Tesla Model X Shakes Its Falcon Door Wings

FEB 6 2015 BY STAFF 8

A video posted by Rubén (@rbn4zoe) on

We believe that the Tesla Model X seen here is attempting to use its falcon door wings to take flight. Well, flight never occurs, but laughter may come.

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Go back to bed

Elon Musk the hero, Model X will fly to Mars, thats it…

what an informative post, building insideevs.com creditability for sure!


Having a die cast scale models made, would give waiting customers, something to at least play with, while they wait for their vehicle…

Ok that was a little unnecessary 🙂

rbn4zoe has more time on their hands – they can do one of i3 backseat passengers trying to figure out how to close the back doors.

…Maybe to the tune of – “Woop, there it is!” — um, nope…try again…”Woop, there it is” — oops, ummmm, hmmmmm…let’s see front door firrrrst….”Woop….ummmm…”Hey, how do I shut the da** door?!!!”

slow news day much?