Tesla Model X Sets 1/8-Mile World Record For Production SUV – Video


7.3888 For 1/8-Mile Time

7.3888 For 1/8-Mile Time

Of course it does…as no other production SUV is even close to as quick as the Tesla Model X.

Off the line, the Model X (like the Model S) blows away the competition with a 0 to 60 MPH time of just 3.2 seconds.

But what if we extend the race to an 1/8th-mile? Well, the Model X still wins…

Video description:

We took our Tesla Model X to the local drag strip. It is a 1/8th mile track.

They snickered and questioned if I really wanted to race “that”.

By the end of the night, we had many converts and were drawing huge crowds around the car.

We raced anyone and everyone that would race us (some would not) and we were undefeated!!!

Yes, an SUV dominated over muscle cars, nitrous boosted cars and highly modified cars for racing. We owned the 1/8th mile.

For comparative purposes, the BMW X5 M is perhaps closest to the Model X in the high-performance SUV category. Though it can only manage an 8.2-second time in the 1/8th-mile race.

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Like taking candy from a baby.

I love it! The big, burly, grease-stained men and their heavily-modified gas guzzlers were owned by a soccer mom SUV? That’s awesome.

That is EXACTLY what needs to happen more often to make the “Wal-Mart”ers understand what electric vehicles are and what they can do.


Modern BEVs are not just a change in automotive technology: they have to be significantly better than the oil-based clockwork of our great grandparents, for a cultural shift twards acceptance to occur.

People would still think anemic, short range, ‘Wheego’s” and iMiEVS were acceptable EVs, if it were not for Tesla.

The bar is set high for their next Roadster. Can’t wait to see what they bring to the market. 🙂

Does the Model X have launch control?

A electric motor is starts at zero rpm so it doesn’t need launch control

The Model S has launch control. It’s a feature provided by Tesla.

Teslas do have launch control*. It torque-loads the drivetrain and knocks about a 1/10th of second off of the 1/4 mile.

The comments in YouTube by the driver “Max Kennedy states: “No Launch control. Was not sure about timing it to the tree. Maybe next time.”


Yes it does like my P85D. You keep pushing the breaks then push the accelerator, released and is set.

To put things into perspective, many of the quicker 335i (on dragtimes such as mine) would run about a higher 7 second 1/8 mile, but still are running at least 7mph faster in the 1/8 mile and almost 15mph faster in the qtr. So awesome launch but acceleration tapers off soon after in the electric car. For example my car ran 7.49 but over 101 mph in the 1/8. http://www.dragtimes.com/2008-BMW-335i-Specs-20520.html

You’re ruining the party! 😉

However, 335i is not SUV, though X lacks ability for roof racks. SUV to SUV (I mean at similar price range), I think X still sets record.

Understood, but what you are saying is heard by most people as 99.999% of the time in normal driving, the Tesla is quicker and .001% of the time in racing conditions over an 1/8 a mile, a high performance ICE car can be faster. For most people, that .001% of the time never happens.


I still think 1/8 mile races are stupid. It’s easy making something go very fast for a very short distance. Make it go fast for the whole mile instead, that is a lot more difficult.

Why, because “the fastest you can go in a mile” is the kind of driving you do everyday?

Personally, I’d have more fun silently leaving all “muscle-car” antiques 1/8 of a mile behind me every time.

That’s the difference. Teslas no doubt are very quick from a start. From 60mph+, many cars will beat it. The metric most of our performance guys use is 60-130mph acceleration. My car ran 6.9 seconds, Tesla is probably double that. So a real life situation would be you are on the freeway, and you both accelerate, the fast German cars, etc will pull away. But you have already seen that with the Dragtime videos where the Tesla out launches the other car (which is the biggest part of drag racing) but on the roll on race, the other car makes short work of the Tesla. That is where trap speed comes into place. The car with the higher power to weight ratios are the ones with the higher trap speeds. Unfortunately electric cars have their power down low, and ICE cars have higher rpm power bands. I still would have a blast driving the Tesla. Just don’t go to the airport runway races the Porsche/BMW/GTR/Ferrari guys sponsor that go from 30-170mph. The Tesla would get slaughtered. Go to the 1/8 miles races and beat 90% of the cars out there! Both are fun, you just have to be smart about… Read more »