Tesla Model X Software 8.0 Speeds Up Falcon Wing Doors – Video


Bjorn Nyland posted an exceptional video showing that with software 8.0, the Tesla Model X’s falcon wing doors now actually open and close with a bit more speed.

The side-by-side setup of the video shows the falcon wing doors and how they operate on software 7.1 compared to the newly released 8.0.

Falcon Wing Door Operation - Comparison Video

Falcon Wing Door Operation – Comparison Video

Video description:

“A comparison of the opening and closing speed of falcon wing doors on software version 7.1 and 8.0.”

Earlier, there were some complains in regards to the speed of the operation of the falcon wing doors. Update 8.0 should quiet some of those complaints. The doors still aren’t quick in operation by any stretch, but they’ve been improved by quite a bit.

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Some people complain it closes too slow, I think it closes too fast. I’m under them, I have my baby, I hit the close button, and I’m jumping out of the way so I don’t get hit.

Maybe don’t hit close until you are out of the way? I dunno, seems like a simple solution to a simple problem…

Maybe the doors should know somebody is there and wait before closing.

Or better yet, know until you’ve walked away from the car with the key fob, and just close automatically.

Are you using the button on the door jam, designed for closing the door once you are inside the vehicle?

Just use the fob.

Do the doors still chop vegetables?

Yes. It keeps the vegetable zombies out.

Yes and forehead too including fingers, I can’t wait for CR to write about it.

That’s the most selfless thing I think I’ve ever read in one of your posts!

It’s awesome you’ve volunteered to be a test subject for the next Consumer Reports Rant. Can’t wait to read of your experiences, purposely testing with your Forehead and fingers…


sven, the one who usually post using this screen name

That wasn’t me that made the comment above.

Apparently, sven is to common of a name globally to use as a screen name here. From here on out, I’m changing my screen name to this unpronounceable symbol: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

My old fashioned manual doors and hatch also chop vegetables.

I would post a video on Youtube but no one would be interested because it’s not a Tesla.

You speaks the True True. 😉

The Falcon Wing Doors Chop vegetables ,like a Veg-O-matic ….Those Doors are the reason I did not buy one , & the Reason That I never will !

And that’s exactly what happens when you live in fear…

What’s exceptional about that Bjorn video is that it’s only 23 seconds long. Where is the 20 minutes of mind-numbing chatter that you have to skip through hunting for the actual new information?

Sorry Bjorn, but I’m glad to see that you do know how to make a compact video.

Because I’m lazy, I’ll just leave these here ..

Battery pack production @ MB current plant in Kamenz Saxony

Meh. I have an 80v Panasonic Battery Pack in my Lawnmower…

cmina , excellent videos …many thx to you ..

Contrary to the complaints of the very impatient, when I tested the speed of the power sliding doors on our Chrysler Town & Country van, they were only about 1/2 second faster than the opening and closing speed reported for the MX’s falcon wing doors.

6 seconds being too long for a car door to open or close… definitely a first-world problem!

I’m sorry to see that Tesla has given in to the complaints of the ignorant and very impatient here. Faster closing means a higher chance of somebody’s fingers or hands getting caught. 🙁

Hear hear!