Tesla Model X Sighting – Video


Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Here’s the latest video sighting of the Tesla Model X to hit YouTube.

Video description (via Randy Frei):

280 South in San Jose. Sensors or other equipment in front and above falcon wing doors.

Still looking a bit crude.

According to Elon Musk, the Model X will launch in late Fall of 2015.


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Gosh, the fit of the driver’s window is absolutely terrible; there’s a huge gap there!


Seriously, does anybody know what the device stuck on top of the car is? Presumably some sort of sensor?

A Go Pro for recording some B roll?

could be anything from a camera to Lidar..

The model X should be good competition for the Outlander PHEV and the BYD Tang in real world wide sales.

miggy, the X will be more than 2 times the price of the Outlander and is a BEV so it is tethered to the charging networks rather than having the extended-range capability of the Outlander. I don’t see it on the same level of competition.

Bonaire, I’ve been driving a Volt over 90% (30,000 miles)on Electric. In order to achieve this I am charging wherever I can. And that is with the very slow charger that comes with a Volt. I don’t see being tethered to charging networks in a fast charging Tesla as much of a problem.

it is not much of a problem for me either. However, for the non-enthusiast “common man” it is not that simple. Even for my wife, a “wife of an EV enthusiast” will not buy a BEV for herself even though her normal driving is 20-30 miles with the occasional 150 mile jaunt. Some minds are hard to change. It will come from the more malleable minds of the young – who may see that the plug-in network tethering is viable. But they don’t have the money – so their best bet is the market for cheap EREVs and when possible, used ones, since they don’t have the income enough to take full advantage of the $7500 tax credit. What I find most interesting is the bigger fans of Tesla are college students and young folks who like to see change and lean against the establishment. And they like crazy performance too 🙂 But for the rational minds of us old folks, EREV and duel-fuel choices and having no compromises for the next few decades seems to work even better. I have a drive coming up later in the month. 360 miles each way and only one supercharger at the far-end… Read more »

Tesla is making inroads in the the professional arena: financial advisers, lawyers, doctors. In my area a recent golf outing was sponsored by Tesla. They know where their market is, getting to that market is the problem, but I thought that was an inventive way to go. It is by word of mouth and the internet that Tesla will get the word of their products out.
I do agree that the young are more “hep” to Tesla.

EREVs should be taking over by now, but the big automakers aren’t making any effort to cut down the price. They’re using them as high margin top-end trims, aside from a few exceptions.

As a result, their market share is very low, and at these levels Tesla will easily outdo the PHEV competition. They’ll lose some sales to people that really want the ability to make 300-mile drives into nowhere without a rental, but they really don’t care.


WOW! What gratitude – how quickly we forget that western civilization has advanced prolifically with “big oil” and made it possible for the little guy to have a reliable and functional auto/truck at an affordable cost. How many blue collar guys are driving around in Teslas? Just remember that EV you so adore is still being fueled by fossil fuel powered plants in the southwest.

EVs have become a false idol to be embraced by those who have no sense of history and think that everything traditional must be bad. If it weren’t for the huge subsidies from taxpayers, and fossil fuel energy generation, EVs would be unrealizable fantasy.

OK, so I like EVs but I don’t diss eveything that came before like spoiled millenials who despise their parents despite all they have done for them.

Without “Big Oil” youn would still be shoveling horse s__t from the streets.

Yes. I agree oil got us here. But it’s not our future.
So get off the oil bandwagon and move forward.

I’m not on the oil bandwagon.

My point is simple – you don’t have to diss the girl you took to the party if you found a new squeeze you like better.

Tip you hat in appreciation to honor her and spend time with the new one. Anything less is arrogant and immature.

Remember, if fossil disappeared tomorrow all of our high-tech EVs would be high and dry.

Actually I do have a sense of history and it involves no debt to oil whatsoever. Big oil has received subsidies and giveaways, has put lead in the air, in our food, and in our blood, has destroyed ecosystems, has been the cause of wars and coups, and has made every effort to prevent alternative technologies from reaching the market.

Industrial development without oil would have been a little slower perhaps, but it would have happened anyway. We would have had better batteries many decades ago, a lot of people would be healthier, and a lot of other people would have not been killed.

Maybe (if price doesn’t matter), but the Model X has 3 rows of seating which could be a requirement for some larger families.

Damn rich Eco-Catholics… 😉

And/or soccer moms.

Covered in sensors… Is that a “61” in the rear side window? Is that the mule number?

N0…its a 20 mule team……….Borax

Very nice.

Ah, Sodium Tetraborate. You know how to make long lasting Crystal Batteries from that, right?


“Still looking a bit crude.”

The only thing that is crude is the resolution on that guy’s camera phone.

I’m just thankful he didn’t shoot it vertically…


Yeah, I found the “Still looking a bit crude” comment in the article to be rather out of place for a comment on a low-res video.

Does anyone really think that Tesla Motors is going to start selling a car that looks “crude” as a follow-up to the gorgeous Model S?

That’s just Ludicrous. 😉

Still an ugly fat minivan…

Agreed, it’s ugly, looks like it came from the 90’s…

Yea, yea, Model X.

But did you catch the really interesting footage? A REAL Honda Insight in the other lane! How often do you see one of those, eh?


What you never read Bout, is how many times a Tesla owner runs out of juice and is stranded. Somehow, Tesla, and their owners want to hush up this stat.

You’re right! The TESLA-CONSPIRACY!!! This is the ONLY explanation.

(Besides that the probability a Tesla runs out of juice without the driver noticing it might be slightly lower than in most ICE-cars out there… Oh and the number of Tesla’s on the road is quite marginal… btw. all the people out there with broken fuel-level indicators in their ICE-cars suffer range anxiety every day 😉 )

It’s a HUGE and SECRET PLAN. “They” want no one to know that all the Teslas out there are regulary stranding because none of the Tesla-engineers did have the INGENIOUS idea to construct a HIDDEN device to inform the driver of the charge level/remaining miles.

Luckily you REVEALED this to to public! Thank you! One more CONSPIRACY which “THEY” failed to keep TOP SECRET!

However, there is one thing I don’t really get: Who the f*** is this Bout???

If Tesla is going to go to production with the model X later this fall, the 61 on the side window would not be a mule number. They are beyond that stage of product design. It is more than likely a MCS build number.