Tesla Model X Shows Up In Brazil


Tesla vehicles are increasingly sought-after by importers across the globe.

For those who follow Tesla, you’re probably aware that its vehicles are available in a variety of global markets. However, the U.S. electric automaker has yet to set up shop in many locations. Still, if you don’t mind jumping through some hoops, you can get a Tesla in most places … even Michigan (sort of). Now, you can get a Tesla Model X in Brazil.

Like many exotic supercars and iconic sports cars, Tesla vehicles are increasingly popular with import companies across the globe. This is especially true of the Tesla Model X. While it’s not a legendary hypercar, it’s exceedingly unique and it accelerates faster than any other production SUV. Not to mention it wears those funk Falcon Wing doors, it’s available with Autopilot, and it can cost well over $100,000.

In this video, Direct Imports in Brazil shows off its prized Tesla Model X 100D. Perhaps we have some readers that speak Portuguese and can shed some additional light in the comment section below?

Video Description via Direct Imports on YouTube:

Tesla Model X 100D 2019 Brasil – Direct Imports

*Translated from Portuguese

Learn more about an exclusivity that only Direct Imports could import into Brazil. Tesla Model X 100D. The safest and fastest SUV in the world! 7 seats, Falcon Wings Doors, allowing easy access to second and third row seats even in tight parking spaces, First SUV to receive 5-star safety rating by NCAP of the United States, Full wheel drive, Up to 565 range kilometers, 0 to 100 km / h in 4.7 s, Largest glass windscreen in production. Come to know this machine and import yours with us! Were you impressed by this machine? Schedule a visit with one of our consultants by calling +55 (11) 2307-2623 or directly to our showroom, located at Avenida Europa, 873.


Tesla Model X at Supercharger
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Even Michigan, ha, ha. Yes the backward, less developed, areas will take a longer time to get the Tesla.

Exactly. I just had to!

Your translation is just fine. The sales rep mentions they charged the Model X for 5 hours on a regular 110V wall plug (São Paulo standard, other cities use 220V) to get around 240 km (159 mi) of range. I wonder how the update over the wire works in markets not supported by Tesla, though I’ve seem a Model S a couple years ago also in São Paulo.
Import duty taxes in Brazil are sky high, I bet the Model X costs north of $200 k, the conventional Prius costs around 50k!

Guess what we have 1 Tesla in Zimbabwe. Model

Any trouble with the updates? How well auto pilot works over there ?

I’ve seen pictures of Teslas in Brazil for years already (never in person, however). People there usually also buy the CHAdeMO adapters because of the lack of Supercharger stations but a small number of CHAdeMO stations (that are hardly ever used since the Leaf was never sold there officially too and nobody seems to want one there anyway).