Tesla Model X Sighting – Video


model xI spotted the new Tesla X on 280.

(Toward the end of the video) From the look of it, the driver is trying to push it off-road, only to have the vehicle correct its trajectory and veer back into the lane.

States the video description from YouTube user Yann Kerhervé.

We believe that the driver is just testing the handling of the Model X, not its lane-keep feature or accident avoidance tech, as the video uploader suggests.

This Model X sighting occurred basically in Tesla’s backyard:

Interstate 280 is a 57-mile long north–south Interstate Highway in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California.

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Let the gapgate take 4, or is it 5? begin….

you know…. there is quite a bit of gap there… 😀

Dang, what kind of vehicle was this being filmed from? They are like 20 feet in the air it seems.

I’m guessing a bus.

Judging from the shadow seen in the pictures it appears to be a bus.

Are they ever going to make this car for real? I think sometimes you can think a little too far out of the box. Those rear doors still don’t fit right, those doors must present a big design challenge holding up this car from production.

Gosh, what would an article about the Model X on InsideEVs be without people making baseless complaints about the fit of the rear doors and/or windows?

Amazingly enough, you can see the door seams on white automobiles from other auto makers, too!


Its KIND OF a test mule but okay pal

And if the doors wouldn’t work they wouldn’t be wasting there time with them, it will have them and they will be great

When you think about it, rear doors opening in a falcon way is not that new when you think about that every car has trunk on the back of the car that opens upside.

And the whining has begun!

Interesting waggle… You know, bees do that too. It means there is HONEY oveh deyeh! 😉

Gimmeh de honeh!