Tesla Model X Seen in the Wild


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The Model X (photo via Ron Talain)

A Tesla Model X was just spotted on Monday (May 4th) by Ron Talain on Rt101 (near “the University exit”) in California only a few miles from the Tesla Home Planet in Palo Alto.  Ron described it as looking “… like a Model S with a pug nose.”

New changes (visible) appear to be the rear bumper assembly and a more refined back window.

Approximate location of sighting

Approximate location of sighting

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In before “door is misaligned” comments!

Has anyone noticed the ugly gap between the front and rear doors? 😉

Yeah, that gap is big enough to hold the crushed hopes and dreams of the hydrogen fuel cell camp.

Thank you, thank you. I’ll be here all week.

+1 – yes!!

So should I try the veal?

Yes, thank you ladies and germs.

Looks way better in black than white…IMO.

Camouflage would be beter IMO. 😉

I want to like it…I really do…
But the Model S Shape just doesn’t apply very well to a Crossover/SUV.

I’m sure it will be an amazing vehicle, and we need Tesla to be hugely successful selling it.

But I just can’t get past the looks…

I agree but still shots don’t always do a vehicle justice. I think we’ll need to wait until we can see it in person to reach any conclusions.

I wouldn’t call it the “Model S shape”. I’d call it aerodynamics on the outside coupled with maximum room on the inside.

This will be a very, very comfortable vehicle with extreme performance (especially in its class).

Having said that, I don’t like the Model S nose, and I doubt I’ll like the X nose either. It’s the weakest point in both designs.

I suspect it will grow on you. It probably looks a bit odd right now because it is very different than all the conventional SUVs & CUVs out there.

I think it looks pretty good aesthetically . . . like a bloated Model S. But I think the shape is pretty good aerodynamically and THAT is really what matters to me. (Do we have a Cd for it yet?)

Aztec 2.0. That said, Pontiac sold 120000 of them. Tesla should be able to reach that.

I don’t care if you like it or hate it, don’t call it an Aztek.

Heisenberg represent.

I highly recommend people follow this thread on TMC forums if you’re interested in spy shots of the Model X (this specific pic is a couple of days old).


I’ll wait an extra day or two to see it here, if it means not needing to wade through the nonsense on that board myself.

By “nonsense” you mean a lot of top quality data?

I’ve found the discussion on the Tesla Motors Club forum to be the best source for detailed info regarding Tesla and its cars. Sure, you do have to skim thru posts and practice critical thinking to separate the wheat from the chaff, but then that’s true of every open access Internet forum. And comments posted to InsideEVs’ articles, too.

I hope they fix the doors. In that I have had a 1985 Corvette and 1989 944 Porsche that had severe flaws in the rubber sealing on the doors. No mater what we did to try to fix these seals the cars leaked really bad. And the 944 Porsche had some type of flaw built into it that made the leak unfeasible to fix and made the car really smelly.

If you get a model X or any car with known flaws in the doors you better make sure that you keep it in a garage.

Again– there are __NO__ known flaws with the production doors. Because no one has seen the final production doors, yet. Sheesh.

Can’t even wait till it’s on the market, and you’re already giving biased advice on how to park it, based solely on photos of a mule…

Reminds me of the BMW X6 (which I’ve never warmed up to). It’s not horrible though by any means.
The real issue is that the X6 isn’t much of an “SUV”….more of a sporty CUV that compromises hauling capacity for style. Hard to say if we will see that same compromise here.

What you call, “Style”, others call “Aerodynamics”.

Large vehicles that can carry 7 full sized adults, tend to be boxy and boring. This isn’t.

That rear seat in the Model X looked awfully cramped and tight in all the photos I’ve seen. It didn’t look like there was much, if any, leg room for full-sized adults.

What rear seat? The one you saw two years ago?

I see what you mean about the lack of leg room in third row seats. I certainly would be concerned if that was the actual production model. But that was at an auto show two years ago, so obviously it’s not.

At it only has four seats!

People who don’t like the look of this SUV are crazy in my opinion. When you compare this to a minivan or the typical suburban, GMC sierra, Ford flex, etc that all look like ugly square boxes on wheels, this is clearly better looking. Compare this the other vehicles that have a third row seat and by comparision, rhis is a huge winner. Most mini vans and SUVs are but uggy. This is a revolutionary style improvement.

The only thing I’m concerned about, as others are, is the falcon doors. I don’t think they could open in my SF bay oldschool garage which is only 7 feet high. Not a fan, however, I hope to be proven wrong on the doors.

I had a epiphany when I saw the BMW X6 up close recently and couldn’t believe how cool that CUV or SUV looked. MOdel X is very similar.

Design wise, the X will win…just hope the doors don’t limit production of this car to 100 week.

Remember this is how Tesla advertises, so they can’t start big production until it’s ready.

I’m with you. I think it looks pretty good and . . . MUCH more importantly . . . it looks to be pretty aerodynamic.

And I share the concern for the doors. I hope the have a stealth skunkwords project on building a version with conventional doors. Not only will that make many people more happy, it should also lower the costs.

The doors have sensors and memory to open nicely in any height spaces.

People like the C4 cactus…. I’m agree with you.

It’s not an SUV. It’s a CUV. Note this isn’t merely a semantic difference. An SUV is built to be a light truck. Contrariwise, a CUV is built on a car frame.

As a reminder, the Model X is a variant on the Model S. It was never intended to be a completely new design. Now, if you don’t like the body style, then understanding that isn’t likely to change your opinion. But wishing that the Model X was something it was never intended to be, can only lead to disappointment.

Anyone else notice that Ron Talain himself is driving a Fiat 500e?

I tell you, the SF Bay Area is filled with plug-ins.

The city of no left turns. Sort of ironic.

With the 21″ wheels it looks better but I guess small wheels will change the look to ugly.

DAmn dogz z no cameraz on tha mirraz

No camera Mirrors.

Sorry to say, it is ugly in my opinion.

Model S is hot sexy supermodel, Model X is either its fatter uglier cousin or a Model S that binged on ice cream and french fries for 3 months straight sitting on its fat arse…

Pretty much, but compared to her cousins the mini-van or current suv’s she is not so bad.