping to buy.

Per Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk during the most recent Tesla earnings call:

“I think realistically if someone is ordering the Model X right now, the car is gonna get delivered in early 2016. So we’re essentially sold out of 2015.”

But with a backlog of up to 23,000 orders to fulfill, it could be possible that those ordering a Model X today won’t receive it until 2016, assuming most or all of the current reservation holders all keep their orders in place.

While Musk says the Model X is essentially sold out for 2015, we think given its slow roll-out it’s actually sold out through a lot of 2016 too.  Most of the pre-orders will become actual orders (if Model S pre-orders are any indication of what to expect with the X), so the earliest you’re likely to get an X (assuming Q3 2015 start of production and slow ramp up) if you order today is probably well into 2016.

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In other words. Order a Model X today and you might end up seeing Model 3s on the road before you get your car 🙂

Why is insideevs making a story out of this old CC? If Elon doesn’t pump, some of his fanboys sure do.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is also “sold out” in US for 2015.
The “Bogus Fogus EV” is sold out till
2030. If you order one today, you may or may not “get it” by 2030.

When can I order a Tesla Model 3 ? , with the quality of the “S” model I am definately waiting for the first chance to order. No rival yet exists for Tesla, but maybe, just maybe other manufactures might “wake” up. Here in Ontario, Canada, we produce so much electricity, from mostly clean generation that electric cars make so much sense. Especially here in the GTA.
Bill Lediard

With the delay and the 85D coming out, I would guess there would be a significant percentage of cancellations/transfers. 15-20%?


How many years will we have to wait for someone to come out with a lithium version of the EV1?

BMW could put a 2000 Honda Insight body on the i3 right now, and gives us an affordable car with a 110 mile EPA combined range next year!

And they’d probably sell a whole 3 of them.

Which says volumes about what many EV proponents really care about…high-tech gadgets…not reducing their energy use.

Or perhaps the answer is to only make 250, and charge a fortune for them, like VW did with the VW XL1. The 1% will buy them up in an hour!

Guilty as charged. No pun intended. Ok. Maybe a little.

Haha, where are this site’s 2.5 trolls who like to remind us on every Tesla-related post, how Tesla is doomed and its demand has all but dried up?

The company does have a problem meeting deadlines – not very different from all other leading EV makers, btw – but people love their products when they come out. And eventually they will.

He he! See my comment above.
I am also taking deposits for a new EV, a 9 seater Chevy Tahoe like EV that goes 400 miles on a charge, costs $70K It’s sold out till 2020. Send me munny now to reserve your spot.


Love ’em or hate ’em, they never die.

Except when they go too far per site admin.

You seem to be of the harmless, mildly entertaining variety 🙂

Tesla has claimed it will be at a 100,000-car a year production rate by the end of 2015 so there’s no WAY it would be sold out for 2016 unless of course that claim is yet another fabrication from Musk, similar to the one he told last week about alliance discussions with BMW which the Germans laughed off yesterday the same way Musk laughed off the i3 on a conference call last year; i.e., revenge is a dish best served cold.

No one said anything about 2016 being sold out. As per 3Q conference call and this site Musk said Model X basically sold out for 2015, so if you order today you will get it in 2016 most likely.

Um, the author of this story did.

YTD, BMW sold more i3 in Europe than Tesla sold Model S.

I am not sure that being sold out for 2015 is that big of a deal since it speaks more to delays in the X as opposed to the popularity of the X. If the X gets delayed another 12 months then the X will be sold out for 2016 as well!

still wonder how much the delay in the X will delay the 3?

On the one hand I don’t see why the X and 3 can’t be designed and produced in parallel. On the other, to date Tesla seems to only have the resources to do one thing at a time.

We don’t really know why the X has been persistently delayed. This would be interesting to know. Is it the doors? Is it that they are doing factory upgrades and retooling of greater scope than originally planned? Is it because Tesla does not want to have a beta period with the X like it did with the X, and is thus doing more parts testing for wear and manufacturing defects?

This last is my favorite theory. I don’t think the X gets the same forgiveness as the S, purchased by a high rate of true believers early on. Tesla probably understands that the X has to bat close to 1000 from the get go.

Most of the parts in the Model X are the same as Model S and the rest are just basic car production problems… except the falcon doors.

So it is most likely to be that they do more testing to get it less wrong from the start but basically all that testing is most likely on the falcon doors.

Alonso has a point

Early early adopters will be more forgiving than gen 2 and 3 buyers. Thus X customers may be harder to please.

Also, Tesla doesn’t have the capability to keep up with the repairs if the X has as many issues as the S does (at least not to their current level of excellence)

So it could be Elon demanding better mass market quality off the shelf

I think X delay has as much to do with milking S demand as anything else. As long as they can keep the production expanding on S demand alone, why release the X?

Margins will be worse on the X for the first 6 – 9 months until they get the production ramped up.

I was tired of all the X delays therefore I cancelled my reservation and just purchased a RAV4 EV. This should hold me into 2020 when solids state batteries are released and hopefully the X

Yawn. No big deal. I remember a time when Harley Davidson had a backlog of over a year, and they seem to be doing ok now.