Tesla Model X Signature Presentation – Video

JAN 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 17

Tesla Model X Embellishment On Falcon Door Framing

Tesla Model X Embellishment On Falcon Door Framing

Tesla Model X Signature deliveries are now in full flight, so here is one more high quality video presentation of Tesla Model X Signature in red from earlier this month – this time with the focus this time being on the trunk, interior/seats and frunk.

Since there is no way for general public to easily check out the X, videos like this remain the primary way to learn more about the X.

According to those in the know, it’s bigger than it looks, has easy third row access, and a comfortable middle-seat (in second row).

“Local Signature Model X owner was kind enough to show the car to some enthusiasts, so we took the opportunity to document it. Many Thanks!”

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Really nice of the owner to allow all those people to experience the vehicle and to those who filmed and shared it.

Thanks. 🙂

Does anyone else think that signing the signature models with “Signature” just seems wrong? It’s like naming your child “Name”. “Tesla” would make more sense, or even “Elon Musk” for the fanboys.

My biggest question is “what happens when someone grabs hold of the front emblem and yanks really hard?”.

Do they walk away with a “late night souvenir”, or a sore hand?

Over the years I’ve seen hundreds of cars missing their emblems and wouldn’t want that to happen to any Tesla.

At 5:30, a misalignment between the front and falcon wing door handles is visible. It’s the same issue seen on the other recent Signature video. Ugh.

No, there is not.


If this imagined problem is the worst that the anti-Tesla trolls can come up with, then we should consider the Model X a resounding success!

Don’t let Tesla become part of your core identity. That road leads to irrationality.

I confirmed my Model X order some time ago. I’m pointing out this issue in the hope that it is resolved before I take delivery. Should you yourself ever plan to actually buy a Tesla, you might find yourself similarly interested in quality control.

There is a difference between having a healthy interest, and an obsession that makes you see things that aren’t there. 😛

I bought #352 of the non-signature Model S’. I know the panel gaps are bad and the overall build quality has vastly improved over time. Still wouldn’t trade our car in. Isn’t cessation of gasoline/diesel the main reason to buy such a car? If so, alignment issues should be very secondary, no?

Irrationality? You mean, like pretending you’ve ordered a Tesla car so you can later claim you canceled your order because of some problem?

Yeah, we’ve already seen that behavior on Seeking Alpha. In fact, I’m guessing that’s where you got the idea from.

Oh for heaven’s sake. You are such a big liar. You did not order a Model X. What a joke. Do you really think your intentionally disparaging posts actually convince people to think twice about purchasing a Tesla? They don’t. They just make you look like a moron.

Rexx, you honestly do not see that those two door handles are not collinear at the 5:30 mark?

Blinded by love, I guess…

You are right, there is at least a 2mm misalignment, maybe even 3mm. As one who see what others don’t congratulations. Now go and look at virtually every other car made and if you look closely you can find similar small misalignments on all of them. It used to drive me nuts, but I learned to accept perfection is a goal not a realistic expectation

I think every mass produced car, without exception, has minor panel misalignments. It’s merely a question of how closely you need to look to see them.

That’s one reason car companies now always use CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) in pictures and videos, including the car commercials we see on TV; so they can make them look more perfect than they are in real life.

The question isn’t why any car (including the Model X) has tiny panel misalignments. The question is why a Tesla troll would think anyone would believe this is a “problem”.

If that little bit bothers you, you might as well not have a car and walk instead. I have a Hyundai that has some body panel not exactly right so that it make a little bit of a whistle as it moves through the air. Most of the time I don’t even notice it, and it doesn’t keep me from enjoying a nice vehicle to get me from place to place.

But did your Hyundai cost $130,000?

That’s the difference.